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  1. And drink lime margaritas on the beach! I can't wait until my bottle of this delicious-sounding confection gets here!
  2. Hmmmm -- Speaking of Da Piggy -- was the Infamous Smoked HAM recipe ever resurrected, Mara? I know you are totally wrapped up in Sugareds right now, but whenever you're ready to HAM it up again later, my checkbook is yours!! THANK YOU! *mwah* ETA: Oops -- forgot to add: May I please reserve a Lindee's Summertime Classic? Thank you!
  3. Ditto on LS55's ditto! One Key Lime Kiss, please!
  4. I'm with you, NuTrix -- it was an eye-popping WHOA!! (Yeah, major WHOA on the label, too!!) Not at all what I expected. I feared it would go commercial on me, but it stayed very much a Mara creation. Who would have thought that pineapple and orchid could play so well together. It was imperative that I like this one so I'd have an excuse for carting the label around and drooling over it throughout the day. Yep, mission accomplished, full bottle ahead!
  5. Just Ducky

    Honey Whip

    Yes, this is DEFINITELY FB. It starts out nice and honeyful then slowly the licorice/anise comes forward. The licorice eventually bows out, leaving wonderfully warm and happy honey scented skin. Nothing "dirty" about it at all. The only Flying Potion vibe I get from it is the licorice -- HW is much warmer and softer than FP. A very summer-friendly scent. This is a keeper!
  6. I'm drooling waiting for my bottle to arrive. Also considering the key lime one. BC, you are one expensive kitteh! ETA: and darn well worth it!
  7. Mine arrived today, too! Such a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to dive in and meet all those delish guys up close and personal!
  8. This is turning out to be a wonderful Layerable, too. I layered it with OCCO SLF this evening and it toned down the SLF a bit while keeping all the good stuff intact. Perfect!
  9. Just had to update. I grabbed this one this morning on a whim and immediately noticed how much smoother, more solid (if that makes sense?) it's becoming with a bit of age behind it. As if it's matured from "magnolia" to "Magnolia." The floral aspect has definitely deepened. The bottle has now been moved from my "ad lib" stash to my "du jour" selections so I can remember to wear it more often. Love it!
  10. OK, OK, the reviews did me in -- May I also request a Midnight Snack? Thank you!
  11. By all accounts my skin chemistry should love and adore this one. But something isn't meshing well with me. What should be yummy vanilla cake is turning into . . . olive?! I'm getting a definite whiff of olive-ness on my wonky skin. Tons of sadness, as I wanted so much to wear this. But I'm not giving up -- I intend to hold an intervention with my epidermis and read it the riot act. ETA: The olive-ness lasted about ten minutes then faded, letting everything else get back in line. Will continue playing with this one, as I want it to work, dang it! Hey, skin! Behave, or I have two words for ya -- "Tanning bed!"
  12. Umm . . . what was I going to say? I seem to have forgotten. *wipes drool off chin* *returns to private interlude with Sir Midnight Rhapsody and Mr. B2.2.* Life-sized posters available?! Pleeeeze?!
  13. Congrats, Invi! You are a beautiful moth!!
  14. It's giving me nightmares . . . even more than the hairless cat did. P.S. LOVE all the new emoticons!!!! There's one special one I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity to use . . . heh!
  15. Yes, this one IS growing up quite nicely! I noticed the increased depth, and how the marshmallow root was starting to exert more presence than before -- or maybe that's just the carnation deciding to share the stage. But what I REALLY noticed was how the intent is strengthening. I didn't have it on more than half a minute and I felt a surge of confidence, serenity, peacefulness, like all was well with the world and my little part of it. Simply lovely!
  16. Actually, it's a plus for me that the melon is sheer. Melon itself can be rather forward. I would not want to walk around smelling like an outdoor farmer's market.
  17. Darn you, Hearts! I thought I'd finally reached a stopping point on bottle buys this month. And now here you are with that awesome review, prodding me onward again. Your PE sounds swoon-worthy. As a sister foody-scent ho, I am off to the cart again!
  18. Ditto on the glazed lemon cake with a tiny strawberry drizzle-- this is simply scrumptious! But tamed, of course, by anchoring notes that keep it from soaring into hyperglycemic sweetness. Trust Mara to keep it safely grounded so we don't run around smelling like prepubescent boy-band groupies. This will be a fun one for summer shopping and afternoon gab fests around the pool. Huh. Guess I gotta go find me a boyfriend with a pool. "Smart, fun-loving female looking for serious, long-term relationship with an intelligent, warm, good-humored guy for hours of heart-to-heart conversations and long walks. Must have pool."
  19. Yes, you are oh so right, spoonki. Crisp, cold, chilled fall and winter air makes this scent come alive!
  20. Thanks! If it'll work on teen-aged boys, too, I'll owe Mrs. QG a dozen roses! ETA: Yowza! I'm a ceiling cat now! Watch it, all you floor mortals!
  21. Okay, BC -- I was on the fence about this one, but your wonderful review just pushed me over the edge into FB mode. Thank you for that great review!
  22. That sounds perfect, LV!!! Now I REALLY cannot wait for my bottle! (Glad the delicate nose hairs remain unmolested! And I am soooo going back and editing my prior post now that I'm sober)
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