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  1. Yay, Rocket Fuel!! I will be getting a couple bottles when you all are open for shipping again!!
  2. I've liked each version of Flying potion since 2014 when I started with LP fragrances. This year's is no exception and I sprang for the FB this time. I love that it's a gentle scent on me - very good for work - and it makes me feel happy.
  3. Thank you, Luna. I hope you all are extremely happy taking this paycheck's extra money! I have no willpower.
  4. Sorry, but I think I'm having a blonde moment. I have not been able to find where to order this month's trial sets? Or do I use the regular trial area and just write more in the comment than the month, since there are a couple options?
  5. Late to the conversation, I know, but I'd love to see remakes of LP Rouge, BAM Peach, and Honey Whip with the addition of Gotcha!
  6. Thanks for the info! Gonna grab one this afternoon. I'm on a coconut kick this year. Can't get enough!
  7. Got the itty sampler with this one included - I love it! Any more FB left of it?
  8. I love this fragrance. It is so silky smooth! I cannot pick out exactly what is in it - the blend is that good! It's one of those scents that makes me happy, and it lasts a long time on my skin. I wish I had ordered a bottle earlier - looks like it is gone now.
  9. Lellen

    Top Five

    It really depends on my mood, but the scents I reach for on a consistent basis lately are: 1. Rocket Fuel 2. BAM Buttercream Peach (what ever will I do when my bottle is dry?!) 3. Lick of Cream 4. Creamed Honey 5. Steamy Bikini
  10. This is one of my go-to scents. I love the warm vanilla-y, creamy spicy fragrance. It's very comforting and yet sexy. I can't pick out the cardamom or ginger. Perhaps my nose isn't that sophisticated. :0) But I know what I like, and this is one. I've purchased 2 FB of it!
  11. I loved this scent within 5 minutes of testing. Got the FB too! I smell a lot of amber and coconut at first (love me some coconut!), and then it mellows out to a nice soft honey and cream. Honey seems to get really strong on my skin, but the other notes in this scent make it just right.
  12. Gorgeous labels! Sampler set for sure, and probably several FB. These sound wonderful!
  13. My husband, who doesn't usually smell much of anything I wear, could actually detect the citrus in this one. He liked it. I liked it. I liked that he liked it. Winner! :0)
  14. Smells wonderful in the sampler bottle, but the peach stayed super strong on me and I didn't care for it. It's going in my try-again-at-a-later-time box. Maybe it was my mood of the day. I am learning it's best to try a few times.
  15. I ordered the women's Pheromas sampler, FB Lick of Cream, sample of OCCO SLF, and a bunch of pheromone samplers. I wanted a couple other FBs (Titan Sweet, Supernatural, Haystack, Flying Potion 2015), but will have to do them later. Just couldn't pass up the phero sample opportunity. Can I call it an early Christmas gift? Hope I don't get in trouble when the package comes in! Haha!
  16. Got a full bottle of this and it's one I reach for often. Every single time I wear it, someone comments on how good it smells. May I put in a vote for this to be in the permanent collection? :0)
  17. The 2015 version smells softer/smoother on my skin than 2014. It lasts a long time, too. I'm not crazy about licorice, and was happy to find it didn't stick out too much. I note more of the marshmallow, even several hours later. I like the phero blend - wore it to church and people were chattier than normal, including myself. Very nice. I didn't get the tired thing, at least not in the morning when I first had it on. I did have a hard time staying awake after lunch, but that's embarrassingly typical for me on Sunday afternoons.
  18. I love this scent. The honey is light and sweet, not overpowering on me at all like some of the 'dirtier' honeys. Every time I wear this, someone comments on how good I smell. I love Gotcha too.
  19. I haven't gotten any actual sex from it, just smells sexy to me. LOL My DH unfortunately has a terrible sense of smell, but I do think pheromones still work on him, albeit in a more subtle way.
  20. Haha, I put Steamy Bikini on today and wasn't thinking about the phero, just like someone else posted earlier. Chatty would be the word of the day, especially from the wife of a co-worker, who talked me up for a long time this morning, seemingly out of the blue. It seemed totally weird at the time, but makes sense now. No hits from guys, but I haven't been around many yet today. I had not noticed anything special with Gotcha before, (in Exotica and Secret Sweetness, which both didn't work for me) probably because it wasn't in a fragrance that really clicked with me like Steamy Bikini does.
  21. I like Pherodise, and like this Seaside Sizzle w/Aja too. I like each stage of this - the strong floral at first swipe, and the cocoa butter that comes later. I"m guessing it must be the Aja that lingers the longest? It smells to me like sex and light honey? Even after washing my hands and wrists several times today I can still smell it. Nice! :0)
  22. I love this scent! My nose isn't nearly as sophisticated as most of you, so I'll describe it in phrases that came to my mind when I'd sniff my wrist: a breezy afternoon at the beach, the color aqua blue, complex (I smell many different things in it - just can't tell exactly what those things are), lingers nicely through the day, floral but not entirely, warm....I could go on. The sample vial is not gonna last long - a full bottle will be in my future.
  23. I'm loving Steamy Bikini and OCCO Ambrosia. Haven't had time to give the others a good try yet, but in sniffing the bottles, I'm thinking I'll like them all.
  24. Sale?!! Oh my - I can't wait - this will be my first one!
  25. I love so many of the fragrances I'm trying (pretty new to this stuff!), but LP Original, Cougar, Rocket Fuel, LP Gold, and LP Flutterby are the scents I reach for consistently. I also get a lot of compliments with Star Power. It's a lovely fruity scent that does well for work.
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