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  1. I appreciate all responses, however, I am going to email LPMP direct. We all know that too little phero produces nothing. We also know that too much phero produces a 'ghost' effect. I am shooting for specifics of what the phero scientist who created the phero scents had in mind. I don't need exact percentages and mcg's of each phero in each blend, just want a starting point to pattern my personal testing after. I already understand that everyone is different and it may have a different effect for everyone. I am sure these mixtures were tested and trialled for effect. These are for public sale and you don't simply dump some of this, a tad of that, and a pinch of the other and call it a phero blend and hope it works. I am sure these are measured fairly precisely to obtain a desired effect. They are marketed that way anyway. All I am asking for is a starting point with the trial vials. luna, I do understand and don't disagree, BUT these phero blends were put together by someone with an intent to them. My assumption (there it is) is that this someone has a pretty decent idea how much of these pheros need to be in the potions, therefore there must be a suggested starting dosage of some kind. This starting dosage (to test from there) is what I am asking/looking for. For example, I am sure that if I used half of my trial vial of Dirty Old Man for one use, someone from LPMP would scream through the forum "NOOOO, that's too much!" On the other hand if I used one drop, they'd also say "that won't have any effect, you didn't use enough." Now if I want to be the Gingerbread Man for the day I could take a bath in North Pole and smell delicious without having a negative phero experience (cuz there aren't any in there). I thank everyone for their responses. It is very kind of you to take the time to help me through this. Respectfully, HappyGoSkillfully
  2. Okay, This is more for the phero enhanced scents because I wish to know the desired amount for intended effect. I guess take a stab at how many mcg/dab I may be getting. (I can just nose the non-phero scents) All I have to date are sample vials and I have a ton more on the way in the mail. How I am using these is a very simple method of tilting the Vial upside down to my fingertip and back right side up. This gives me a small little dollop of oil to spread on pulse points. I am seeking the wise knowledge of the knowers to point me in the right direction for how many of these little dabs I should be using to get to the targeted phero amount (mcg) for optimal use. I understand everyone is different and that they will react differently with each person, however, I am sure there must be a target amount of mcg's to be used in the phero formulas created by the talented potionologists. Please try the dabbing that I am doing (I am sure you already have at some point) and estimate how many of these dabs I need to use to at least get close to the target amount of pheros intended. Respectfully, HappyGoSkillfully
  3. I have now tried this one for a second time. I remembered I liked it the first time, but had no recollection of what it smelled like, just that I liked it. I am trying out so many right now. I find this one manly for sure. I like this one a lot. I actually put it on before going to sleep last night. It got me thinking of what it smelled like. I was thinking basement or wet cement. That sounds weird, but a good smell indeed. I just read the ingredients before typing this. Leather and motor oil? Maybe where I was getting the basement thing. Maybe more garage than basement? I don't know. I just know that I find this to be a very unique smell, and a very good smell. I would be comfortable wearing this anywhere. Strong contender in the quest for full bottles in my opinion. This is masculine and unique. Two thumbs up!
  4. Of the ones I have tried thus far I must say this is down on the list. I agree with EveningWolf. It has a sharp smell to me, but seems medicinal. I don't like the smell of medicine. I am glad that others like this smell, especially the females. I have tried it twice and both times didn't really like it. Can't like 'em all. I will use up the trial, but this one is off my list.
  5. Just tried this one last night. C'mon, seriously...this smells delicious! This is one that I really will not care if anyone else thinks it is good or not, or male or not. I love ginger in all forms and love this scent. It's like morphing into a big Gingerbread Cookie. I applied it to my neck and was able to constantly smell it. I will apply to wrist next time to have the opportunity to sniff closer at will. If you like ginger get it. If you don't like ginger, try the sample anyway. It smells too good not to.
  6. Potion Master and LoveStruck, Glad you liked my review. I do hope it helps others decide if they want something or not...and don't worry, I will be wiping my nuts all over these forums (LOL)
  7. I have posted a few reviews and wonder where I would go to check my 'status' as far as the free trial vials would be. I am about to place my 2nd order of 10 trials and have already reserved my 5 free trials. Sooo what I am wondering is where would I add the extra 2 free trials into my order? Would I simply put a note in with the order?
  8. Salute was one of the ones I picked for my original order. I finally tried it and it comes off as manly to me. I am not good at picking out all the notes, but I know how I feel and if I like it. I definitely like this one. A lot of the scents I got seem sweet to me (not that that is a bad thing, I like sweet), but this one comes across to me as a man scent. Probably programmed from youth, etc. It makes me feel confident and cool and collected. I don't know what the pheros are supposed to do here, but that's what I get. I don't really feel like it is from the pheros either, more from the scent itself. There were not a lot of reviews about this one, but to any guys who are checking things out - I have tried 13 scents so far and this is only my 3rd review - BECAUSE I LIKE IT. What I am starting to do is wear one scent in the morning/afternoon. Then wear another in the evening, just so I can get to them all. To the Love Potion nymphs - these scents are fun. I am enjoying trying them. I love different smells and I love that these are different from most commercial colognes. Keep up your passion! Cheers!
