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Siren Song’s Blackberry Smoke


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SirenSong's Blackberry Smoke

Name by SirenSong, Label Image by AI
A purple haze of sweet and smokey berried inscense - blackberries and mulberry over dragon's blood, sandalwood, nag champa and sugar sweetened smokey woods.

So on me, this starts off with slightly tart blackberries, that’s about all I can discern, and it’s lovely. After a few minutes though the fruitiness completely disappears and it’s all just campfire smoke. I gave it to my mom though and on her this is just like the way Siren Song described her hope for how it would smell! It’s fruity and smooth and incense smokey and I think I can detect the nag champa also. It’s beautiful and even though she’s been washing her hands and using lotions I can still smell it when I walk close to her. So this didn’t work with *my* chemistry but it is an absolutely beautiful scent on my mom! I’m so glad I grabbed a bottle!🥰

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I really felt like I was in a headshop  the Haze really lasts . In fact i can still smell it on my clothes 2 days later, it’s very pleasant. I really got a lot of Blackberry for several hours. I’d like to explore and experiment with this one, maybe some herbs. I was thinking about something in the way of blackberry for a PE so I am very happy with this. 

 My complements to Siren Song and the Potion Master! 

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Going on, the blackberry is sweet and tart. It reminds me of those fruit gushers candies, with a burst of bright fruit. The smoky incense vibe helps to ground it, giving it complexity,  heft, and a tactileness. And, of course, smoothness from the sandalwood. I'm glad it's not patchouli,  but other incense scents. The dragon's blood matches well and the berry notes in turn bring out its fruitiness. It's really intriguing. The fruit is foremost for the first few hours, then fades as the deeper incense notes hang on. I don't pick up on the woods per se, but I think that's what lending it its smokiness.

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