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  1. Not sure if I should be celebrating turning into a "Mrs"...
  2. Yeah right lol, not so cutie if you piss them off and cant get away fast. Not all of us carry a tranq gun.
  3. Ohh that. Of course Though I may need a step ladder (keith urban model) to kiss the bride. Maybe we can get it changed to "kiss the boob". You can even go camping on the honeymoon, the Sheriton Mirage has nice gardens next to the rooms.
  4. I think I may hire you as personal security!
  5. Cant see anything, you may have to pull the top down a little.
  6. Absolutely! I am very expert, make you a star! Cook...check Pretty...check Sense of humor...check Likes to run around in undies...check Boobs..check Likes sex...check Chases crocodiles...not so sure about this one Climbs trees...interesting Smell great...check Like to dance...check, though i prefer latin. Smart...check, not always good though... Only a few more boxes to go like beachhouse, yacht and other trivial stuff.
  7. That pic will do fine. What!? stripped off? pics? Can we at least negotiate? Maybe I can take some better ones for your mones sale
  8. I thought that was all the necessary information.
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