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Mass Review (A-M)

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Updated 09/18/2010


This is a consolidated list of reviews for all the LPs I have tried. I have had to split my reviews, because my post was too big... For N-Z, click here.


Please keep in mind that this is just how these scents react with my chemistry. I would recommend reading the full reviews on these scents, don't just go with my experience.


  • 7 Minutes to Midnight This is a softer scent that demands you come close to smell it. It is very pretty and feminine, but not "perfumey". It is like a beautiful ball gown or a soft piece of lace gracing your skin. It is the scent that you would go to when you want that very soft, feminine subtle scent that enhances your natural glow.
  • 21st Century Venus (hoarding) Nice and light. Perfect balance of citrus, floral and spice.
  • 12th Night in New Orleans (bottle) It is very creamy and warm. The spices (allspice, cinnamon, clove) are the prominant notes on me. They sit on a faint cloud of patchouli and sugar. It is a wonderful blend with the different layers coming out throughout the day.
  • 976-Girl There is something in here that does not agree with my skin. It must be either the cardmom or ginger.
  • Allegro ~ Happiness Potion (hoarding) Definitely a happy scent. It gives me the feeling of a summer breeze. It is light and fruity, but not overpowerfully so. It didn't last long on me, but was still worth purchasing a full bottle.
  • Alzbeta There is something in here that disagrees with my nose. It has a sharp acrid note to it and smells kind of soapy. Here is another one that I am chalking up to chemistry. Please use other's reviews to make your decision. I am sure that this was not designed to smell like dishwasher soap, which is what it reminds me of on my skin (that sharp bleachy soapy smell).
  • Amber Enchantment Wet: sweet sugared berries with a hint of vanilla. The amber is in the background. Drydown: The berries still dominate on me with candied amber in the background. Nice.
  • Amber and Vanilla Orchids (Ajia's) The amber in this one is light. Almost like a white or pale yellow. The vanilla orchid is soft, powdery and pretty. It is a nice subtle floral.
  • Ambrosia's Roses (bottle) This is beautiful and soft. It smells like dried antique roses with a hint of sunny florals. It is like wearable potpourri. Beautiful and soft. It has great throw. So glad I got a bottle coming.
  • Ancient Goddess (Hailey's) This is fantastic. Dark and light at the same moment. Ancient, yet fresh. This is warm, sweet and dripping with yummy. The sandalwood is well aged, but not overpowering and the patch is to die for. It has a slightly spicy note to it, almost like it has some cinnamon in it - but it doesn't. It is the perfect way that the sandalwood and patch come together. When it dries down, it is warm and wonderful. The brown sugar keeps this one deep, for a spectacular twist. It smells ancient, like it was found in a clay jar in an ancient tomb or burial site. After about 20 minutes, it starts to settle into a soft cloud. It keeps it's main character throughout all of the stages, with just the edges shifting. Very long lasting with good throw, yet not overbearing.
  • Angel of Spring I liked this one OK. It was a nice floral, but did not strike me as one I have to have. A touch too green for my taste.
  • Anti-Piggy Wet, I smell apple and pear. It is yummy. After it dried down, the mint came out to play with an undertone of peach.
  • Aphrodisia EroticaThis one would be a really nice subtle scent for those who like honey. It turns slightly waxy on me, so I am not the best one to review this one.
  • Areion Skye This is very aquatic and makes me think of turquoise as a color. It has some citrus undercurrents to it, but not overpowering. It has a slightly sharper note to it that almost tickles the nose. Not in a bad way, it is just a slightly different experience. It makes me think of a morning sunrise.
  • Armed and Dangerous Wet: musk and bergamot with a sharp citrus note. Drydown: the citrus comes to the front after this dries down with a hint of vanilla. It makes me fell springy…
  • Ashes to Dust Very strong woody scent. Not necessarily a good fragrance for daily wear. Get for the magical intent.
  • Ashes to Dust II Wet: lemon and rose dominate this stage on me with a hint of clove. Drydown: This one was almost gone after 30 minutes. Just a hint left that smelled like lemon pledge.
  • Aura Armor (hoarding) love this scent! I have two bottles. I am about 1/4 of the way through my first bottle. Initially, it is a sweet green. The oakmoss and bamboo are definately there. After it dries down, the heather and sandalwood meld beautifully to create a soft feminine glow. The amber and vanilla definately give it some staying power. I have had this one for more than 5 hours and it is still lovely and full-bodied. The Oak Moss and Bamboo are no longer detectible, leaving it soft and pretty. As for intent... I had a plumber at my house all day fixing my frozen pipes that had burst in two places. He was pretty grumpy and negative when he arrived. Not very talkative or friendly. I was finding myself getting a little irritated and applied some of this in all of the normal spots. By the time that the plumber left, we were both in good spirits. He even smiled at me. No pheros used! Now, he still wasn't super friendly, but he also wasn't leaching my energy away from me. I think that my intact good spirits and positive energy may have rubbed off on him...
  • Autumn Lust I typically do not like to wear scents with real strong apple notes, they are too foody for me. However, I have recently discovered that 1/2 a trial vial in a hot bath makes a wonderful all over body scent that is perfect for bedtime! I am not sure if it is the dilution, the thin amount that is on my skin, or what... but it really helps tone down the apple. I smell delicious. It is a very subtle spiced cider. mmmmm...
  • Autumn Mist This one is watery and green. It smells like fresh rain in a field of flowers. There are several floral notes and some crisp notes. There might be some cucumber in here or something similar to give the crisp fresh feeling.
  • Aztec Moon I scored a bottle of this in a trade. It is not very fruity on me at all. What I get are the spices, resins and a hint of a spicier floral. It is a heavy scent when wet. Like thick night air, laden with the scents of the day. On dry down it is a softer dry spice. The sun rises and burns off the thick dew, leaving a dry breeze behind. I can smell what I think is chili powder in the background. Very subtle. I like this one.
