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Best phero for a wedding ?

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I'm going to be the makeup artist for my aunts wedding, I'm one of those females who gets along better with guys as working with women (even my own family) can end poorly.

Maybe it's my Saturn and Jupiter heavy natal chart, maybe it's my hormones, either way I'm going to leave that day on a very bad note and it's giving me terrible anxiety.


"social" Pheromones I own: MLH, TMI, CB, PM, and a sample vile of scented cougar


Please help I do t want my eyes scratched out by catty ass women ?

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I would vote for Treasured Hearts

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Really? I have a very domineering presence


I do too. Have had excellent results with TH when dealing with bristly women, especially family members.

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UPDATE: because I was short on time I ended up using equal amounts of TMI and cuddle bunny, the effects were AMAZING!!


All of my female relatives were not just accepting of my presence but chatty and friendly as well! All of the man folk I interacted with were the same way! It was a fantastic day! I definitely recommend this mix ??


Perfume I used to cover was ari by Ariana grande


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