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  1. Good luck with your move! I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly for you all. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. Ha ha, I'm only almost embarrassed. But seriously, I've no sooner put in an order than I've already got a full cart waiting for the next time I want to put in an order! Thank you for the welcome! ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. I realized I didn't introduce myself, I just jumped right in to talking about my experiences with these beautiful products! I guess I've been lurking so much that I already feel like a part of it all. ๐Ÿ˜ธ I hope I can be a great contributor here and learn a lot! I'm almost embarrassed about the amount of products I've already amassed in a short period of time. I love the variety of yummy scents and the amazing, very real effects of these potions. Thanks so much to the whole team who works at this company for making these gorgeous products available to us. ๐Ÿงก
  4. I used LFM for the second time yesterday to get my nails done and do a little shopping. Not a ton of hits, but my nail technician massaged my feet and legs longer than usual. She even massaged my toes in a way she's never done before (felt sooooooo good). She asked, without prompting, if I wanted to come back in before Christmas and I said I hoped so, if they could fit me in (they're fully booked now with the holidays). She looked me in the eye and said, "We'll fit you in." Also, another nail tech kept looking at me after she'd say something humorous while she was working on another client. After, I went shopping, including a stop at LUSH to buy some bath goodies. One of the things I was hoping to get was sold out. I mentioned it as I was checking out, and the guy who was working there asked if I wanted to get it shipped to me, no shipping fee required (I said yes, of course). But maybe he would have done that anyway. Either way, LFM is a must! So glad I've got it.
  5. Great! Thank you so much for the reply. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. I have a question. I got a sample of this with my last order. I love making my own whipped body butter with shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil along with essential oils. Visions of putting this into a batch have been dancing in my head. Is it a bad idea, or would it work out okay? Is it okay to have pheromones smeared all over me like that?
  7. I got a little bottle of this oil last year. I wasn't into pheromones yet and just bought it sort of on a lark to use when a guy I have a crush on happened to be around. I barely used it and didn't do any research, just followed the instructions on the card. No hits with it. Stopped using it once he wasn't around anymore. I started using it pretty regularly starting last month. I've had zero hits with it until today. I applied it a little differently today than I have been. I was reading an anecdote yesterday from a girl who slathered a different pheromone basically all over her breasts and then in the creases of her arms, so that's what I did. Holy cow. Amazing results: 1. My coworkers were randomly really interested in me this morning before we opened to the public and were asking me all these questions about myself. They seemed really fascinated by me. 2. People made waaaaaay more eye contact with me. WAAAAAAAAAAY more. People generally don't look at me much when they talk to me, especially when there are other people around to look at. But people kept looking directly into my eyes and at my face. It was crazy. 3. I caught guys looking at me. I get very little male attention, so that was just brilliant. 4. My coworkers remained lighthearted and engaged with me all day! Normally, I have to speak to them first. Not so today. People seemed eager for my attention. 5. One of my male coworkers mentioned that he thinks another male coworker is sweet on me. You guys! I'm shook. I'm having way too much fun with these pheromones.
  8. Wow, @StrawberryKitten . That's pretty powerful. I really hope things are going better for you now. I tried this for the first time last night. Just did a spray on my pillow before bed. I love the scent and I slept so hard and woke up later than usual. I'm the worst sleeper in the history of sleeping and always wake up way sooner than I'd like, so that's saying something. I had to peel myself out of bed. I took one more sniff from the bottle before I left my room. So lovely.
  9. Aw, thanks so much, you guys. I'm glad you like hearing my stories. I'll keep sharing! @hedgehog , I'm definitely excited. These have me thinking of more ways to get out and about just so I can wear them and affect people with them, ha ha ha. @halo0073, I was one of those lurkers for a while, so you're absolutely right. @Beccah , sorry you didn't get the intended effect! At least you smelled "delicious." I just got a box of more potions from the post office, so I'm sure I'll have more to share in other threads soon! And I already have a cartful of more goodies just waiting for me to order. I'm so obsessed with these products!
  10. More hits! I promise I won't bog down this particular thread with my experiences. I'll just share one more time. These all happened on the same day: - I answered the door at work to let a coworker in the employee entrance. When I greeted him, he said "Hel-lo" in like a "How you doin'?" type of tone. Never gotten that type of greeting from him before. - An extremely quiet, to-himself, serious man at work got suddenly talkative with me and made a joke. I've worked with this guy for three years and, wow, I don't think he's ever been that animated with me. - Okay... *cracks knuckles* and here's the real reason I wear these potions to work. ๐Ÿ˜ธ There's a real cutie at work who I want the attention of. We have awkward chemistry. It's awkward because he has a girlfriend so he really shouldn't be looking at me with any sort of interest, but he definitely has, especially when I behave a certain way toward him (his mouth even dropped open when he saw me once before he could catch himself, and this was before pheromones!). I would never get with a guy who's taken, but I'm starved for attention and I like the way he looks at me. Well, I tend to sabotage when a guy starts paying attention to me and I start ignoring him because I'm convinced he'll notice that I'm disgusting if he pays too much attention to me... ugh. Long story short, I've kind of caused him to stop interacting with me, even so much as looking at me. Well, the other day when I was wearing this, I had ran outside real quick to grab something from my car. It was windy, and it made my already unruly hair even more unruly. When you enter our employee entrance, there's a little mirror on the wall a short way's in. Well, the cutie was standing facing that direction, not more than a yard from it. I stopped in front of it on my way back in and fixed my hair. When I turned away from the mirror, I caught him looking away quickly. Bonus: My little niece collapsed against me when I went to visit my family that evening and she went, "Ohhh, you smell delicious." Cougar for the win!!!
