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  1. I, too, am watching that 7-day countdown. So, to help myself just feel comfortable with that deadline, I'm thinking I will do what I usually do. .. order the NR full sampler set even before the NRs are announced, so I can meet the 7 day deadline, finalize my order, and avoid having to incur multiple PayPal vendor fees
  2. I too get so enraptured with particular scents that I feel compelled to gather a few extra bottles. I have to keep reminding myself that there will be new loves for me to absolutely revel in, rejoice in, and with which I will become absolutely mesmerized and will fall madly, passionately in love
  3. Chaionlife

    Haunted Hallows

    Hmm... The rush on HH in the sales bin prompted me to come check out this review. I do love unique scents; patch loves my skin; as dies lily. ... interesting. I'm going to go see if I have a sniffie to try. ...
  4. It's my skin eats certain notes. And I love coconut! I'm always searching for the *perfect* coconut scent
  5. My turn to have to uber-post myself up to new rank... Woozy Floozy just feels a bit of a uncomfortable fit on my non-drinking self... LOL! Only 98 more posts to go! Based on my posting history, I'm going to be woozy for the next few months!
  6. Eep! Well, good thing I've been working out lately, otherwise my appearance might have been more nightmarish than dreamy!
  7. DD... Sorry, not peach... Pesach. The Hebrew name for the Jewish holiday of Passover. This past year I started wearing Chametz (bready) scents throughout Pesach/Passover as kind of a joke (inspired in part by Luna's theme-based weeks) and my girls thought the idea was a hoot. So, this upcoming Pesach/Passover I'm going to give them their own Chametz scent And, it's a lovely thing to be able to do so from the sales bin Hmm, I'll have to ponder what my favorite peach scent is and get back to you. Anyone else, feel free to chime in with suggestions!
  8. See, Nutrix, all notes which SHOULD play well on my skin and have always done so in the past! I ordered a FB unsniffed because I just KNEW it would work for me! Imagine the biggest pouty face ever ... That's my expression!
  9. And I thought we were all teasing and all in good fun :) after all, people aren't really commodities to be traded ... And regarding the whole concept: Still, every man is someone's son after all... And introductions are made in some form or another.... And all relationships involve compromise and give-and-take exchanges if they are to be successful (one partner can't always have it their way if the relationship is to be balanced)... But back to the topic: just ordered from the sales bin: Prophetic Pie; S'more Than aFeeling; Wheat Siren; Ghost Bumps; Lost Highway; Pumpkin Juice Cocktail... Now I have some Pesach Scents and Halloween scents with which to gift the Bears
  10. Oh my! This made me think about my youngest son's experience in California last week. He's 18... In walks this smoking hot gorgeous Asian woman in her late thirties... With a smoking hot Australian accent... And he is ENTHRALLED but struggling with this attraction (because of her age). And she's obviously smitten with him. I was laughing so much about this! Watched it go on all morning then, at lunch, when she's purring and cooing at him and practically in his lap... Seriously, he's very attractive and intelligent and mature, I can see why she's into him... but he speaks to me in Hebrew, calling me mom... And THE LOOK on her face is priceless! Turns out some of her best friends are Jewish, so she says "That's your mom?". Man, does the direction of the convo shift then! Later that evening he says something about how hot she was... And then says something about how now he gets how his friends feel around me... LOL!
  11. Funny, but for me, Cougar has always had that Jessica Rabbit take to it. Maybe because that's how I always interpreted it so that's how I always played it. Then, when I returned to the forum and eveyone was commenting on the glittery/sparkly cougar vibe I was confused. I like the slinky 'I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way' vibe much better.....
  12. I love this! By the way, I cop'd mine. Great decision, I think! Covers so well and I find the scent melds so nicely with many of my favorites for cop-layering.
  13. Waaaahhhhh! I get nothing! Okay, an almost imperceptible scent... But so imperceptible to be almost nothing! I really really really want yummy coconut-creamy sweet pussy! Skin, I command thee to wear coconut perceptibly! * * * * Dang. Still nothing.
  14. Oh, I wish this played well on my skin! I love it in the bottle... but it smells just a tad off on my skin... and so very few scents ever do that! In fact, almost never... It's a gorgeous beautifully crafted scent; just not for me....
  15. JD... If the Handy Hunk comes with the FB purchase, I'm in! Oh my, this is a VERY lovely scent. For me, it was an unexpected love in the NRs. Soft and sweet florals floating closely, the musk helping it seem to intermingle with my own skin-scent .... the vanilla coming out more in the dry down... definitely a skin-close scent BUT it lasts on me! Very softly sexy and alluring.
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