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  1. I think this is a great daytime scent. A bit strong at first, but dry down has that effect of wanting to keep smelling and sniffing the app points. And yes it's definitely a MAN scent. Polished my bat, got my Homerun, no lets play...
  2. Not sure if I should be celebrating turning into a "Mrs"...
  3. Welcome into the vortex of no return!
  4. I tried this again, about 6 drops. Went to a store after about 20mins, the lady 40ish (ring) smiled warmly, then handed my change with a sly smile and almost blushingly said "thanks honey" Got much friendliness comraderie from the boys, after 4 hrs mid 20s women seemed to not want to leave, gave me a wraparound hug with a big grin after me purposely stepping away just saying goodbye. The scent for me seems very strong and "coply" only fading away at the 8hr mark. Intersting stuff.
  5. Interesting smell on this one. I think I can smell the cops amongst some greeny foody type scent at first app. Seems somewhat sweet after the cops settle. The incense note doesnt seem very strong for me. I have only worn this once whilst out n about, did get some attention and glances from a few young women. A few questions: How much of this is your SO wearing? How much equates to "slather it on"? Is the phero concentration still the same (5-6mg) or more?
  6. I wouldnt want to stop it. It smells much better and stronger after a week or so. Every new bottle just seems weak at first.
  7. Another thing I noticed about this formula is that every time I open a new bottle, 3 empty ones so far, at first it seem not as good, crisp and strong as the old one. Then after a week or so it smells like the bottle I just finished
  8. Yeah right lol, not so cutie if you piss them off and cant get away fast. Not all of us carry a tranq gun.
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