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  1. Drive by Fruiting sounds so good! I am not sure how I have missed it! I am struggling to pick out my sale freebies. I am ordering LP Carnival, LP Pumpkin. LV's Sweet Pussy, and Petit 4.2...and some sparkly store goods? For freebies...maybe Aurora, Pie In the Sky, Sticky, Sweet, Indiscretion, and Howl? Any suggestions from my sweet scent loving peeps?
  2. Sorry Indie! But you need it...you really do! And also OCCO Ambrosia and Pumpkin Fairy Cakes are right up there! I'm just saying.... I had to have Awake, Aliyah, Merry, Cherry D and Nutcracker Sweet. And a sampler. Dammit.
  3. He he he he Mai! I have a pin on one of my boards that reminds me of this! I will probably screw this up royally but it says something like: Someone told me I was unrealistic. So I got right down off my unicorn and slapped the shit out of them!
  4. Ha ha! Thanks for letting me know that! I have a friend who screws up all the sayings and I totally don't have the heart to tell him. He always tells me he needs to "put a bird in my ear" and doesn't understand why I crack up! I really wish you could all attend one of these shindigs with me. I think everyone in America should experience a rural southern small town funeral. And then I would make you all some moonshine because you would need it after one of those funerals! I totally need to clean up the short story I wrote and send it to y'all". You could read it on a bad day and tha
  5. Yay Bell! I am a unicorn jockey. I am so proud :-p
  6. I am currently Jonesing (lol!) for some Awake, Aliya, and Merry....and whatever Valentine's Day georgeousness is coming down the pipe.
  7. Okay good to know! Thanks! That is what I will do! I knew there had to be a trick :-)
  8. Is it legal to ask for a hold or reserve on a couple of bottles in order to prevent higher shipping costs? Because you know I do not want to offend those lovely peeps that ship me the goodness for free :-) But if Awake sells out, I am planning an epic fit. I think I will fling myself in the floor and cry. And piss myself. On purpose.
  9. Thanks for the info dear! I was low key panicking that I may not get my "Awake"! Lol!
  10. Soooo...hypothetically speaking...if I just happened to be sitting here right now plotting my next order, should I wait to submit in case something is coming down the pipe in a few days that I may need? This is all hypothetical...of course. I know this isn't the right place to ask a question most likely..so forgive me in advance! I plead newbie status! But I was wondering...how do you tell if a scent is permanent, seasonal, limited edition? I am getting my next order and really want some "Awake". It is still able to be ordered but will that change soon?Do I need to grab it soon?
  11. This is really beautiful! It is sweet and creamy. When I was reading the notes I was afraid this would give me the floral scent headache but it hasn't done so. If it doesn't trigger a migraine, this one is definitely in the running for a full bottle.
  12. This is not one I even thought would be in the running for a full bottle based on the notes. My interest was based on the pheromone. Many people told me this one was calming and relaxing. I get really on edge when my husband is out of town and this was one that everyone was suggesting to me to combat that "fear". But when I tested this....oh man! It smells good! Like homemade jam and jelly good! I love patch and this one is gooooood! The blackberry and raspberry are so yummy. I would swear this has some sugars in it, but according to the notes it doesn't. I guess that is just the sweetn
  13. This is great! It is very fruity, but it is so well blended that it is hard to pick out the individual fruit notes. The vetiver is what keeps this interesting. It grounds the scent and helps with the longevity, linger, and throw. If I had to pick out the most dominant fruits, I would say they are pear and pineapple but it is such an interesting mixture that no one fruit note is crazy dominant.
  14. As a rule, I hate floral perfumes. That seems to have changed since I came here :-) This one is all coconutty magnolia georgeousness. I don't smell any papaya, but this is ah-may-zing! The coconut sweetens the magnolia and keeps it from going all stabby and sharp. The floral aspect of the magnolia tones down the coconut and keeps it from smelling like suntan lotion...although there is nothing wrong with that :-) Again, this one gives me a crazy scent memory. One of my favorite places on this earth is my aunt's lake house. She has the most beautiful place. In the spring, I like to
  15. I am only getting the rose/amber/musk in this one. I do not smell chocolate or cocoa at all. I think the main theme of the month of November so far should be comfort and cozy! This is another warm and comfort evoking scent.
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