  • Baby Drac's Olde Tyme Teething Formula This one is very similar to Dracula's Bakery. This has ginger in it, where the other does not. The cinnamon and allspice are also not as predominate in this one. The ginger really mellows this out. Sweet and edible without being too foody. I really like it. The spices are more creamy in this one. Delicately blended with the pumpkin and pureed together. Very nicely done!
  • Bacchanalia Wet - this is boozy fruitness. The grape came out the strongest on me initially. Reminded me of goblin goo for a minute, and then that faded into a melding of fruity booze. No musk yet. As it dried down, I kept getting whiffs of this yummy booziness coming from my wrist. I applied a spot 1/2 the size of a dime to my wrist and the throw was impeccable. Complete dry down (about 3 hours later): deep musk with a fruity layer. Almost dirty, but not dirt. Not quite sweaty either, but that is the feeling I get. At this stage, it is no longer sweet. It is smells "dried". I don't know how else to describe it. The throw is still a touch sweet and primarily fruity, but when you get close the dried sweat feel is there.
  • Backstage Pass I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. Peach and peony are hit and miss with my skin. Honey almost always turns into a small disaster. This is wonderfully complex. It is young, hip and sexy all at the same time. The sexy is not a deep sultry kind of sexy. It is a natural appeal like you would find in a budding teenage girl who is still innocent. Almost grown up, but still innocent. That is exactly how this one feels. Wants so bad to be an adult, pushing all of the boundaries. The honey stays sweet with no turning. YEAH!
  • Banishing Moon This one absolutely hates my skin. Lavender is not my friend. Very sad. I think I am going to save my sample to use as a ritual anointing oil for my candles.
  • Bayberry and Gold This one smelled too foody for my taste
  • Belladonna Brew, The This one is what bright yellow-blue smells like to me. It is a springy citrus floral that is beautifully done. Clean and sexy at the same time.
  • Beltane Very dark. On me, it was too incensy and smokey. It smelled great in the bottle.
  • Betrothal Potion A nice light floral. A little too light for my skin (it was gone in just over an hour), but beautiful none the less.
  • BFF something in it too sharp on my skin.
  • Black Candy This one is very powdery and soft on me. The violets are a little sharp underneath. But, my skin doesn't really like violets.
  • Blessed Sacrament Smelled good in the bottle and wet on the skin. As it dried, however, it smelled a little plastiky.
  • Blood Martini This one had a plastiky smell to it on me. I loved the raspberry when wet, and then it turned. I think it is the currants in this one that do not agree with me.
  • Blood Martini 2008 The rebrew is fantastic. The original version did not work well with my skin. I am not sure what is different, but this one works with me! Yeah! The raspberries are wonderful, the florals are thick and velvety and the spices and woods really blend nicely together on the drydown.
  • Blood on the Snow I get a very nice fruit scent. Not overly foody.
  • Blossom of Love This was a very light floral with a hint of fruit. Very subtle.
  • Boddice Ripper I love this! It is a SEXY scent for a man.
  • Body Paint This one just didn't do it for me. It is nice, just not my type of scent. It is a tad too fruity (berry) for me and the lavendar seems to amp this on me. It smells like it would make a fantastic bubble bath, but that is why it doesn't jump out at me. It smells like a bath product should smell.
  • Bosom Bows (bottle) This one is sweet and innocent. The dark musk and amber give it just a hint of naughty. Girls Night Out!
  • Boy Bait (Suki's) (hoarding) Sweet with just a layer of warm from the cinnamon as it dies down. A hint of honey for that sexy draw.
  • Bravado This is a very dark scent. The wood comes out strongest on me when wet. It has an incense type feel. I can smell the musk and amber after it dries down. It has a dry powdery undertone to it. Definitely a more masculine scent than some of the others I have. I am enjoying it.
  • Breaking the Ceiling The tea came out strongest on me. I have found that my skin tends to turn tea rancid. I tried covering this with several things to help counter the tea, but could not find anything in my collection that would help. I even tried sugared honeycomb... The tea really amped the phero smell, which was not a pleasant effect for my nose.
  • Brown Sugared Black Amber (Ann's) (bottle) The rick black amber comes out on the top with a syrupy brown sugar base. The amber is almost spicy. It is thick and has a luscious bite. It is a black silky sheer scarf that encircles your naked body on a hot summer night.
  • Brown Sugared & Spiced Orange Creamy Dream (Chris') Creamy orange. Reminds me of a summertime ice cream from the ice cream truck. Light and fresh, not very heavy at all. Perfect summer scent.
  • Bubble The first scent that comes out on me is the iris. I was surprised at how green it was initially. It is a spicy green floral. It is imporant to note that the spice is from the flowers, not from any resins or other "spicy" ingredients. It is a sharper green spice.
  • Bubblegum Robot my skin pulled the tea out of this one, it did not do well with me.
  • Buns of CinnI love cinnamon scents. I was very much looking forward to this one. It really does smell like a cinnamon bun. I enjoy it. Once it is thoroughly settled, however, the cinnamon is all that I smell. The other notes fade completely away. My skin naturally amps spices anyways, and that makes this a bit spicier than I like it.
  • Canary FaeryThe lemon grass is what comes out the strongest on me. It is a little overpowering and all that I can smell.
  • Candied Violets & Musk I am not a fan of the violet scents.
  • Candy Corn & Taffy (Gretel's) This one has to be shaken well. Don't judge it by the smell in the vial. I almost passed it by. I didn't like it at all. But, I told myself to do a small test just to make sure. I have found some gems that way. This one does have a waxy candy corn and taffy smell to it. It is not overly sweet, and there is definately a salty note to the taffy. It is very different. I almost smell cinnamon, but i don't think that is what it is. Nicely done.
