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  1. KrazyKat

    Caramel Musk

    I love this scent. It covers even the stinkiest of pheros without a 2nd sniff, yet still smells like a nice expensive skin musk. This is probably my most complimented LP, and it’s always when I’m wearing my “boosted” Caramel Musk blends when the compliments are coming in, even from the ladies
  2. Whatever you get make sure to add cops. That will keep him addicted to you. He’ll be back into you in no time...you want to get into his subconscious mind, with continued influence, he will be reattached to you.
  3. KrazyKat

    Fairy Cake: Oatmeal

    This is so nice...I really didn't care for it when I first applied it but after 10 minutes it turns into a comforting creamy vanilla pudding w hints of cinnamon. I think this could layer with just about anything though this lp is all about the creamy, sexy drydown,
  4. I absolutely adore this scent, it's so beautiful. By far my favorite phero enhanced scent even better than careless breeze. It's just perfect, I would wear this without the pheros! It's like a big creamy grown up milkshake! I hope this becomes a permanent, it's just soooo good!
  5. KrazyKat

    Blanc et Noir - Summer 2017 Collection

    Finally had a chance to sample this...My nose is reminded of unsweetened twizzlers with an undercurrent of boozy, very different and I could see this going very, very sexy with the right chemistry.
  6. KrazyKat

    Blanc et Noir - Summer 2017 Collection

    Thanks Cheeseburger, Ive not tried Domino, but I'm so intrigued by this one! I ❤️ licorice blends, and the creamy sounds right up my alley sexy. I may just take the plunge FB,
  7. KrazyKat

    Blanc et Noir - Summer 2017 Collection

    Does Blanc et Noir resemble black candy in any way? That was quite a spectacular blend.
  8. LFM favors with the women, LFN favors men, H & S a close second both females and males. Cops work on both my partners and the cash and gifts multiply with time and prolonged, repeat exposure
  9. KrazyKat

    Ivory Cats: Cherry Divinity

    Absolutely gorgeous cherry scent. Perfect combination of edible and classy thats not too sweet. So sad its discontinued.
  10. Wow, SO Exciting! Because of the dynamic of your relationship, he may not feel comfortable coming on to you. Why dont you wear in your hair to get him to open up a bit more. I would go for TMI to get the full scoop (make sure you spray it to the back of your head!), it works like magic in getting people to reveal themselves.
  11. Sounds Exciting! I would keep working with your winning formula.
  12. My limited understanding but I think a lot of ladies whose men don't respond well to EST seem to not have a problem with BI. I'm coming from the assumption that Bang is pretty EST heavy.
  13. I hope you have GOOD cover scents for these...haha. I find Bang is very sexy whereas BI is very sexual. I notice when I wear Bang I get a lot of gentlemanly behavior, snuggles, hugs, etc. but it does have an undertone of naughty of course. BI is more in your face. If you really like your trainer and trying to escalate things, sometimes more sexual isn't always better, maybe intimidating. I'm assuming your target is ok with est, some men don't respond well to it according to some of the ladies on this forum. I don't think anyone has ever had adverse reactions to BI. I hope this helps. oh, I forgot I mentioned est because Bang is added est/cops to the Super sexy formula.
  14. Please report back! Im eager to hear what kind of results you have.
  15. Hmmm, I may try Bonded with cops first. I like your idea of CB with TH together, sounds like a fun combo, something I may just try!