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  1. Scented Cougar might well grow on you the way it did on me Not my usual type of fragrance either, but it is so uplifting, refreshing and perfectly matched with the phero that it has become one of my go-to staples. ETA: I just read your review, and it does look like you're quite liking Cougar already! Isn't it wonderfully sparkly and bubbly?
  2. You can post your review in this thread: Ail's Open Windows It's located in the Pheromone Area, under Women's Pheromone Fragrance Reviews
  3. Getting a bottle of Shadow Dance for sure, and perhaps some more Ego Boostier - I swear I'm going through the stuff like water! And since the LP enablers have made me insanely curious about LP: Sunfire, it's high time I get a sample of it
  4. Hi Sylah, welcome to the boards! I haven't tried Open Windows yet, looking forward to your review! What other samples do you have?
  5. Same here... :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: A lovely lady from another forum just bought all my NA bottles, so I do have a bit of fun money - all earmarked for LP, of course! I guess it won't be much longer before we know what's included in the sale!
  6. Wow, nice haul Invidiana - and Happy Birthday to you!!! I am contemplating all sorts of purchases and upgrades to bottle size. I'm out of scented Cougar, and that's just not right :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Also, I am head over heels in love with Loco en la Luna, Shadow Dance, and Happy Ending. I'm very curious about the sale, needless to say!
  7. Ishtar

    Loco en La Luna

    I am a big fan of sage in perfume. There is something so refreshing and unexpected about it, and I find that it works particularly well with fruit (it works very well with pork roast too, but that's another debate - maybe in Get Stuffed v2? ) Loco en la Luna reminds me of another gorgeous tea, blackberry and sage scent I love, but I quite possibly like this one even better: less sweet, crisper and a little less fruity, it is wearable at all times, including in hot weather, and it never threatens to turn into a fruit bomb kind of scent. The musky drydown is wonderful, and it's got excellent staying power on me. If this is not a bottle-worthy scent, I don't know what is!
  8. Mmm, this is really nice ! Once the phero smell dies down, it leaves behind a lovely vanilla scent. It's soft and creamy, but with a bit of an edge, thanks to a hint of spice and florals. I wore a dab of Happy Ending to a Bastille Day party yesterday, where an acquaintance of mine was volunteering at the door. Now, this guy is anything but a flirt, so everyone's jaw dropped (including mine!) when he greeted me with a "Hi beautiful! How's it going beautiful?", then proceeded to hug me, and finally commented with great enthusiasm, "and besides, you smell GOOD!"
  9. Yum! This is the perfect combination of the winter spices I love so much and the lighter, crisper aspect of tea. Like chai itself, it's comforting and creamy, but not cloying nor heavy (I guess there's something to be said for using milk instead of cream in your hot beverage-inspired scents ) This is very well balanced and wearable, and it can be enjoyed as a proper perfume, not just as a novelty scent. Definitely one of the best blends I've ever tried in this category!
  10. You bet! You absolutely deserve to wear your delicious creation, and enjoy every second of it!
  11. This is actually fairly similar to "O" on me - I get the warmth and powderiness of the amber, livened up by the tanginess of the honey. It's like it *tries* to be dirty, but it doesn't quite succeed, and it ends up instead as a warm, sensual yet comforting scent. Very nicely done!
  12. The coconut in this is scrumptious! Combined with the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream, it's like smelling chunks of fresh coconut meat and pieces of candied coconut at the same time. Verrry appetizing to say the least! I don't get much coffee at all, which is not a bad thing since I usually start out enjoying coffee scents, but don't tend to wear them much. This on the other hand... and I am sure it'll layer beautifully with all sorts of stuff, too
  13. Ishtar

    Wax Poetic

    I love the combination of chrysanthemum and honey here - so unusual and pretty! There is indeed a waxy undertone to this, but I find it much better balanced than in similar scents I have tried from other perfumers (maybe I just amp the beeswax accord itself). After drydown, Wax Poetic settles into a very mellow, soft chrysanthemum scent. For those of you who are leery of dragon's blood, I find it very understated in this blend, so fear not!
  14. This is absolutely gorgeous in the vial. The oakmoss is so delicate and soft! Unfortunately, To Soothe a Broken Heart doesn't work all that well with my chemistry - it quickly turns into a fairly masculine aquatic, and surprisingly for such a soft, sweet scent, it ends up being a little too sharp for me.
  15. Ishtar


    Ha! I finally took a look at the notes in Want - and well, I'll be! Now that I know there is banana in here, I can smell it (all delicious and mouth-watering) in the vial and for all of 3 seconds after applying. But as soon as it touches my skin, it turns into... bubblegum - which I find hilarious for some reason. It's so bright and fruity and fun! After complete drydown, I do get the honey and a hint of rose. The boozy notes are AWOL, making Want less of a "seasonal" scent for me, although I guess its candy-like cheerfulness could also be associated with the holiday season
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