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New Releases for January & February 2019 - PHEROTINE and The Vault!

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I just got home from snowboarding and my embarrassment of riches is here! I'm tired and dirty and overwhelmed with so many new scents. My man is too tired to smell his, but went thru women's samples real quick, without looking at any of the labels. He told me to start with Crema Delizia and Prisma first, big shocker. 


As as far as the unisex scents from the new collections go, it's Medium, Nox, and Oleander? I don't mean which of the men's that women can wear, I mean (besides those three,) which from the Vault and Women's can I say, "Here, this One's for you...." 

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Thanks, @luna65. I fear that it was Oleander that I got a bit of on my finger and kept feeling a need to huff. I wouldn't mind another SWS for myself! 

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