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  1. This is a VERY bright floral! My kid has been watching me get ready, putting perfumes and oils on n such. Shes now partaking in a simpler version of what I do. Today this one got picked, I haven't worn it yet cuz I need to do morning routine. On her tho, the hedione is prominant with clover and light summery honey. You can smell honeysuckle and something else I can't separate in her cloud? Quite lovely with a strong impression and the throw is very impressive lol
  2. the top note that stands out is the leather (I adore it!) On a base of...dry roses?...dry floral? There's some notes I don't recognize that also stand out and honestly I'm shook at how well rounded this is with how many notes are in this ❀️ Not over the top at all and it's so elegant, I don't pick up any "powdery" ness at all and it remains a leather/rose? Forward scent on me
  3. Leather is one of my fave pheros! Selfies-amazing and I did use it to bonk him over the head into submission! I'll leave that in the proper review thread πŸ˜† I was thinking cuddle bunny since it's just est and cops to REALLY see what's up. If he reacts badly...well phooey. ETA: My mistake, it was Dom that I wore that hit him like a hammer. I'll have to try leather and pay more attention
  4. I love lace, it's so bubbly and fun! I suspect my man has an issue with est after this morning,(I applied lace last night and he responded really well until then) where he straight up fuckin thought he could bulldoze over me and be so fuckin rude. ...so I'm going to try a few est bombs and see if hes actually a hater! Until then tho, my co-workers--I noticed are responding really well nd we been having a blast all morning giggling and making each other frankenstein coffee experiments
  5. Wore it today at work, we are over staffed for how slow it is! However the hits are rather consistent but not as intense as last time. I got free lunch from one of my snobby colleagues and I'm shook. He's usually really stuck up and bossy but I noticed he's been responding well to this blend. Not that I'm targeting him specifically, I'll get what I get I guess lol. People were in my space still, I'm sans makeup today for science. I may not be as popular when I'm wearing makeup but people are still intrigued by me, not quite like lfm status, people open up easily rather than not and over share and want to touch you (idk man it was bizarre lol! hugs all day from the co-workers) I didn't put any under my nose so my selfies weren't really there today. I consider this a win when you're in the mood to be super popular and approachable.
  6. It's a long shot, but happy water! I still have a (now empty) trial of it, the one with the blue lable (2013?) I long for it as I sniff my empty vial 😭
  7. Looking back, I got definite sour vinegar bleh from it. Maybe I wasn't using enough? I put my samples in a small roller bottle...and for science, I waited til I was on the dot to try it out. (Read on the forum that pheros change a tad with your cycle or something like that) anyways, I tried a quarter sized circle n smoothed around and guess what?? ITS NOT VINEGARY Y'ALL! It's a sour waxy honeysuckle/honey like scent and honestly...right now...ill take it over the vinegar! Im not leaving the house for the night so I can't comment on hits...I'll wear it tomorrow with the new pop phero to work and see if something comes from it though. Hella stoked about it!
  8. Alright, this blend is very amazing! People wanted to be in my space and were super chatty! Very friendly blend, also got MAD tips today and I felt so naturally charismatic and sparkly. For being a day before Thanksgiving, people were lovely towards me, I'm going to wear this again tomorrow to see if I get consistent hits! So far I'm loving this blend for customer service ETA I packed up my pheros cuz I'm moving, I went w.LFM for turkey day
  9. So basically this is pop potion? I never played with pop before so I don't have previous data to compare to. Buuuuut i made a small spray with this and im layering the UN together with it. Gonna wear it to work and see how it fares and I'll be back with a report! So far my little one likes the spray scent (tangy tart) πŸ₯°
  10. I loved leather, thought why not get some dom? I wore it yesterday with a smidge of sheer cops and lp black. I was feeling rather blah that morning and it turned me around right quick, I was upbeat and content and rather sleepy which...struck me as unusual? Went on a coffee date w.a peep and she was so quiet and aloof. We ran errands together afterwards too but she was just not up for talking w.me? My step mom on the other hand loved me, we get along fine but keep at arm's length usually, she wouldn't stop chatting w.me and it felt like we really connected on topics we don't usually talk about :0 Also my toddler was stuck to me like velcro - more than usual and was devastated when I wasn't cuddling w.her, which is something else since she's miss independent πŸ˜† I still felt rather sleepy and I slept like a rock if that means anything 😜
  11. This blend is intensely intoxicating to me, Its a dark juicy blueberry with a very faint whisper of pepper (shook the absolute hell out of it lol)and it morphs into delicious wafts of smoke/myrrh with a dry vanilla finish. Definitely unisex for sure, it's smokey, tad sweet and appropriate for fall/winter, I just see it as "dark" in my mind's eye ❀️
  12. Close to skin this is a sultry vanilla musk and mostly cocoa butter forward on me, a beautiful skin scent..but when you're not close to the application spot it gives me a cloud of sour in a "sweaty unwashed woman" type of way πŸ˜† That might be the honey note; this is still a new batch so I'll let this age for a minute, there's a reason LFN is in this and im determined to make this work
  13. Augh I really thought I had time to "get it later". Goes to show that waiting is wasting 😭 It's definitely "blue", it smells fresh, hint of leathery goodness with sweet musky wood. Everything is blended beautifully and my sample aged gracefully as well! So sad this has been discontinued. Hopfully it'll come back as a limited release!