  • Caramel Sutra I have to admit that I don't look at the notes at all when I review these so that I can give a straight and unbiased review. That said, this one is not at all floral to me. It is a chewier sweetness that has deep dark undertones. It is not, however, candy sweet. The sweetness isn't syrupy or too sticky, but more of a subtle and meatier sweetness. It definately has a smoky note to it. When it dries down, my skin seems to amp tobacco and smoke. I am not sure which one I am getting, but one of those is coming through. It is a more masculine scent that would work very well for a strong woman or a softer man. I say softer man because of the sweet aspect. This is not one that would make me think of a Harley ridin' kind of man, but more of a sultry pair of sexy jeans about to possibly hit the floor kind of man.
  • Carolyn's Vanilla, Sandalwood & Spice This is yummy. The sandalwood is dry and not as overpowering as I expected. The spice is warm. Not quite pumpkin pie spice, but yummy like that.
  • Carpe Noctum (hoarding) A nice base of spice and soft wood wrapped in a warm blanket of vanilla and musk. Very nice and soft.
  • Castle Walls (Ajia's) This one smells green and slightly herbal to me. As it dries, I can smell some floral sneaking in.
  • Caught in the Act This one is very interesting. The lemon is not as bright as I thought it would be. It is more like a whipped lemon topping type scent. It is very fruity and dirty at the same time. The musk lends a nice dirty undertone to it. Definitely not your normal fruity scents. I am typically not a fruity scent kind of gal, but I do like this one.
  • Celestial Lust Dust My skin does not like the tea notes
  • CFM Surprisingly, this one worked on my skin. I was not sure if it would because of the tea notes. The sandalwood and amber countered the acrid notes that the tea usually converts to on me.
  • Cheap Girls The honey and beeswax did not do well with my skin. It smelled really waxy. My skin tends to do this with strong honey scents.
  • Cherry Almondine (Kim's) This one smells just like Jergen's lotion. Wonderful!
  • Christmas Clove Cookie (bottle) This one surprised me. I expected a stronger clove scent. I also expected it to turn slightly waxy on me. Butter tends to do that on my skin. Much to my pleasure, this one had more vanilla than butter on my skin. Very nice and subtle with a bit of clove to catch your nose as I walk by. Just enough to turn heads as you exit the room, but not so much as to make everyone stare when you enter.
  • Classic Seduction Initially, the musk and rose were dominate on my skin. It was a little too sharp for me, which was surprising to me since rose generally does very well on my skin and I LOVE Musky Dusky Roses. I think it was the note that was aimed to be silk. As I aged, the other notes started to come out for me and the chocolate became predominate.
  • Cleopatra's Blend 2008 (bottle) Wonderful! Nice floral top note with a deep sensuous base.
  • Cocoa Fae (seamonkey's) (bottle) This is like a sweet hard chocolate candy, not like milk or dark chocolate. Yummy alone or a great way to add a hint of chocolate under any other LP. It wouldn't dominate. I mixed with Allegro, and it was just delicious. I don't typically like chocolate scents. While I don't think that I would wear this on it's own, it is light enough that I will definately use it to layer with other LPs.
  • Cocamama I am one of the rare individuals that really like green scents. This one is definitely a green and slightly earthy. It is green and subtly woody. When I smelled it in the vial, I wasn't sure that I would like it. I put it on my skin and it warmed right up. Liz did a wonderful job with this one.  It is fairly complex to my nose and I can't pick out any individual notes when it starts to dry down. It is soft and subtly sexy. It has a very earthy feel to it. I say feel, because it doesn't smell like your typical earthy scent.
  • Cocoa Sauvignon This one had too strong of a chocolate smell for my taste.
  • Come to Me This one was just OK on me.
  • Communication Potion (bottle) I really enjoyed the blend of florals and green in this one. Very soft, light and springy. It lasted much longer on my skin than I expected. It also had positive results in assisting with communication at a family gathering.
  • Constant Craving This one was yummy, but it didn't last. 30 minutes and I couldn't smell it any longer. So sad...
  • Couer de L'amour Wet, this one smelled very sharp to me. It must have been the wasabi & ginger. Now that it has dried down, I can smell a hint of floral and the faintest spice. Mostly, I smell the frankincense and woods. The amber is there, but very subtle. It is a different amber than is used in their sugared blend. The Treasured Hearts is covered well. It is a very light deep scent, if that makes sense. It is deep and has some nice staying power, but remains light at the same time. Hmmm, what can I relate this to... Excuse the chocolate reference to come, this has NO hint of chocolate in it - I am only trying to relate the deep and light comparison... It is like having a tan (1/2 the chocolate), 2% hot chocolate instead of a full-fat, full-chocolate one. It is not as rich and has a much lighter texture and flavor, yet it is still chocolaty and creamy.
  • Cougar 2009 The rebrew smells fantastic! Just as deliciously grapefruity as the original. :beggingpleasesmiley:
  • Crimson Black (hoarding) This one is wonderfully blended. I was not sure that the leather would work on me. The last two that I have tried with this note did not work with my chemistry. The musks and resins are perfectly dark and the roses are really mild on me. The leather gives just a hint of bite and the fruit is a sweet reminder that there is more to this than there appears to be. The notes merge together perfectly and the dry down is a soft secret whisper to come closer. Come on, lean in for the bite!
  • Cuddle Bunny II Very pretty floral. Light and soft.
