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First Friday Party for December!

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Before Santa began to appear,
it was the great God Odin (with his long white beard)
who came around on his eight-legged flying horse each year!


Children would leave their boots by the door,
stuffed to the brim with food for his horse,
and Odin rewarded the considerate kiddies
by replacing the food with gifts and candy!




So, Odin stopped by the shop tonight and gave out candy to all the little kids and grownups too. It was such an honor to have him there, especially since you usually can only encounter him on December 21st, and that's only if you believe. I overheard him promise one person a racehorse and also heard him threaten to turn a child into a rodent. It was just about the funniest thing EVER, pure magic! I wish Odin could hang out with us every day, but y'know, he's a busy guy.




Look how delighted people are to have their picture taken with Odin! I imagine these will make beautiful holiday greeting cards for their families.








Odin with our Helper Elf - Jesse. Odin said to him, "At least I don't have to wrap presents like that other nitwit".




Jesse & Jennifer - Jenn snapped most of the pix this night, thank you, Jenn!




Mae, having an elfing good time.




Alexis and Jessica, making mischief.




I went for a frosty blue and white theme this year.




What's in the Cauldron?

3 gallons of whole milk

3 kinds of chocolate - lots and lots and lots

about half a jar of Folger's Coffee crystals

just under a gallon each of Kahlua and Bacardi Gold Rum.


(why did I think throwing a handful of marshmallows in there would make the picture look better?)




Is Odin taking a selfie?


More scenes from our magical night....



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No matter how many times I see it, I love that bar.


Looks like another fun night!

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