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  1. For some reason, after shaking hard and spraying close to half the sampler vial on my body last night, I failed to smell it. I unscrewed the bottle cap and it gives off a lovely soft orange scent. I can't smell the almond accord in this manner though.
  2. It was very spicy and weighed down by brown sugar upon application and I was tempted to wash it off. It kind of reminded me of G&L at this stage. I covered the application site with some vanilla shea butter (excess from my hand) and about an hour after drydown, it became a lovely creamy, maple syrupy, vanilla scent.
  3. The Atomic Mandarin caught my eyes as I've been thinking of mandarin orange recently. I had to look through the labels three times to find Blush. It sounds interesting.
  4. Yes, I use this set of Spell Potions more often than the new set. I bought two full sets each (and some odds and ends) but the old one is disappearing fast.
  5. I went with Mojo and Persuasion Potions. I think I had some PCMP on my scarf.
  6. Enjoy your vacation! It's great to be able to take a break and start fresh at a new job.
  7. Cops - makes me feel more feminine and want to sway my hips an extra inch when I walk SS4W - my social and work blend SWS - my work blend PP - also one of my social and work blend I seem to have used up bottles of these and have backup bottles of them.
  8. JOC

    Top Five

    Glamour Puss Sneaky Clean Caramel Musk Open Sesame Get The Job Potion
  9. I got my stamps notice today, yay! Can't wait to try LP White and Ajax!
  10. @StacyK, I like firm and slow massages and my favorite is Thai style. However, shiatsu, if done by a pro is fantastic too. I usually tell them to go easy when it comes to acupressure points and harder when it's muscles. I go to a TCM on Sunday mornings. He massages me but it hurts so much that sometimes, I could hardly breathe.
  11. I sprayed some on my scarf yesterday and I'm wearing it around me this morning. All I can smell is the brown sugar.
  12. Thanks all! Come on over for a massage party! Beware that traditional Chinese massage might hurt if you have yin/yang and blockage issues, etc. you can tell that I am not exactly well versed in this. It's actually a very small place, just four chairs for foot reflexology and 3 beds for body massage. There is one more bed in a separate room but this room has been taken by the lady employee and I assume that the two guys leave their personal belongings in that room as well. You see, the deal is that I have to provide lodging and three square meals per day. This is the common pratice for most service industries. As the parlor has beds, most of them will be willing to rough it out a little and sleep in the shop. There is a pantry cum storage at the side and a bathroom for the staff and guests. The 3 staff will continue working at the shop so that's the relief. @LV, not likely to have a website as its really small and low-key. Due to the location (suburban and within a residential compound of about at least 5000 households), it will continue to operate as a value-for-money joint. High turnover and to charge at market rate as the staff are well trained and skillful. If I do not hold a full time job and I have time to spare, I might consider doing this for the fun of it as well as to get it out to the "market".
  13. I'm officially taking over the shop on 23rd Feb. I've put a deposit to secure the deal and will have to look into pressing matters such as how to ensure that my employees are fed at 11.30am and 4.00pm every day. Yay! Something to keep me busy after I finish my contract at my current dreadful work place.
  14. I'm at work now. I brought Sparkle Fuchsia and have some Mojo and Persuasion Potion in my hair. I wanted to add some Flying Potion before the meeting and decided against it as I will be heading home right afterwards.
  15. I don't have dominance and would love to try but I have leather. I love SWS but as I want him to be keen in selling me the business, i don't need him to respect me as what SWS does for me.
  16. Okay, so one of our masseuses told us that her boss is likely to sell the business. This was about a month ago. She contacted me tonight and told me that two other parties have started discussions with him. The background is that the owner is a young chap, mid twenties, who spend lots of time on gaming and gambling on the Internet. As a result, he owes the landlord money plus and has not been timely with paying his employees. Therefore, he needs cash to "redeem" himself. Out of the 3 employees, I know two them, a woman and a man, as they used to massage me until they left to join this guy about 2 years ago. I'm closer to the woman as I know her earlier and she massaged my kids and myself more than the man. So the question is that what pheros should I wear as I really want to purchase over the business not I don't want to pay too much over the other two bidders. I'm keen in taking over the business as an investment option although my entire family loves massages. There aren't too many shop lots for rent in the compound and the workers have been working in within the compound for at least five years so they already have clients of their own. Finally, many of my colleagues live in the same area and I will be able to gain more new businesses.
  17. Sexpionage is powerful but I haven't noticed the selfies. Will have to wear slightly more as its just been a dab on the back of my hands or torso.
  18. I really need to cut down on my LP expenses so will 2 bottles be sufficient? I'm curious about the Hummingbird Nectar. The original is lovely but I think it has some green element, and I may have mistaken, it in that makes slightly less desirable at a certain point of drydown. I wonder what's the new version like.
  19. Can't wait to see the labels.
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