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  1. I have still never smelled this, but I would by a bottle if Miss Potion Master whips some more up. I'm sure I'd like/love it.
  2. I don't even know how long it has been since I posted on these forums, but it has been a long time. With all the down time I'm taking a snoop around this and 'the other forum.' I feel that I owe a personal review of The Love God. I had previously ordered four of the pheros from LPMP during a sale. I think it was a "pherotini" sale or something like that. I got them all unscented. Charisma, Heart Throb, Wanted Man and Super Sexy for Men. I saw and felt zero effects from them. each of them. They all had no impact. I honestly thought that there was a mistake and all I received was the dpg oil, or whatever the oil is, and that the pheros were forgot to put in. Zero results. After reading a bunch of reviews, primarily from two reviewers mind you, it just sounded too good to not take a chance on. This was before it became a regular in the rotation. I think it was right about the time Mara was indeed in the process of making it a staple. I had to email her and special order it at the time and that's when she told me it was going to be a full batch. Anyway, I made the purchase unscented as I like to use my own covers which include a lot of LPMP scents. I have tried not all, but most phero blends that are on the market. Well over 70 different blends I still have and use. For me this "The Love God" is in my top 2 of all-time, if not tops. I have never posted a top 5 list or anything like it regarding pheros. I also 100% believe that pheros work very differently for different people. It helps get multiple dates and it helps get girlfriends. I have personally seen the awe in a woman's eyes when wearing this. I like the way I look and keep in shape, but that was really cool to see. Like a real jaw drop. That's fun! Speaking of fun, it is uplifting to the user as well. When I slap this on it gives me a glow. I have only used this at 4-6 sprays as Snoopyace originally recommended. Only good times with this. I am now on my second girlfriend since acquiring this (not all personalities work out) and I don't use this all the time. In fact not that often on purpose. But when I utilize this gem it's always at least good, but mostly great. The first girlfriend was a very tough nut to crack. I knew this and gave her time. After repeated exposures she made the moves and came onto me opening the door. Current girlfriend was hooked right away. This just deserved my proper endorsement. It is a shining star (at least for me) amongst all pheros and blends out there. Take care of yourselves and others through this awful time our society is experiencing. Peace & Love, HappyGoSkillfully
  3. StacyK, Good call...it did lift my mood right away when I put it on yesterday. Corwin is at the top of my list from the November set so far. But I've only tried 5 of the 10 so far...
  4. I've got to agree with QG for the most part. This smells very good...after a handful of minutes. That Blueberry jumps off the stage to make it's appearance known right away! It takes charge. Then it mellows out depending on where I applied it. In the crook of my elbow the blueberry lasts longer then on my wrist pulse points. My wrists have taken on the North Pole sexiness/spiciness that both luna and QG have noticed as well. I like it better when the blueberry fades. The spices or woods are definitely in line with North Pole, but dang it, I love the Ginger in North Pole too much. Blue Smoke is yum. But having a full bottle of North Pole, I know I would reach for North Pole 5 out of 6 times instead of this. That's how much I like whiffing North Pole!
  5. I ordered this in the Men's Sampler for November as it stated that a man may like this one too. First try was not a winner for me. Smelled very much of a Blackberry incense stick that wasn't burning. Of course as always I will try everything a few times before finalizing a decision.
  6. Hey this is a nice combination. Works very well. Like a powdered lemon. It's got some understated class. Instant goody.
  7. First try through with this one and I was not crazy about it. It smelled pretty good at the end, but that was a long wait to smell good, like 5 hrs. So, basically when it was dying off is when I liked it. Maybe the SWS is what I really liked. I have learned my lesson though...never give up on a fragrance after one or two tries. I learned that with Elementary Ch.5. I HATED it the first time. I have learned to tame that beast by using a very small amount spread over a large area of skin for me. It's quite nice now. Patience
  8. Tried this one out last night doing errands at home and I like it. Right away there was something in it that gave it a little depth. I don't know what it was. Maybe the musk or the driftwood? The Hedione, maybe? Was it the Perfect Match? Regardless, it really smelled good to me and I think I found out who my Perfect Match is = Me!
  9. After using about a quarter of my full bottle roll on, this is still one of my favorites. I too get the clove, but I get a lot of the smokiness and I really like this. I happened to be in a mall the other day and popped into a fragrance store. I took a whiff of a few colognes and I came across one that smells very much like Pashazade. Viktor & Rolf's "Spicebomb." It smelled very good, but I found myself defending Mara and Pashazade. Not to anyone else, just in my own head. Mara, do you have hypnotic ingredients in your products that make us loyal to you? Haha! I'll take Pashazade, thanks. However, I have four different fragrances in roll on bottles and four different fragrances in spray bottles and I have to say that I personally feel the spray bottles are worth the extra $15. Next time it will be in the spray bottle.