  9. So from my stash I have now tried Captain Fantastic a couple times. The first time I put it on I thought it was a little too sweet. Then it dried down to a nice smell. I did slightly smell the cops and to me they smelled cantaloupey. I like canteloupe, so that is fine. I definitely liked this better after it dried down. It was kind of powdery, but still kind of masculine. The second time I tried it, I liked it better. I don't know if my nose is being trained by the Love Potion nymphs or what. It smelled better right from the beginning. I like sniffing my arm where it was applied. Not any real self effects and I have not tried it enough in public to know what the female reactions are to the Heart Throb yet. looking forward to that though. Powdery, but still masculine in a way. I like it, and who knows maybe even more a third time.
  10. Early warning - the 2nd to last paragraph is not for everyone. Don't read it unless you are okay with crude, LOL. So no reports on Dirty Old Man on here since June. Leave it to a new guy. I ordered 16 different samples to give Love Potions a try. I love options, but you made my decisions very difficult. It's like seeing 50 different things on a food menu that you want to eat right now - there's no way. So amongst them was Dirty Old Man. I am 46 and cannot believe it, and in my core have convinced myself that I am no 'older' than 36 at the most ( the mind is a very powerful thing). 5'9" 150 lbs fit bald guy (shaved). Most people think I'm about 165 lbs. I still bat leadoff on my men's softball team. I'm still the fastest guy on the team. I still throw people out at home plate from Left Centerfield. There I go again convincing myself I'm still young. Anyway, it is said that testosterone levels fall once you are into your 40's. I have recently made some other phero purchases from some other companies and had not tried anything from here. When I started looking at this site I got excited about all the descriptions and how many options there are for scents other than regular stuff on the market. Then it was like, what to try? Thankfully there are the trial vials! I have always been attracted to women younger than me and recently got out of a relationship with a gal 8 yrs my younger. She didn't look over 30. So DOM I suppose kind of fits for me. I want and will attract younger women. So to my review. I have always had a very good sense of smell. However, I don't think I am going to help anybody with the "it starts very floral and dries down cinnamon followed by amber" descriptions. I will be able to tell you if I like it and how it made me feel. DOM flat out makes me feel sexy and feel like I'm a Hot guy. I like that a lot. I have read that it stirs aggression in others. I didn't really notice that in me. I kind of don't take shit anyway so I usually speak my peace if there's any BS coming my way. Fairly direct communicator. The couple of times I have tried DOM have been primarily at home, so I don't have any effects on others I can report yet. When I do I will certainly throw it out there. When I smell it on me I think of aqua, both color and water. I do smell the cops ever so slightly and I like theeem . It is that 'dirty' aspect. I want to be smelled by others when I wear this. And I read others say this, but my goodness does this scent LAST a while. I wore some on the inside of my elbow crease last night and I still smell it right now (no shower this am). Looking forward to testing this around some 20's-30's women and seeing/feeling how it goes ;-). In conclusion I DEFINITELY like this one, My self effects of this one are worth it alone and I haven't even seen how it'll effect the gals out there yet. So, my blatant man feelings are as follows (EAR MUFFS) This one makes me want to take a woman's clothes off and feel her lovely body, it makes me want to Fuck, and it makes me want to lick pussy. I hope this is not too vulgar on here, but these are indeed my raw feelings while wearing Dirty Old Man.
  11. Ahh, being a man I grazed right over the "not my type" part, of course. I get that now. The stranger part - that could still work. Heck Heart even made a song about it...LOL luna, what about my options in the original question. Opinion?
  12. Umm tyvey, Take it from a man, just jump his bones next time. Where I live (Michigan) women rarely act on their attraction even if they are really attracted to guy. It's almost like they feel like there is a balcony of jurors judging their every move. And I am getting a bunch of trials again this purchase - Somebody To Love, Totem: Wolf, Love Potion: Homme, Goal! w/Teddy BB, Ruisseau w/MVP, Cry Havoc!, TMI Unisex Fragrance, Super, Eternal Sunshine, Thrill of the Chase w/Hunter Trapper, Sandy Bottom, Watson, Valhall w/Open Windows. Plus two of the ones I am asking opinions about. Feel free to point out any favorites from what I am getting. From the first wad that I ordered I am definitely liking - Steamy Daydreams, Lucero, Winter Wizardry, Salute, Capt. Fantastic, Dirty Old Man (makes me feel HotnSexy) Still haven't tried four trials yet - Cocked & Loaded, Touchdown!, Iconic Tonic, North Pole. What stands out is that they change a LOT over time. I also noticed that I like them more each time I try them again. Good stuff!