  14. Reviving this thingπŸ˜‚ Im popping in to say it is VERY RAUNCHY now, I didn't have time to let it truely do it's thang and covered it with occo mocha.... I have a vauge memory of this being light smelling for some raisins? When I first slathered before I panicked, the civit was HELLO in your face and then it blasted me with syrupy dark honey and (sweet)snatch. Very hawt but not the best time to wear it and thus the mocha. It bleeds through a little bit, the dark syrupy honey with the mocha is surprisingly delicious, no snatch thank gosh and I also feel slinky and edible
  15. I got hold of the OG ODALISQUE with BI in it. Smells awesome, kinda cocoa butter forward and vanilla-y cloud of awesomeness! My man thinks it smells like baby talcum and apple spice ANYWAYS, I've been kind of fearful of using bi mostly because i swore it gave me a painful headache when I wore it in another scent. That's not the case with this πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I love the selfies this gives me, I feel social and flirty and just all around content! As for my man he's more handsy and lovey with this, I haven't really finished my field testing with this on him yet so I'll eta later
  16. I agree, it's hard to pin point what exactly this does....but damn does it do a good job! My man reacts well to it, but he reacts well to most pheros so I'm not exactly sure how to "leave a review" for this one. I definitely know its guaranteed that I get laid when I wear this lol πŸ˜‰
  17. Augh this still vinegar on me after all these years, dug it out of my trove of samples that was forgotten about and thought why not? I needed cops for the day lol. Anyways I wore it under LP ORIGINAL*, It smelled lovely at first. A bit deeper, a lil waxy, wee bit vinegary and then it turned what I adored into down right RAUNCHY snatch with a tinge of vinegar that just got louder as time passed πŸ’€ I WORE THIS COMBO TO WORK YOU GUYS AND I SMELLED LIKE THAT! nobody said nuthin thank god but I kept getting wafts of sour vinegar when I was frantically working and lol I was too self conscious to even notice if I got hits πŸ˜‚ I thought that pairing it with honey would be a great idea but ugh, a hard lesson. I'll still experiment with it, esp after it's been aged for a while (hopefully not soured or expired) ETA2; Doh! It was LP original ETA; ik its not actually cops but something that's supposed to mimic it, clear up the confusions 😊
  18. Idk where I'm picking up the spices, but this amps whatever it is that has that quality lol. I'm pretty convinced that I *never* tried any of the actually buttery milky scents before and this one is lovely, kinda smells like a coffee cake on me πŸ’– close to the skin it's got a sticky yet not-quite-"milk" scent (like creme of a pastry?) I feel like pairing this with sugared coffee!
  19. Been wearing the UN for a few days now to work, I prefer LFN over LFM in general since it was the first phero I tried of the two. No major selfies but goddaaaaaamn does it give me some serious camaraderie hits with my mostly female coworkers! We usually bump into each other and fumble n drop things behind the counter but we glided around like...well, like swans on water. Also agree that its definitely gay man nip :0 My boss's energy levels were quite low when I popped in to work and after an hour of us running around making drinks he seemed incredibly happy and chatty and a little too enthusiastic to over share compared to our general interactions. It's been a blast, I suppose it gave off a more "me" vibe than audacious has 😩
  20. I wish I had my older stash with me to compare the two, alas it's in oregon lol. I tried the 2.0 and haven't gotten any notable hits or selfies, still testing it out with mr.man. I'm curious what others have to say about it!
  21. This is MUCH nicer than I remember! The first version just wasnt for me for some odd reason (I honestly dont remember much about it). But THIS--this is sultry wisteria slinking out of a plume of sweet smoke, it gives off an enticingly edible..aura? I really dig the scent, FB all the way!
  22. This is quite fancy smelling, I put it on yesterday and its still there! The opening, BAM zingy raspberry with a delightful tart to it but now that it's been a day it faded to a subtle fluffy vanilla that's quite nice. Funny hit with my hubby on this one after he blatantly claimed that pheromones only work on mosquitos πŸ˜‚ I put this on and he was all over me in the kitchen bein flirty, after dinner he went and cleaned himself up with a shave and...well, was a big hit if I ever had one lol. Psh, only works on mosquitos...sure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  23. Im still savouring my sexpionage samples, wishful thinking but imagine having Agent xxx and balls! Again ?
  24. I never really played with teddy Bb, or really fancied the idea of nox lol Dealing with working two week straight i was the equivilant of the boogie man on roids xD Not exactly a nice look when working with people I decided to dig this out thinking i have nothing to lose and swiped it on before work. Well well well, I get a blast of dark berries, syrupy wouldnt be the right word for it...strong and juicy with some depth. I loved smelling me at work! idk why I was so scared of nox! The phero seemed like it affected me more than anybody else, my stress levels went from 11 to 0 anf I pretty much about dropped to the floor a couple times mid shift This is definitely something i reach for now at the end of the day when I just cant relax and need to be bonked over the head to knock the ick of all adrenaline's horrible faces off. Its a chill pill in a bottle of perfume
  25. Lately all the honey scents havent been liking me like they used to, always hearing the baby powder comments these days >.> Then here's this thing. I found a sniffee of it in my pile of sniffees and I remember it never appealing to me when it was around since i already have sticky honey scents i was playing with. I should really kick myself because this hasnt powdered up at allll. Opening, this is a hardy juicy peach dipped in innocent dark flower honey, there is a dark "rim" around the scent but it really just makes it even better. I really want to say theres pink pepper I'm picking up but I'm sure there isn't any in it After it sits, the peach leans back and the honey (still remains bright) starts to thicken up and have some heft to it that really feels complete to me. I'm in luuuuv ? Ive come to conclusion that boyfriends nose is just broken so i can't say for sure about how it reads to others. I definitely enjoy this one
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