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  1. Oh. Mah. Gah! Of course! We all had like ONE spoonful as it was utterly perfect! Yowzers, that needs a sexy phero "on the side"... Maybe!
  2. Oh!Oh!Oh!!! Black Star...! Can't wait to sniff this. ...and what's this about Brule? Que?
  3. Clean, warm, silky fur! This is what I'm getting...of course I spend a good deal of time huffing cat necks.
  4. I'm going to have them on the wall in some sort of 'frame' open or closed, not sure. But they are TOO cute not to display all of them!
  5. I'm itchy to change my LP's out to their new homes/bottles, because though I put this on this morning, it's faded by now, and I really am enjoying this variant! It's got exactly the type of Orange Blossom I love...and of course I'm a huge fan of the LP base, so this is a bit hit for me.
  6. I meant to mention - I *lovelovelove* the bags for this month! Prrrrrr!
  7. I get a deep, satisfying green from this one, I *love* the green musk in any LP scents, so I knew it had potential! I get a bit of the spice/floral from frankincense...and a *hint* of the chocolate. It's a cozy, comfortable green scent to me. I'm weird in that sometimes I apply LP, and then change my clothes after to suit. I had a different top on, but changed out to a forest green super soft T, and yep, it's just right, lol...
  8. Popping in with a quick review - by *ingredient list alone* one might never reach for this...but that would be a sad mistake! It's NOT one you can easily pick apart note-by-note. It's a bright and cheerful feminine scent...cheerful is great for Heart and Soul. I do get a decent hit of spices along w/the fruity/floral side...but the overall feel and wear is more of a sheer scent than you might imagine.
  9. Aw, Tyvey, that's lovely... Tyvey is one great LPMP board member (when she pokes her head in ;-) )... I'd also like to welcome you, congratulate you on surviving one TOUGH time, and wish you luck with your samplings/experimenting and firing up the relationship again! When new members join, I can recall again those first days of finding AMAZING scents, and playing with the pheros...so much fun!
  10. katz


    On my skin this one is all, "MADCRAZYDELICIOUSNUTTY" coconut wet, then it goes through an odd phase where it fights for control w/the chocolate notes...chocolate throws in the towel, and I'm left with a soft, nutty, sweet scent with a hint of the dreaded plasticky note a la Luna. Not sure this will work well for me.
  11. My sweetie, who is not usually tempted by these things...was CRAZY about the LPMP journals. He picked over them for quite a while, and finally picked a handsome brown one for himself. I *love* them all!
  12. katz

    Candy House

    I'm getting a lot more of the sweetness off of this one, which is a surprise as I usually amp the spices. I'd love to have a 'next-gen' Buns of Cinn, as that one has mellowed SO much, the cinnamon is no longer as prevalent as I like. On me, this is that wonderful whiff when you stick your head into the pillowcase of freshly trick-or-treated goodies, omyum!
  13. katz


    Ooooh, this one works for me, oh yes! Bright berries start off at the fore, but are now even with the yummy almost-smokey musk. It *does* remind me of something...I can't recall what it was, either a bath or home scent I used to love long ago. Mmmm... I'm thinking of pairing this with Skye Loves Chocolate. I think it'd be damn good with any simple chocolate scent. Dark especially!
  14. If by any chance there's a Harrison left... Prrrr.
  15. katz

    A Wake

    LOVE it! How cute...
  16. OK EVERYONE JUMP TO FB!! Check LP's latest post!
  17. I tried to resist completely spamming... It was tough! There are some great pix!
  18. YESBUTHOWDOWEKNOW *which* ones!? You know LP addiction is demanding like that!
  19. New Forum Members: These are *awful* releases... I have NO IDEA why Mara brought back some of my all time favorites...errr, these HORRIBLE THINGS! Especially Soul Food. That is SO NAWT GUD! Ooops, there goes my nose, Pinocchio. Mara...
  20. I feel like I could alternate between this and Steamy Bikini for the rest of the summer (which is like until end of Oct. here) and be very happy!
  21. On me this is a very creamy, summery skin scent. Coconut has that warm skin quality I find delicious. It's got the very barest hint of citrus that hangs around, making it sparkle just a bit. I honestly think I prefer this over Celebutante, they have the same vibe to me, and this is more congruent to who I am.
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