  • Cuddle Bunny 2009 My skin amps the waterlily in this. It actually gave me a slight headache. Sometimes my skin chemistry just sucks…
  • Cupidity This is very fresh and light. I agree with the reviews so far. To me, this one feels like a pale green. Like a pale oolong tea (color, not scent). It has a nice crispness to it and would be a great scent for those days that you want to feel carefree or a great light scent for the open workplace (should you choose not to flaunt your LP passion). :love:
  • Dangerous Games The berry on this one is amped on me. It is a bright pinky red that fades to a purplish-blue deeper berry.
  • Dark Seductions Rich floral notes tempered with a deep amber base. Dries slightly powdery.
  • Dark Seductions II The last version of this one just didn't do it for me. This one, however, is fantastic. I am covered in samples and ran across this one and said "what is that one?" I love it. A surprise for me. It is dark and seductive. Floral and resin. Soft and hard. Fantastically done.
  • Dark Seductions III I was really not looking forward to this one. Both violet and lavender do poorly on my skin. This one, however, was soft and beautiful. Quite surprising and pleasing. Wonderful job ladies.
  • Dead Man's Float Too close to root beer for my taste. I don't tend to like scents that are too "foody"
  • Deliciously Wicked The chocolate is strong on me, but the honey and musk come out as it dries down.
  • Dirty Pretty Thing This is deeper than I expected. I little dark, yet light and airy. Like having the windows open on a hot summer night. The fruits and florals mesh nicely. I like it. Not a bottle grabber for me, but definitely nicely done.
  • Dirty Sexy (hoarding) The amber is strongest on me. It is spicy with a fruity background.
  • Dolly's Dark Side I was actually expecting this to be a little darker than it was. So, I turned away from the ingredients list and tried to forget the previous reviews. I sniffed it anew. What I get is a dark floral with a heavy sweet vanilla right after application. As it dries, the florals stay in the front, but the resins start to add some depth and the black musk starts to pull up and join the party. The violet stays prominant on me throughout all of the stages.
  • Down & Dirty This one made me think of a smokey piano bar. I could clearly smell the wisky and caramel with a deep base of spice and wood.
  • Drac's Pink Pumpkin Witch This is definitely pink. The spices in this one are the mildest of the three. The pumpkin is there, but hides behind the pink creamy topping. Wet, I wasn't sure if I would like this one. However, as it dried down the spices came forward more. The pumpkin is a dry pumpkin, not a wet sugary version. more like the pumpkin in soul food. I like this one very much.
  • Dracula's Bakery (bottle) Mmmm… This one smells fantastic. The allspice is predominate on me when wet. Sweet spicy goodness. As it dries, the pumpkin peeks out. The butter cream frosting and cinnamon make a late appearance and take the stage. This is delicious and edible. Fantastic creation.
  • Dragon, Phoenix, Pearl Tea does not do well on my skin
  • Dream Lover :) So sad for me... this one too was waxy on me. I think that I am going to set it aside and try it again at a later date.
  • Dreams of Avalon (bottle) Very green with a hint of floral
  • Eanie Meanie Miney The cinnamon in this is beautiful! It is slightly masculine, but not overly so. I love this. This is a great power scent and would be a good cover for any work scents (including the dominance phero).
  • Effervenscence Wet: sparkly! I can smell the guava and passion fruit with a little floral. Drydown: Still sparkly… I love the exotic fruits. They are still there in this stage. The spices are perfect, they are not "spicy" but complement the exotic fruit perfectly.
  • Egg This one did not agree with my skin
  • Egg 2009 (hoarding) I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I was not a fan of the last brew and was expecting not to like this one. This is rich, creamy, and yummy. The chocolate is yummy, but not overly foody. I am enjoying this.
  • Eggnog Riot (bottle) This smells identical to eggnog when wet. As it dries, the nutmeg and clove come out a little more. Once completely dry, it is a very creamy vanilla with a subtle hint of clove and nutmeg.
  • Ego Boostier I don't know if it is the Wisteria or the Magnolia, but one of them turns on my skin. It is all I can smell. That and the strong waxy undertone from the honey. Damn my skin!
  • Elan Vitale! This is a fun scent. The color this evokes in my mind is a peachy red that sparkles. It is bright and shiney. The grapefruit gives it that extra smile in a bottle, but is not overwhelming. There is just enough sweetness to tone down the sharper angles and make this a "rounder" scent. It makes me think of popsicles in the summer sun. Cooling down after a hot day, but still glowing.
  • Elevation Potion Based on the description of the notes, I didn't think that I was going to like this one. Tea does not usually work on my skin. This one keeps drawing me back, however. This is my favorite scent this month. I really like it. It is light and has a very nice musky note to it. It is a sweet vanilla musk. I really love it. It is perfect.
  • Empress of Persica This peach is soft. Not ripe and juicy. This like soft peach fuzz, but not at all powdery. It is a beautiful scent.
  • English Tea (Lorelei's) This is very nice. It is very similar to one of the Bulgari tea scents.
  • Essence of Luck This one is a little to light and floral for me. If you enjoy barely there florals with some staying power, this is a good one for you.
  • Eternal Chain This one smells very fruity on me when wet. I don't have the ingredients handy as I write this, but it is a crisper fruit note (not a citrus or berry note). It's not juicy either. It is crisp and yet warm at the same time. As it dries, the fruits meld into a soft cushiony background for the rest of the notes. It becomes a soft and inviting scent that beckons you to come closer and yet dares you at the same time. It is a pull and a subtle warning. "Be careful" it whispers in your ear as it pulls you in closer… Hinting that once you are drawn in, you might not be able to escape.
  • Eve's Temptation Nope. Not for me. All I get is cloyingly sweet fruit. I smell like a fruit salad specializing in ripe red apples.
  • Everything Nice I lucked out and got this sample in a trade. When I first tried it out, I did not like it. There was something in the spice that I did not like. I set it aside to try on a day when I would remember to go back and sniff it again on dry-down. Today was that day. I am soooo glad I tried it again. I really like it after it settles down. It is not too sweet and not too spicy. There is some really nice depth to it and the brown sugar is just yummy.
