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  1. If this was reddit I would upvote this.
  2. There's coconut right? Actually I will dodge an expensive bullet if there isn't so please no coconut.
  3. Thank you so much. Everything was perfect as always and worth the wait. I'm in love with LP Bittersweet (but I bet you knew I would be).
  4. This is LP chocolate varient I was begging for. It reminds me a lot of my beloved LP Winter Solstice 2009 which I have been so sparingly using. It's cocoa (not cake) and blends seamlessly with the LP base. I'm in love.
  5. skye

    Top Five

    Hmmm. I doubt this has changed much since my last list but: * LP Original * Rocket Fuel (original) * Darling Catalina * LP Sunfire * Skye Loves Chocolate
  6. I never expect work to be easy or fun. But I don't expect to be verbally abused. That sh*t is not right. I'd quit outright but I don't want to live off my savings. I want to retire someday.
  7. Oh LFM. You're so much fun to wear. This makes people so chatty and bubbly. I stopped on the way to work this morning to buy cigarettes (ya ya I know! but everytime I quit I gain 20 lbs and my new vape hasn't arrived yet) and the 2 guys in store were all flirty and telling me jokes BTW did you hear about the kiddnapping outside this morning? Ya, I told that kid he couldn't sleep here. (groan) (Half a bottle left. Time for a reorder.)
  8. I work in film now and really most days I feel like I left my previous crappy work environment just to work in a different crappy work environment. Don't get me wrong. I love the film industry. It's exciting and constantly changing and almost everyone I've met is amazing. But my boss. I just can't even. Anyways most days (but not every day because he's not really a reasonable human being) when I wear SWS he is much nicer and less ... yelly. Once in a while he might even say thank you or just chat with me like I'm an actual human being. That is enough reason to hoard this stuff like it's sparkly unicorn blood.
  9. If you want to hit a little harder than Cougar how about something with Bang!: http://lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/LPIncandescence My go-to was always SS4W. As in Rocket Fuel. You might find that on the Trading Post.
  10. Aw dam. I LOVE vanilla. I may need to order a few. Like Pumpkin! And Lemon! And Fairy Floss! (The only thing missing is Coconut for summer.)
  11. Me too! Audacious! (Because I need new underwear that random strangers help me choose.)
  12. Eek! I feel so lucky and blessed right now.
  13. See what happens when I wander off for a year? I miss Very Important Things!
  14. Darling Catalina. I will weep when the last drop of this is gone. Also LP: Sunfire which I am now out of and is the perfect summer scent.
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