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  1. Love the labels! Can't wait for descriptions, especially Blue Smoke!
  2. Ordered a bunch of wax melts and Tara's Grimoire PE! Super excited
  3. Got my notice yesterday too! Can't wait I hope everyone gets theirs quickly!
  4. These all sound so good! May I please reserve a bottle of Tara's Grimoire? And this is my first time getting a PE so just checking, when I place my order do I just fill out the "Additional bottles of any Private Edition = $24.95" option on the PE page?
  5. YAY! Just placed my sale order. Got some UN FBs, August sampler, lots of random samples and FBs of Rocket Fuel, Sneaky Clean, and LP Latte (hope I like that one, I just went for it unsniffed!). These past two months my perfume budget has gone over my food budget..
  6. Thank you Heather & John for helping me with my order and getting it out so fast, and Mara for the wonderful spells! Going through them today, they smell amazing and I can't wait to test intent.
  7. nyx


    Welcome Lexykin!
  8. nyx

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks everyone and thank you for the recommendations StacyK! I have a growing list of things to try!
  9. Hi Sara! I'm in my early 20s as well Here's another vote for SS4W for social events! I love it in Mara's Rocket Fuel and Sneaky Clean. Makes me feel great and puts everyone around me in a good mood, too. I also love La Femme Mystere (and La Femme Noire, just starting to test it now). I wear it more for the self effects (feel awesome and sort of invicible haha) but I get positive attention from these as well. Great for wearing around strangers, they treat me super nice in a "omigosh you are so cool, please let me help you with that" kind of way. If you haven't already, I definitely sug
  10. nyx

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes and recommendations! I'm quickly becoming another LP addict! I will try to write some reviews soon
  11. nyx

    Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm yet another newbie to the world of pheromones (and perfume in general!). Wanted to introduce myself because you guys seem like such a warm, wonderful group of people. Reading all of your informative posts has taught me so much - so thank you all! For my first purchase (about 2 months ago) I got the women's sampler set and trial vials of LAM Original, LP Rouge with LFM, and Mara's Rocket Fuel. I haven't gotten to try everything yet, but my favorites so far are LP Rouge, MRF, and Sneaky Clean. They smell SO GOOD! And all 3 give me very great "selfies" - I feel happy
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