  • Evil In Carnation This is a wonderful spicy floral. By spicy, I mean the natural peppery spice of carnation - not added spices. It draws you in with the innocent floral and then you get a whiff of the dark undertones. Very beautiful.
  • Eye of the StormI love this one! Soft and green. Subtle. I don't know how else to describe it. It is very feminine. The title is perfect. It is calm and yet shimmers with hidden power.
  • Fairest This is definitely pink! Sweet with a hint of grapefruit. I also smell a hint of strawberry. I also get the feel of white chocolate, although I don't think this has any.
  • Fairy Lure The lemon and orange came out first when wet. After it died down, the creamy vanilla came forward with the softest hint of apricot.
  • Fairy Massacre Perfume A nice light floral. A little too light for my skin (it was gone in just over an hour), but beautiful none the less.
  • Fallen Angel No cake on me either. Fooey! I do get a sticky sweet plastic, like the leftover icing container.
  • Fayha Probably not the best thing to say in a review, but when I put this on my skin it smells like exactly like diaper cream. As it dries, it softens a little and becomes a little more "perfumy," but still has that odd diaper cream undertone. There is something in here that obviously does not work with my chemistry and I would highly recommend that you look at the reviews of others before deciding on this.
  • Fear (Hess' House of Scents) (bottle) I definitely get the bamboo and musk. The Oak Moss is heady when wet, but softens up quite a bit. This is definitely green and sharp. It is heady and subtle at the same time. An unusal blend. I like it. I feel the citrus note both when wet and when dry. This dries to an almost powdery soft green. Very nice.
  • Feral This one is lemony on me in an herbal kind of way. I am sure that is the vetiver. It is very pretty and soft, however, it doesn't "wow" me.
  • Fest of Fools This one was a bit too fruity for me.
  • Figgin' Awesome (Christine's) This is delicious! Wet: The sweet figs and raspberries are sauted in a warm brown sugar and vanilla sauce. The honey adds the perfect warm sexy zest. A hint of dark chocolate whispers around the edges, just barely there. After it dries, the fruit has softened quite a bit. It is like vanilla honey with a hint of fig. Super sexy! Those that like honey, will love this one! This would also make a great phero cover...
  • Flapper This one did not agree with my skin
  • Flower & Flame One of the florals in here does not agree with me. It gives me a raging headache. How unfortunate. I think that I can smell chili powder, which is pretty cool. Other than the headache, I really like this one.
  • Flower of the Beast This is interesting and yummy. It is floral, fruity and almost spicy at the same time. It is surprisingly light. The snap dragon is very pretty and subtle. You can smell the dragon's blood, but it is not overpowering. There is something spicy in here, but it is in the background. There is also a hint of smoke, but also subtle. It is like all of the notes are melded together and sit in the background, wafting in and out. They take turns coming forward as the scent dries and changes with time. Not quite floral, not quite fruity. Somewhere in between. Definately a lighter scent. Not quite springy, but bordering on wanting to be. And not full bodied, as a winter or fall scent should be. It is transitioning from winter to spring...
  • Flower of Venus This is misty, but not aquatic. I totally get the smell of heat that TG is referring to. I wonder if it is the blue musk. It almost smells like a floral insence. Not in a bad way, it just smells vintage. Very nicely blended. It is not an overpowering floral. Those non-floral people just might be surprised by this one. It also has a tinge of a green note in it. Fresh picked pansies, I think that is what I am getting there. The green is from the juices falling off the stem. This note is only there when wet. It disappears after it dries down.
  • Focus Pocus I will start here by saying that I love the unscented focus potion. I have it added to several of my scents as an add-on and it totally works. I love wearing it to work when I have deadlines hanging over my head. I really am able to focus and "get 'er done." So for the phero portion of this scent, it rocks. OK, so for the scent of this… It doesn't overwhelm or underwhelm me. It isn't one that I love, but I also don't dislike it. It has a hint of citrus, yet also feels like it has a hint of mint. So, it is warm and cool at the same time. Balanced. Very good given the purpose. It is nice and undistracting, which might be good if you are trying to focus (you won't be busy huffing yourself). For the intent, it is a great scent that doesn't attract a lot of attention one way or another. When you need to really focus on a deadline or project and not be bothered, this may be just what you need; a scent that is nice, balanced and unassuming.
  • Forever After The daffodil comes out strong on me. It is very sunny. This one reminds me a lot of Sun Catcher (I'm sure it is the daffodil).
  • Fortune Cookie The tea did not like me. It smelled wonderful in the bottle and did not agree with me.
  • Freya's Flirtation Potion Too woody for me.
  • Frog The bamboo and waterlily come forward too strong on me. Any type of lily tends to overpower the entire fragrance when I wear it. Lily and tea are both notes that my chemistry just does not work well with. This one actually starts to smell like an unscented phero on me after about 5 minutes. not good.
  • Frosted Mulberry, Cranberry and Plum This one was sweet and fruity. Not too foody. This reminded me of a yummy christmas candle. A little too much for me to use for everyday wear, but a perfect addition to my bath!
  • G-String Wet: all I smell is the honey. As it Dries: The smoke and musks start to come out. Very interesting. Sexy. Oh, here comes the pear. Delicious and juicy. Not quite pear, but fruity. Darn it, just as I was beginning to think this one would work, the honey starts to wax up on me. Me and those darn honey scents. We have a love/hate relationship. I love them, they hate me...
  • Gardenia Oriental (Ajia's) Mmmm… This one is unique. When wet, I get strong cardamom with subtle gardenia. As it dries, the cardamom calms down and sweetens up quite a bit. The gardenia stays subtle and provides a nice balance to the spice. After about 20 minutes, the myrrh starts to peek through in slow waves. Very nice.
