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  1. I'm with you, NuTrix -- it was an eye-popping WHOA!! (Yeah, major WHOA on the label, too!!) Not at all what I expected. I feared it would go commercial on me, but it stayed very much a Mara creation. Who would have thought that pineapple and orchid could play so well together. It was imperative that I like this one so I'd have an excuse for carting the label around and drooling over it throughout the day. Yep, mission accomplished, full bottle ahead!
  2. Just Ducky

    Honey Whip

    Yes, this is DEFINITELY FB. It starts out nice and honeyful then slowly the licorice/anise comes forward. The licorice eventually bows out, leaving wonderfully warm and happy honey scented skin. Nothing "dirty" about it at all. The only Flying Potion vibe I get from it is the licorice -- HW is much warmer and softer than FP. A very summer-friendly scent. This is a keeper!
  3. Congrats, Invi! You are a beautiful moth!!
  4. Ditto on the glazed lemon cake with a tiny strawberry drizzle-- this is simply scrumptious! But tamed, of course, by anchoring notes that keep it from soaring into hyperglycemic sweetness. Trust Mara to keep it safely grounded so we don't run around smelling like prepubescent boy-band groupies. This will be a fun one for summer shopping and afternoon gab fests around the pool. Huh. Guess I gotta go find me a boyfriend with a pool. "Smart, fun-loving female looking for serious, long-term relationship with an intelligent, warm, good-humored guy for hours of heart-to-heart conversations
  5. Yes, you are oh so right, spoonki. Crisp, cold, chilled fall and winter air makes this scent come alive!
  6. Thanks! If it'll work on teen-aged boys, too, I'll owe Mrs. QG a dozen roses! ETA: Yowza! I'm a ceiling cat now! Watch it, all you floor mortals!
  7. Mrs. QG has thoughtfully suggested that's the best approach. We all practice her patented eye rolls on a regular basis.
  8. YOU are the reason we had to add the scowling nun icon, QG!!!
  9. Yeah, this one is calling me, too. Is there any hint of pine?
  10. Yes, only once. I keep forgetting about your generous offer! My oversight shall soon be corrected. Thank you, Mara! ETA: I see where I was getting the 1,300 -- that's how many points I can spend. WHOOOP!!! *waddles off with pencil in beak to plot new order*
  11. Mara -- I think last time I redeemed was at 1300 points, is that somewhere close to reality? Thank you!
  12. Yes, we've missed you, dear Batsy Cuddle Bunny! Don't disappear on us like that -- we worry!
  13. I tried this one when it first arrived, gave it a quick "meh" sniff, and stuck it back in its cute little holder. Yesterday I saw it again, dabbed a bit, inhaled, and was immediately transported to Purple Heaven! This stuff is GORGEOUS! I do not like violets, and am thrilled purple that my chemistry hides the violet in this one and lets the other scents bloom. It is a full-bodied, well-rounded fragrance that puts a smile on my face. It's just a gosh-darn HAPPY scent! This one definitely gets added to my FB list.
  14. This one lives up to its namesake, as it is such a sneaky sleeper. You think slow, plodding, lumbering. But right when you think it's a pretty unexciting scent, it wakes up! And it's suddenly an elephant dancing on its toes, graceful, powerful, and awesome. The brightness lasts for a bit, then moves into an inexplicably uplifting yet ineffable fragrance that continues its metamorphosis through several more delightful phases. Does it ever "settle"? We're at the 30 minute mark and it's still playing strong. Very fresh. I never thought I'd be wanting a bottle of perfume called "Elephant." T
  15. OK, QG -- That's a definite side boob! Where's my hint???!
  16. That is not a hint!!!!!! Hintz! Hintz! Hintz! What ever happened to the good old days when a flash of side boob got us hintz???
  17. I for one would be totally thrilled if the Sugared Line were the NRs for this month . . . and next month! Rounded out with everyone's new fantabulous (fabtastical?) PEs, of course.
  18. Oh, there is no doubt about it! ALLLLL GONE!! BOOM!!!! Don't even THINK about checking AF! Waste of time! Nothing left! So just move along, move along.
  19. Mine arrived today. This is effing incredible, Lady V! And you know I don't use the eff word lightly. It very much is a lighter, softer Black Panther. I'll use Black Panther for vamping and Snow Leopard for glitzing. Black and White. Point and Counterpoint. Leather and Linen. Dark alleys and Cotillions.
  20. Well, I'm not getting Dr Pepper but I am getting a surprisingly lovely spiced woodsy scent that it very appealing. I'm with BC on this one -- there's a winter holiday vibe to it although there are no traditional "winter holiday" notes in it. I thought maybe pumpkin pie-ish at first, but I came back to a winter holiday fragrance. To me, it's a 60% feminine 40% masculine scent. If "metrosexual" is still a recognized word, I would label this metrosexual on a guy. I want a FB of this, even though it's way out of my usual genre. Mara strikes again!!!
  21. Beware that cotton or high-cotton content pillowcases can really suck the life right out of the bottle. One long thick line across the pillowcase can drop the bottle level significantly. I got carried away with a Sogni bottle once and used up a quarter of the contents with just a few long pillow swipes. Yikes!
  22. Absolutely brilliant! Love the avi, LovesTruck! YOU are one of the reasons our forum is so wonderful!
  23. A win for both of you!! It's a wonderful scent.
  24. I'd be too tempted to drink the stuff if it were in a spray bottle. . .
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