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  1. I was excited to try this based on the label alone--what can I say, I'm a sucker for great branding. The little lamb surrounded by green grass is exactly a description of the aroma: a very present green grass smell with a warm fuzzy heart of oakmoss and sweetness. For my skin as the day goes on, the smell of oakmoss warms and comes forward more until it's just about the only note with a hint of floral. It's an interesting scent experience for this one with me, and I enjoy the difference in release times. I will have to comment on any phero reactions after additional testing.
  2. Memomare and Cheesy said it so well about the elegance and mastery of this scent. From reading it, I thought Soul Food 2015 would be more 'somber' like Spirit Bottle 2015. In the vial though, it's a subtle piece of indescribable glory. I think this perfume is feelings more than one particular scent. It's the memory of baking with grandma, curling up with a well-worn book under soft and heavy covers, nuzzling your face against a baby's soft skin, watching a fireplace crackle and burn... Even though my chemistry is trying to amp the patch, I think the benzoin and sandalwood are keeping it in check, with a barely there hint of cinnamon. It is dumb how gorgeous this is, lol. I think this would be divine as a wax tart with a bonding phero like Heart & Soul or Perfect Match. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge... lol . Kinda.)
  3. This is lovely, but it's a lot "heavier" than I thought, considering the ingredients (which I consider delicate smelling). It could be because I'm a lavender ho, and developing some nose-blindness, but I don't really pick up on the lavender as much as the patch, oakmoss, and chamomile. The peppermint and eucalyptus are there when wet, but then all but disappear on me after dry-down. It's herbal and lavendery enough for me to enjoy, but I'm not sure about a full bottle... A sample seems adequate for now. I can see this being one that might surprise you with aging. -- ETA: Two hours later, I'm mostly all patchouli and something fighting to be lavender with a bit of oakmoss. Sigh... I wish I didn't amp patch so much that it kills everything next to it. So many blends I can't fully indulge in...
  4. It's a sign, Cheesy! Wear Totem: Bat every evening on your stroll, and you'll have more than winged mammals heading in you direction
  5. Belle, sometimes LFM and my cycle don't mix either. My hormones can get the best of me and flatten out even the best of 'mones. LFM is no different. I've experienced being a bit peevish wearing it, even though more often than not it puts a glide in my step and smile on everyone else's face. I will add that (mysteriously) Pirouette is the one fragrance I've smelled the whole gamut of notes on. There have been times when it's all nut one week, then all citrus three days later, then all sugar the next week, then all coconut the week after that... It's a baffling testament to personal chemistry and how skilled Mara is as a master perfumer. More experienced members can speak to the use of more. My two cents would be to give it another go either on your cycle or off, in a few more days.
  6. Hahaha, yes, I had to learn that one here, too! It's used often in the forums. I should check out if I can get a Flutterby FB myself. It is truly delicious and a great phero pairing.
  7. That's an amazing report, belle-ville! I've never had a significant other, so I am not familiar with the up and downs or arguments that may arise. It sounds like H&S definitely works for you and him, which is wonderful. Just curious how much Flutterby did you apply and where? I know YMMV, but H&S has definitely been one of those pheros I know wore I'm going to look for these!
  8. This is hilarious. I am sorry he took a nibble, but this is frickin' hilarious. And that Austin Powers meme?
  9. I am going to post on Amazon too, a short version, but wanted to include yet another review singing Cougar Potion's praises! The scent package is a refreshing blend of citrus and amber/musk. If you like resiny smooth perfume on top of a warm sugary sweet base, this is a great bet. The grapefruit citrus goes on bright, but after an hour or so the amber and musk combination is just about the only thing left on my skin. Whoo, this stuff really warms and blooms with your body temperature! You only need light application in your warmest spots, or slightly more on your cooler surfaces. The hotter this blend gets, the more it diffuses--until you are a cloud of glamour and sultry femininity wrapped in the warmth of sugared amber and musk. (I'm not even a huge fan of amber, or many resins, but this perfume is too gorgeous to dislike.) It really makes a great scent cloud. The cougar pheromone has caused people who I didn't even notice make a beeline for me and start chatting like they just HAD to say something. On the flip side, I've had experiences where it makes men more nervous, and then begin to physically peacock to compensate I suppose. Older men (and even a lesbian woman once) seem to have a double-take moment at first. At work I've seen a slightly younger, nervous man stick his hand in his white coat (a la Napoleon portraiture) to seem cooler--I wanted to burst out laughing! And another time, an older (very cute) man came into the office and started leaning on a nearby coat-rack while chatting at my desk.. Then he flexed his pecs. TWICE. (LOL, My absolute favorite phero reaction to this day!!!) In my head I was likeeee.... "Did you just--nah, probably my imagination. Oh--NOPE. You did it again. Yup, that is the pheros." Hilarious stuff. I can say with certainty, this was the one perfume that got my attention and clued me in to Mara's indescribable talents.
  10. Been way out of the loop (and country) these past weeks, but I hope I'm not too late to claim the last bottle of Stefanija?
  11. Because I was such a hot mess last year during the sale (it was my first sale--was randomly picking freebies based on names and notes I'd never smelled, doh!) I kinda went insane on my first order... It's great though, 'cause I boosted my UN collection and bought favorites again. Doubled up on my Pirouette, Coquette, and Sweet Surrender FBs, then picked a few Etsy bottles I'd been eyeing for months. With 11 freebies, I'm not sure how the hell a person can rationalize making another order.... But I'm gonna do my damnedest in two weeks when I get paid again, lol. I like how everyone is brainstorming ways to reduce extra expenses. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for ideas! I think the main thing for a lot of people is eating out. From today to the end of the month, I'm gonna try to make breakfast and lunch ($10-15 saved), and restrict happy hours/networking nights down to only four outings this month (that's at least $25 saved, not counting if I'm treating the other person... which could be as high as $50-60). Oh, and I've got to stop taking taxi's and uber in(to) the city!!! Those $16 here and there adds up to valuable bottles after all, lol. Holy crapiola, here I am blaming an addiction to buying LP's, when I am clearly bleeding money every week for no reason. Whoa. ...I guess this Sale was actually a really good thing then. Hm. Well, thank you everybody!!!!
  12. Is there one last bottle of LV's White Cobra by chance? I'd love to claim one to give a whirl with some of my UN Dom or Leather.
  13. WHAAAT?! NUUUUUUU! But I just bought a new sofa!!! *Activate Excel beast mode, where recorded inventory and personal finances are raked with a fine tooth comb for liquid assets* But really... What Halo said is absolutely, unfortunately true. But hopefully it will go on long enough for everyone to participate in at least once--this is one of the more important sales I look forward to in life, lol. I need a hubby like SirenSong to warn! At least she can bat her eyes at him and then click away on PayPal...
  14. I'm hoping the July 2015 releases include a Coconut Breeze-like blend somewhere. This one has been haunting me for a while since I started liking coconut scents. (Mara's are what I would consider dry and rich, whereas others often trigger my allergy and make my throat tight.) I adore cocoa butter, but it's a lesser used note I've noticed... Really crossing my fingers for a re-brew or sister-brew of this!
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