  • Garland & Lace I love the spices in this one. They are perfectly amped on my skin. mmmmmm.... I agree with Luna, someone can stuff my stocking... :witchnaner: I can smell the hint of apple poking through after it dries down. mmmm....
  • Get StuffedThis is just wrong... It totally smells like peas and meat...
  • Goblin Market: Chapter 1 While it doesn't state it as an ingredient, I can smell a touch of rose beneath the fruit.
  • Goblin Market: Chapter 2 ~ Seduction This was too fruity for my taste.
  • Goblin Market: Chapter 3 This one has the fruit of chapter 2 with some green and dark notes in it.
  • Goblin Goo The grape and peach are strongest on me. My skin did not agree with the grape (very acidic smelling on me).
  • Gothic XMas This one is wonderfully complex. I can smell the amber, fig and buttered rum. There is also a wonderful sweetness and just a hint of tart in the background. I can tell the green is there, but it is not at all what I thought it would be when I read that there was fir in it. The green is very subtle and yummy.
  • Groupie Oh, I like this one! There is a note in here that I am in love with. I don't recognize it, so it must be the Karo Karounde. I don't even know how to describe this one other than loose and sexy. This smells like dirty sex if you throw in some sweet floral massage oil. Now that it has dried, the floral comes out a little more. It is a deeper floral, if that makes any sense. It plays into the dirty, sexy smell. It is a very feminine scent. Hot girl on a motorcycle in leather and high heels kind of girly. Very feminine in a bad-girl kind of way.
  • Guilded Gardenia (Jo Anna's) (bottle) Oooohhh, this one is wonderful. This is the first gardenia that I have tried that doesn't give me a raging headache. I was leery about the honey, since it does funky things with my skin. The honey is VERY subtle, which is wonderful. Just enough to perfectly complement the vanilla and warm it up.
  • Halloween Moon (hoarding) Wet - a hint of pumpkin (i agree with the "dry" description), clove and cinnamon. After it dries down, the pumpkin moves to the back and the clove tones down. The musk and the nutmeg come to the front in a soft wave without any powder. This is a soft creamy pumpkin with a really nice amount of spice. It is not foody at all, nor does it have that pumpkin pie type smell. The true pumpkin sits on top of a pillowy sweet creamy musk. The spices are lightly sprinkled on top and are not overly done. It has matured well!
  • Hallowtide The apple was strongest on me. Too fruity for my taste.
  • Hamantaschen The apple is strong in this one on me. Apple tends to dominate on my skin if it is an ingredient. I can also smell the vanilla and cardamom. After a few minutes, the apricot and peaches start to come forward. Very fruity. nice.
  • Happily Ever After (Floh's) Wet, Cherry Almond. As it dried, it changes and becomes more complex. The different ingredients come out in waves.
  • Happy Water I definately smell the bitter orange blossoms and ginger. The daffodil and jasmine also come out on me after about 10 minutes. It is a very pretty and soft floral. I enjoy this one.
  • Hathor: Creation Potion Wet, I can smell the barley. As it dries, the honey, almond and Myrrh come out. There is something else in here that I really like after it dries down. I can't quite place it, but it is yummy.
  • Heart of Fire This is a wonderfully warm scent. On me it is softer and not as firey as the other reviews are describing. On me, it is more warm and inviting. Like snuggling in a warm blanket next to a fireplace.
  • Heart of Kapet This is a deep warm scent. Slightly incensy. Makes a wonderful bath oil mixed with Miasma.
  • Heartland I didn't like this one. It was too dry and grainy
  • Hecate's Night Potion I really like this one, but something in it gives me a headache. It is a very rich warm and woody floral. Heavy and intoxicating.
  • Hera's Eye The lime did not agree with my skin.
  • Hexen Tea does not do well on my skin. It also turned very soapy on me.
  • His4Her The wood notes come out strongest on me when wet. The rum is a little lighter. The musks are nice and deep. When it dries down, this is like something that you would find on his shirt that he left over at your place. There is an underlayer of something sweet and soft. I would agree with the sweet skin reference.
  • Holle This one was nice, but did not last long on me. I could definitely smell the fig.
  • Hoodoo U Love This smells woody and green. Soft floral notes temper the wood. This was wonderful on me wet. As it dried, there was something in the floral notes that did not agree with my chemistry.
  • Honey Ho Strong honey scents do not like my skin. To me, this smells exactly like Phero Girl without the pheros. A strong waxy overpowering honey. But, you should understand that all strong honey scents do this on my skin. The dark honey notes are amped and drown out everything else. Check out other's reviews of this one before deciding. Added note: I put this on next to Tahitian Temptress and after they both dried down the scents melded and smelled pretty good together. I still got the really waxy undertone from the honey and am not likely to get this myself, but I wanted to note it for others – good combo.
  • Honeyed Fruit Blossoms (Shelly B's) This one is interesting. When wet, it was in your face floral. Wrinkly nose. Knowing LPs need to sit, I let it dry and focused on other exposed skin for a while. When I came back it was wonderful! Very sunny. The orange blossoms were the dominate note on me with the grapefruit giving it a little zest. The honey was subtle, which was nice.
  • Honeyed Seductions The violet is beautiful. The ambers and vanilla come out strongest. Slight plastic smell wet (I think honey does that one me), but dried down nice.
  • Honeyed Amber & Musk I am normally not one that does well with honey. Actually, it usually amps to a sickly sweet and then turns waxy on me. This one, however, is perfectly done. I like it.
  • Honeyed Sin (Adrienne's) This one did the weird honey thing on me. Not a chemistry match.