  13. QG, Was that in order of what you like, Pashazade being first?
  14. I am going to make a 2nd purchase before the sale ends and I have a couple either/or questions that I desire your opinions and experiences with these potions. You can either pick one of the choices, or you can rank them based on your preference. The first one only has two options. The second one has five options. If you feel like explaining why, certainly do so. This is open to both women and men. Here we go: Bedeviled or FANG! for Men? Pashazade w/Heart Throb or Merlins Blend or Sand Box or Encens de Cafe or Excalibur? I am only adding one of the first grouping and one of the second grouping to my order. All male and, maybe more so, female opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance
  15. Folks, One thing nobody commented on was dosage. How much out of these trial vials should I use at a time. Just a couple dabs to the tip of finger spread around on pulse points, or 5 dabs, or 10? It makes sense that the potions w/o pheros would be based on on smell and how much I want to put 'out there.' But what about the potions WITH pheros, especially some of the sexual ones? Any recommended amount of 'dabs?'
  16. All good...glad I could open a topic worth commenting on. I'll cook some more up some other time. So far I have tried Capt. Fantastic, Salute and Teddy Man 2 I like Salute top so far. I am wearing Capt. Fantastic for a 2nd time right now and like it better the 2nd time. (Are you conditioning and brainwashing me with this? Hahah!) Gonna go jump on a plane to Houston...talk soon
  17. Good answers Lasses, And from people who don't even post much hahah! Well, I think I am going to really like this joint. I'm all about variety and with my first go 'round I have 16 different scents to rock. luna - my goodness - Obsession For Men! I still have almost an inch left in the bottom of a very, very old bottle left over from the old days. I also loved Obsession For Women - knee buckler for me. I also smelled an amazing scent on a woman this weekend while out dancing. I was assuming it must have been a phero or something because I loved it. I asked her and she told me it was Belle Vie by Lancome. That smelled delicious on her! Anyone ever try that? I was told I need to get my mits on Super, yes?
  18. Thrilled so far. Placed order for a bunch of Trials on Aug 21 and they arrived in Michigan today. Excellent service and help answering questions so far. Now that I have 16 different smells to try, is there a suggestion on how much I use at a time? I will most likely be tipping the vial upside down onto my fingertip and applying with finger. Sorry, I like saying finger. How many dabs is suggested to use? I have both phero enhanced and non-phero scents. Should I simply apply to my smell estimations or is there a suggested amount? Gals - you are sooo enthusiastic on these forums! Outstanding...and fun to read. I have read many posts in the men's forums. My question is, with so many women's scents listed on here (something like 300 or so?), why are so many women wearing the men's scents? You truly have enough to choose from I would think. It is adorable, but I am just curious. You would never catch a guy wearing women's perfume. I have counted 71 options listed for men. The descriptions for all of these are incredible. I truly get hungry reading them. My stuff got here today and I only sniffed the vial and didn't even open one yet and they smell quite good. I know I haven't tried them on yet, but they do smell a little feminine at first sniff. We'll see though. I am very positive, so take my question as curious. I just think with so many female options, how could you even get through all of those? HappyGoSkillfully :-)
  19. Well Ellie, that sounds pretty promising. Voracious next time then. Kryptonite is cool. Luna, you say SUPER. That is just SUPER, not Super Sexy 4 Men? Is Super on it's own? Lady Vic, you had me at hello. That's my fav. I think you turned me on, nice! I need to read some more posts...I like how you broads talk on here HappyGoSkillfully
  20. quietguy, Thx for response. I guess my biggest ?'s would be the interaction between some of the scents from here that already have pmones in them and how they interact with other Phero Co's pmones. The scents that don't have pmones in them is obvious. Whatever pmone I use from another Co will not be effected. But if I am using, say Dirty Old Man (I just typed "Dirty Old Mam" by accident - maybe a new scent?) and I want to spike it with some other Co's pmones, what am I looking at. The other Co's tend to get very specific on the amounts to use and how many mcg's are in each drop or spray. As you stated, less is effective, so don't want to OD. That's all. Any of those I ordered to your liking?
  21. I went with a bunch of Trial vials and I bucked the system on the Burnt Umber/Cry Havoc! question I asked - I went with Sugared Frankincense & Myrrh Here's what I ordered all in Trial size: Touchdown! w/MVP Ambuscade Teddy Man 2 Dirty Old Man Iconic Tonic North Pole Essential Harmony Essential Vitality UN Sugared Frankincense & Myrrh Captain Fantastic w/Heart Throb Steamy Daydreams Lucero w/Charisma Salute w/Charisma Winter Wizardry Cocked & Loaded Super interested in trying new smells out. I have noticed throughout my life that I have a bit of a heightened sense of smell over others. I always smell something first. Way first. I certainly invite any and all comments on my soon-to-be-new products. I live in Michigan and I am heading to Houston for a week next Wed (8/27), so unfortunately I will probably miss getting my new toys before I leave :-( I have also grabbed several pmone products from some other reputable companies off Pherotruth (where I found this place). I most likely will be combining these scents with pmones and if anyone has any insights or suggestions on that, I'm all ears. PS - does anyone else get hungry reading the descriptions of these products? Holy moly!
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