  10. So I went on a date from a shitty online dating site. I get there and meet the gal. She immediately says, "You're right. You do smell good!" I forgot I wrote that in my profile. Regardless of which LPMP fragrance I wear I think I smell good. I was wearing Bad Boy. Unfortunately the date lived down to my expectations.. Body type of "Athletic" almost always means overweight. Sigh. She was a cool girl that I could hang out with as friends. But I don't want to offend her with that. This is still very Vanilla-ey with the leather poking through a little. I feel good in my Bad Boy jacket!
  11. I'm guessing Thursday will be the day the cat comes out of the bag concerning Pheromas for November. Last year it was on Oct 29.
  12. Welcome N7. Wow, you've already learned so much it's like you are a seasoned veteran. Enjoy the smells! Florence was awesome. While eating at a lovely place for dinner one night called Ristorante Za Za (still open and I definitely recommend), my Brother and I were helped with the language barrier by two young local ladies sitting at the table right next to us. Good discussions turned into them taking us on a little bit of a local dive crawl followed by smoking something weird on one bridge while looking across the Arno river at the Ponte Vecchio. They treated us to a very fun night ;-) Just a great town to check out. Some places just give you that 'feel.' Florence gives you that 'feel.'
  13. Out-friggin-standing! Thanks Luna I didn't know this. Last year was my first year on board and felt lucky that there was a full Men's set. As most months there is not. I thought they were all good last year.
  14. Sooo do we know yet if there will be a full set of samples of Pheromas for Men this November?
  15. I really enjoyed the set for Men last year. I am hoping there will be a complete set this year too. Lats year's all smelled so good...well except Elementary Ch 5 . I learned that less is waay more for that one. Like one drop. All the others were very nice!
  16. Leinenkugels beer is from Wisconsin. Best Pumpkin Beer I've ever tasted is called "Screaming Pumpkin" from Michigan. So good
  17. I think I have read enough about the Tonka Tobacum that I would buy a bottle blindly without ever testing it. I did get a full bottle of Bad Boy along with Heavy Metal and Tonka Musk too.
  18. Great Topic! My hunch on the fishy is it happens when a woman has been turned on and gets wet and doesn't do anything to clean it up for a while. The moisture gets all stinky. When the panties are pulled down it'll blow your hair back! I fortunately have only encountered a couple fishy stink bombs in my day. My brother dated a girl once (VERY BRIEFLY) that stunk all the time. You could smell her through her pants. She was only like 21 too. To be sure...if it smells like trout, stay out!
  19. Give it a whirl... It would be cool to hear how this goes. Then if it doesn't work, find the most Bad Ass phero you can and soak your Son in it and have him tell Dad to relax... Bad Wolf, maybe?
  20. I don't really know really know what Vetiver smells like. I looked it up and there are a lot of different descriptions of how it smells. The rest of the stuff in here sound like this would be really nice. There are no samples to be had! I just can't buy something without smelling it first! So far my full bottles are: Steamy Daydreams Pashazade North Pole Thrill of the Chase I think I am going to get fullys of Bad Boy and Tonka Musk, and was considering using my freebie on either Lucero, Dirty Old Man, maybe even Tails of Mystery...but something keeps making me take a longer look at Home Run! even though I've never smelled it. Maybe it's the guns on the model in the picture ;-) Based on my tastes so far, anyone have any opinions on if Home Run! would be something I'd be fond of?
  21. You bad girl! I like it! Steel erector too... Yup, I've given it a second run and I think I like this one enough for a fully. Guess I gotta decide what freebies I want from the sale items.
  22. I put a couple dabs of the sampler on about a hour or two before bed. This is a scent that a B&B should give a spray or two on the beds before guests arrive. It really was nice. I am learning that some of these scents have their own purpose. I felt comfortable wearing this. At ease. I probably would not wear it as a cologne out in public, but at home it smells homey.
  23. I get mostly Vanilla outta this. I love vanilla, so that's a good thing. I am more curious as how the fems respond to a man smelling like vanilla. This is a consideration for a full bottle...but ladies...does a vanilla-smelling man smell sexy, or bad?
  24. Put some Weenie on for the first time last night while just relaxing to the tube getting ready for sleep. I read somewhere that if you like North Pole (love it), that you will like Weenie too. I used a very little bit and put it on my backhands and rubbed it in. Very light scent. It is true...I like it. I will give it a good wearing soon and give another review then. So far so good.
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