  • Honeyed Sandalwood & Vanilla (Jo Anna's) honey does not do well on me when it is a primary ingredient. It turns very waxy. This one just didn't work for me, as much as I love the idea.
  • Honeysuckle, Earth & Peach (Erin's) The honeysuckle is dominant on me. The peach is in the background, but still slightly juicy. All of this is tempered with a dirty shadow of goodness.
  • Hot Chick The mint does not come out on me at all. All I get is the sweet rose with a faint touch of spice. Very subtle. This would be perfect for blending with an unscented bubble bath base.
  • Hot Treacle Trollop (Adrienne's) smells like hot dry cinnamon. Like throwing cinnamon over an open flame. Very dry. The patchouli is also very dry, like hot crispy resin. It makes me feel parched and like I need to take off all of my clothes just smelling it. It smells like how Hot Damn (the alcohol) tastes mixed with a dry patchouli. The maple and brown sugar even it out and ground it just enough. It is sweet, but in a dry kind of way. Like the brown sugar was left out to dry and harden and the maple is more like dry crisp maple leaves rather than a thick syrup.
  • Hotness Personified Wet, the pineapple was dominant on me. I could smell sweet berries, but didn't get any of the other notes. Now that it has dried down for 15 minutes or so, I get a soft creamy blend that would be a really yummy blended drink! The pineapple is still dominate, but subtle at the same time. The berries are there, but not consistently. They waft in and out. The coconut cream is pretty steady in the background and the musk offers the perfect amount of powdery sex appeal just around the edges. Very nice. Grown up and girly all at the same time. For those concerned about the fruit, this is not too foody at all. I usually steer clear of fruity scents (except for my bath or for an oil warmer), and I really like this one.
  • Hotter than Hell The hot peach in this is a lot milder than I expected. This is yummy. The pepper and spices are just perfect.
  • Hoyden Wet - this smells exactly like the bottoms my pant legs when I have been hiking in the early summer after a light rain. I am hiking on a narrow trail, the grass and flowers that overhang on the trail are still damp. My legs brus against the flora and fauna, my feet trampling some as I go along. The juices are captured on my cuffs that hang just barely above the ground. This smells like spring!As it dries down, the grass notes sink back a little, but just a little. That note smells more like the stems of fresh picked dandelions than grass now. This is the perfect pick-me-up scent when I am longing for spring. The peach is there, but very very subtle. I expected it to be more dominate on my skin, but it is more like the scent of ripe peach skin than the juices of the peach. Very beautiful and subtle.
  • Hummingbird Nectar This is sweet and fruity. The florals add just enough to keep this from being foody. I love the honeysuckle, which helps to balance the peach nectar during the really syrupy wet stage. As it dries, the other florals and nectarine start to peek out. This is definately a great scent for the tweens and teens. This is almost grown-up, but still syrupy enough to be young.
  • I Don't Know, but it's green... This is sparkly! I can smell the lime and the hint of chocolate. It has a margharita feel to it, but not quite that. It definately has a boozy note, but not the typical boozy that you find in the other LPs. This reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on... It is something that I used to sell when I worked at the perfume counter at Nordstrom... It smells like there might be a hint of vanilla to this. Something is warming it up. I really like it.
  • Immortal Beauty (bottle) Beautiful. Surprised me by not smelling "fruity". Very well blended for a nice light floral with a hint of fruit that is slightly deepend by the spices
  • In the Lap of the Queen (bottle) My skin really pulled out the cedar in this. It was too sharp for my taste initially and then dies to a soft floral with a hint of cedar. After about 30 minutes, the amber started to come out.
  • In the Mood too pungent for me. Not sure what it was, but it turned on my skin.
  • Insight Potion (bottle) wet, I smell the nuts and berries. As it dries, I can smell the floral coming forward. It is a fairly complex scent that develops over time. It's like peeling an onion. The almond stayed with me the longest. After about 20 minutes the frank and myrrh come out to the front.
  • Jazzy M&M (Christine's) This was a custom sugared that I had made. I think they only made the one bottle for me, so I felt special. . It has night blooming jasmine as the main note in it. I can't remember what I asked for as the other two notes… If you are interested, let me know and I'll pull my old invoice and find out… This is a very soft and pretty green floral. It makes me feel girly and pretty, but isn't the typical cloying floral. It is very soft and subtle. If I had to describe this as an image, it would be a picture very pretty girl in her Sunday best that has the edges softened and pulled in. The image is oval and the colors are softened and muted. It is the picture of innocence. That is what this scent is for me, childhood innocence playing on the edges of my femininity.
  • Jewel of the Regency (bottle) I like this one. The rose is perfect and the neroli adds the perfect touch of sweet and bitter. It is a light scent that draws you near to smell it.
  • Jouix De OK. Be warned – chemical disaster with my skin. This smelled like mothballs. Horrible perfume scent, let me tell you. DO NOT use my review in making your decision. I can guarantee you this was not designed to smell like mothballs and you should check out what others had to say about it.
  • Jungle Colada The strawberry in this one is a candy-type strawberry, not a fresh juicy one. The strawberry is the dominate note on my, as it seems to be on others as well. The coconut is subtle and the other fruits are nicely blended and waft in and out. Very fruity. I am not really a fruity person, so this one is not one that I will keep around. However, for those that love fruity scents this is a good one.
  • Just a Little Naughty (bottle) The jasmine is beautiful and gentle. This has a yummy vanilla sweetness and drys to a beautiful soft scent. This is the perfect balance of sweetness, floral and musk.
  • Justice Potion a little too green for me
  • Kingdom of Dreams Nice floral with a foundation of green. Long lasting.
  • Kittenish very peachy
  • La Belle Reveuse My skin does not do well with lavender. That is all I can smell in this scent on my skin. On me, it turns to a very sharp green lavender note. Not the soft lavender that I smell when someone else wears it. If you love lavender and it works for you, this is likely a good one for you to try.