  11. @Eggers I got OCCO SLF, Balm Bomb, Cuddle Bunny, Love Potion Red, Popularity Potion, Like a Magnet, and one other that I can't remember and I don't want to look because now I want to be surprised! @halo0073 Thank you! They are so much fun. Great little life enhancers. I used my same combo from Wednesday today. No hits, but it was my own fault. I was feeling really down and gross and ugly today, to the point where I was crying in my office. I avoided people for the most part, but even when I was around them, I think they could pick up on my underlying mood of not wanting to be looked at and not wanting to talk to anyone. The self effects didn't kick in for me this time. I feel like this was a great lesson in needing to have the right attitude to wear these with. Hoping that Balm Bomb can help somewhat in dealing with my anxiety and other mental issues. I'll be trying Cougar out again tomorrow, I think. Might wear it to the gym.
  12. Oh my gosh, you're making me want to pull my own bottle of La Femme Mystere out for tomorrow! But I want to keep perfecting my technique with Cougar. Great hit with the deer in headlights! I can't wait to experience that myself!
  13. @Eggers I'm already hooked! I promptly placed a big ol' order yesterday evening of some other goodies I've been eying, even though I've barely used the ones I already have so far. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ Hey, it's my birthday next week! It's totes the birthday gift to myself that I deserve. ๐ŸŽ Thanks again for the tips! @Eastwood22 You're welcome! Reading lots of stories has really helped me with deciding which ones to purchase and how to use them, plus it's just plain fun to share. I'll keep sharing! Looking forward to more attention and carrying myself in a more noticeable way. I'm rocking the Cougar again tomorrow! Wish me luck. Hoping I can get some male attention from non-creepy guys.
  14. Okay, hits! I wore Cougar Potion with OCCO White today. I put OCCO White between my breasts and dragged down a little onto the top of my stomach, then let it dry down for a while. Later, I did spritzes of Cougar Potion on my wrists, the crooks of my arms, between my breasts, on the nape of my neck, and two spritzes on my clothes. I then put Cacharel's Amor Amor on my throat and the backs of my knees. This combination worked amazingly well as the Amor Amor has fragrances in it that are in both the Cougar and the OCCO White. It really tied it all together. I don't know, it might become my signature scent... Anyway, I woke up feeling really, really exhausted and down this morning and was on the verge of calling into work for a mental health day. I have three different mental illnesses, and they tend to cyclically drag me under. I'm definitely on a downward slope right now and have been over the past few weeks. This morning was the worst, especially since my sleep and depression were absolutely horrendous last night. But after I sprayed on the Cougar, I felt myself perking up. Self effects? I even found myself being really animated once I got to work, especially for feeling so down. I had a little girl say to me as I entered her classroom, "It suddenly smells good in here. Why is that?" I said, "Oh, I don't know!" And she said, "It's because of you!" I had a particularly difficult classroom sit and pay attention to me until the end of my session with them, even the most difficult student of all. That just... doesn't happen. It was incredible. I went to the grocery store to get some lunch. A woman came over to me and said, "Can I interrupt you? I'm not trying to be weird, and I'm totally not a lesbian, but you are really, really pretty." Right after that, I had another woman come over to me and start talking to me. She really seemed like she didn't want the conversation to end. I got three other compliments today in addition to that, all from women. I also got one lingering glance from a guy. Dudes never pay much attention to me. Cougar's a keeper. I hope I can start getting more hits from the male persuasion (any suggestions for potions that get non-creepy male attention would be appreciated!). Off to buy more of these wonderful concoctions! If they can work for me, someone who has zero physical presence and who most people look right through, they can work for anyone!
  15. *eagerly takes notes* Thanks so much, Eggers! ๐Ÿค— I'll try again tomorrow and perhaps use a bit more. I'm thinking the nape of my neck would be a good spot. It's really good to know that it doesn't have a lot of cops. I'm determined for this to work for me! I have no presence and need all the help I can get to get a little attention. I'll report back once I get some hits! Love reading all the anecdotes of people's success with this. ๐Ÿงก
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