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  1. Hi Calii! I have BI both in oil and in 60/40 spray and I love it, but it doesn't affect me like Leather. Good stuff though! Thanks, it's great to finally get what people mean when they talk about fantastic self-effects.
  2. Hi Tyvey, I have it in Denise's Orange Blossom, Sandalwood & Amber. I'm not in love with the scent (it's not bad just not my type) but I use it anyways because of the effect I really do hope the scent doesn't play a huge role here because I'm hunting for other flavours. I actually have never experienced anything this dramatic when it comes to self-effects. The only thing I usually really notice is alphanol because it makes me dizzy for a few minutes. I used to think I'm a non-responder, but apparently I'm just picky.
  3. Does anyone experience Leather making them more pleasant and smiley? I can't believe this happens to me, but it does. It wasn't a fluke either, I've used it three times and each time I get the same result. It makes me nicer and more relaxed. What the heck? It can't be the Est, because I have straight Est that I use sometimes, and while it does have a slight softening effect, it doesn't do anything like this to me. Is this blend so congruent with my personality it actually makes me happy and upbeat? I AM a grouchy old alpha-female, so maybe there's something there. Truth be told, I don't really care why it happens, because this is the best phero-blend I have ever tried and I love it, but I just didn't expect (the spanish inquisition) it to work quite like this.
  4. LadyRose, you are a far better person than I. I would have excused myself by the time she started making out at the table, and I certainly wouldn't have given her a ride home. It costs money to clean the upholstery. I hope you got some good karma or some sort of celestial bonus points for putting up with her all night.
  5. Cinderfallen, you're probably right. I know they do that on their own, I was mostly just curious if I can help them along. It's a bit like with hangovers: they're temporary, but everybody still has their own tricks for trying to make them go away faster.
  6. Thanks Imperianna for the link, I'll check that out. Rosebud, thanks for the rundown, I'm taking notes. I already take omega 3 and drink lots of water, but I can see there's room for improvement Halo0073, hope this will help you too. Migraine sucks.
  7. I was mixing the Beta DIY sprays (yay!) and spilled some SS4W all over my hands (I know, well done, it's not like it's sold out or anything...). I went to wash it off, but still felt really light headed. I think I might have accidentally OD'd. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm prone to migraines, and I think something in SS4W doesn't always sit well with me, especially in large quantities like this. So, this all got me thinking about neurotransmitters and the amount of them I just fried by taking a phero-bath. Is there something one can do to help the neurotransmitters replenish faster? Other than rest and stay well away from pheros?
  8. This is heavenly. Honey is very hit or miss on me, it tends to be waxy or plasticky until dry down (Sugared Honeycomb is one of those), but this manages to start out delicious and sweet and only gets better. As usual I found it too late and only have a tiny sample. Is there another honey blend that is similar to this? How's the LAM original? I'm thinking of getting it NoCo. Any and all opinions welcome!
  9. I'm all giddy with the launch of the NoCo's so I expect this list to change soon when I get my hands on those, but so far, here's my Top 5: -Scandalous 09 -Beth's Blushing Milkmaid -Sugar-Fried Bananas -Phero Girl -EGG 09 These are the ones I bathe in in a desperate attempt to saturate my skin permanently.
  10. I got a freebie sample and was almost afraid to try it after reading some of the comments here. But you know, I had to dab a little bit on in the name of science. I WISH I got the "dirty version of Phero Girl" or "female sex smell" but unfortunately I got the strong smell of indol laced mothballs and sugar. Not a good combo. So very, very, very foul I find it hard to believe *anyone* would find it nice, let alone a turn on. Almost like rotten teeth or something. Gag. I died a little. I read the ingredients over and over and tried to figure out what went wrong, lol. I will put my sample into a lead container and bury it in wet concrete.
  11. You're welcome! I don't usually do reviews, so you know this has got to be special
  12. I love this. LOVE. When I got my bottle, I could smell the patchouli *through the cap*, and boy did that get my attention (some of you are honey ho's, I'm a patchouli ho). It was such a beautiful patchouli my eyes just widened and I think I went "oooooh!". On skin, it starts with a slightly tart, citrus-tinged berry note. Now, usually I give scents with berries a wide berth because they turn loud and sharp on my skin, so I had my doubts at this point. But the berry is deep and very well behaved. I like it! The berry mellows into a sweet floral/patchouli that's really hard to describe, but it reminds me a little of the drydown on Thierry Muglers "Angel", so if you like that, you might like Southern Gothic 2009. It's slightly incensey, and stays pretty close to the skin. The patchouli is dry, rooty and wonderful. I can't wait to see what happens to this when it ages. I'm smitten.
  13. UNSexology dries down to almost nothing. The faint cops that are left are a breeze to cover. I swear I could leave it uncovered completely, it's that mild. Good luck!
  14. This is the first time I've been able to wear LP: Original since years ago (way back when it was sold in an amber wand-cap bottle and smelled divine with vanilla and rose...ohh, it was *good*) because the current blend smells very synthetic. Slightly melting white sugar and nothing else, which made me sad because it used to be my favourite scent. But the BI amped version smells just like blackcurrant flavoured winegums! I like it! I can't say anything about the BI effects, but there's no cops bleeding through and that's a good thing in my books. I can actually put this on in public. Now I'm thinking of getting a bottle of LP: Red amped with cops, but will it have the cheese-factor coming through or is the scent of Red enough to cover it?
  15. Sultry Afternoon sounds divine but unfortunately I smell labdanum in it so it's a no-go for me. I don't know if there actually *is* labdanum here, but I smell it anyway and it's one of those scents that I never got along with. Bah. I periodically try it on to see if we'd get along, but no luck so far.
  16. Sorry Mara, didn't mean to be all mysterious. That's good to hear Dolly. I'd much rather spend my money here on LP. I've liked SS a lot so far too. I was surprised at how nice it smells once it dries down. Musky, not offensive at all. It really doesn't need perfume as cover, imho. Interestingly, when I pair it with Honeyed Seductions, I get a lot of attention. But when I tried it with LP: Black, I got zip. Same with Cuddle Bunny (scented). Maybe CB and and SS don't mix? Need to experiment more, lol. Thank you again!
  17. Oh, I remembered something that I meant to ask earlier: Is SS anywhere comparable to IS/A or IS/B? They intrigue me, but I'd rather not buy them if they are at all similar to SS, which I already have. Thanks again!
  18. Ok, so I'd better re-apply before going home. Thank you again for answering my questions! I'm taking notes
  19. Hi Ladies. I have another question for you: how long does it take for the SS to evaporate completely? Just wondering because I've been doing 'field testing' this week (and what a fun week it's been!), adjusting the amount and such, and I noticed that when I use around seven swipes from the bottle, I get at least two "hits" on my commute to work. That's about 15 mins. to 45 mins. after applying the SS. However, some 6-8 hours later on my way back home, I get zilch. Nothing. Is this because the pheros have evaporated? Should I dab on a little to refresh it? Or is that too much if I've alread put on seven swipes in the morning? I've seen people mention pheromone OD, and though I don't have a clue what it means in reality, I'd rather avoid it. Anyone care to take a stab at my newbie problem? I apologize for being so utterly clueless Thanks in advance!
  20. My gods, this is beautiful! So gentle, sweet and clean, I have no trouble imagining how it could make one cuddly, even without the "secret ingredients". And I usually rotate towards the spicy/resiny/musky scents, so this *must* be special. Is this still in stock? I forget. I need a bottle of this!
  21. That's so funny, I just put in my order for the SS, and requested a sample of Cuddle Bunny (if I qualify for the two free samples yet, that is)! I must have been thinking in the same lines: cuddle bunny = girl next door Edited because I had a few drinks (shh, don't tell anyone) and now I can't type.
  22. Thanks Dolly, I was really hoping you'd answer my question. I've read your posts on the reviews about various pheromones looking like this and I appreciate your experience on the subject. I will buy the SS then! Thank you
  23. Hi all! I'm new to the forum and new to pheros. I need some advice, if you don't mind sharing your expertise. I have so far tried PG: Dominance, the original PG, and PG: Super (haven't worn this out yet). I also have Synchronicity, but I haven't tried it yet (it smells absolutely gorgeous though!) I think I would like to try unscented pheros next, but I can't decide between the Super Sexy concentrate and EoW. Which one would you suggest I buy? What I'm looking for is something all around effective, because I have lousy luck with men (as in: they definately look, usually more than once, but then dismiss me for some reason I haven't figured out yet. I'm not *that* unattractive. Maybe I scare them? I *am* a bit on the alpha-side of the spectrum and most of the men I come across are somewhat shy.) Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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