  • La Boom The chocolate is too strong for me. The raspberry is nice, but is in the rear.
  • La Fleur Cremeus (bottle) Wet, this was icing sweet. As it dried down, it became very ... don't know how to describe it ... cozy?It is pretty sweet and foody going on, but it dries into a soft pillow of yumminess. It smells like breakfast in bed. The rose is on your tray, along with a wonderfully yummy pastry with a warm gooey filling. It makes me think of rose scented silk sheets (although it smells nothing like silk or linen, it is just how it feels). This is a wonderful new night time scent for me. It is very closely held when it dries. Almost requiring snuggling to smell the delicious sweetness caressing your skin.
  • La Vie De Boheme (Men) My husband said this one was too fruity for him.
  • La Vie De Boheme (Women) The coffee is too strong in this one for me. I think I need to let it age and see what happens
  • Lady Casanova (bottle) This one is a nice floral. The tea does not come out too strong on me until about an hour into wearing. I have to layer something else at that point.
  • Last Breath of Summer The lily of the valley and blood orange came out the strongest on me and did not make for a very welcoming combo on my skin. It smelled like Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner.
  • Lava Rain This is a very sensuous scent that has a hint of dirty. That comes from the tobacco, I think. It is not overpowering, like I thought that it would be. The word I think of when I smell it is seductive. The musk is soft, mild and sexy. The water notes leave it smelling slightly wet even after dry down. The resins are softer than I expected. It is very nice and sensuous. Not at all overpowering.
  • Le Sommeil Des Anges I like this one. It is relaxing and yet sweet and inviting. The apple blossom adds just enough mystery to make this a great daytime scent as well.
  • Liberty Bell Wet - just like warm apple pie. Gooey and spicy with a soft apple.
  • Linnea Quigley's RABID Very dirty smelling with a background of faint floral. It is a wonderful layering tool to temper strong florals.
  • Linnea Quigley's Summer of Sin Makes me feel like the carribean!
  • Lioness This was an interesting combo. The wood and tobacco came out strongest on my skin, making it a little too "woody" for me.
  • Liquid Fluorite This one reminds me a lot of Century 21 Venus, which I LOVE. It is liquid sunshine in a bottle, except that it is blue. It definately feels blue, but it is like blue glitter and not bummed out blue. It is definately a great scent for work or for during the day. It is bright, fresh and crisp all at the same time. I great scent to head into fall with to remind you that life still sparkles.
  • Liquid Magix This is much more subtle than I expected. Wonderful. The spices are mild and not overbearing at all. I usually amp both cinnamon and cardamom, but both are nice and subtle. The vanilla is not foody or creamy at all. It is in the background just wafting around. Almost green, but not quite. If vanilla could be a flower, that is what it is here. It is blended beautifully with the benzoin and ambergris. This is a very close scent. It still has some throw, but it is faint. Like you are smelling someone's shampoo and not their scent. Wonderfully blended. So glad I got a full bottle of this.
  • Little Goth Girl Next Door As much as I like this one, it gave me a headache. I think it is the linen accord that doesn't like me.
  • Liz's Sugared Dark Patchouli and Rose Otto (bottle) Beautiful combo of patchouli and rose. The rose comes out stronger on me with a subtle sweet patchouli background.
  • Loco En La LunaAs much as I was looking forward to this one, there is something in it that tweaks on my skin. I love the full moon and the ingredients looked fantastic. I am not sure which one (or combo) it is, but I get a really sharp bite that tickles my nose. I waited for 20 minutes for it to fully mature, and that bite stays there the whole time. Sooo sad.
  • Lolita's Kiss For me, the passion flowers came out on top with very little fruit. It dries into a very sexy resinous honey with the faintest hint of floral in the background. I enjoy it. I layered it with Plenty - FANTASTIC.
  • Love at First Bite The currant, vanilla and amber are the dominante notes on me. It is very pretty and almost like a sweet floral. It almost smells like it has carnation in it, althought I don't think it does. The chocolate is very subtle and hardly noticible on my skin. My overall impression after drydown is a mouthwatering hard candy that is not overly sweet.
  • Love Potion #9 This one is the only one that I have come across that "feels" like a store bought fragrance. "perfumy"
  • Love Potion Three (women's) This one was nice, but turned too powdery on me.
  • Love Potion: 11 This is a really nice spring floral with a hint of fruit. There is a soft musky/amber undertone.
  • Love Potion: Autumnal Equinox 2007 This is warm and yummy. I can smell the cinnamon and a hint of dried apple.
  • Love Potion: Autumnal Equinox 2008 (hoarding) The vanilla and amber come out strong in this one. I really like it. Soft and spicy. When I first put it on, I could smell the vanilla, pumpkin, corn and cinnamon. After it dried down, the resins really started to come out nicely. Now, several hours later, the amber and myrrh are very nice. There is a hint of waxy undertones for me, and I attribute that to the butter. This one I am able to wear for about 6 hours before that waxy undertone starts to really come forward. By then, the rest of the scent has faded enough that I can just slap on something new for the afternoon. Don't let the Corn and Acorn fool you. They don't smell "weird" at all. They add a nice crispness. This scent is really wonderful!
  • Love Potion: Autumnal Equinox 2009 This one is complicated to my nose. I can smell the standard LP notes floating in and out of the additional fall notes. The apricot in this one is very subtle, just barely noticeable. This is not overly spicy, not overly fruity. It is a not a moist or juicy scent, nor is it dry. It is like fall leaves that have just fallen from the tree, just beginning to dry out, but still pliable. As it dries on me, it starts to develop a slightly waxy note.
  • Love Potion: Black (Bottle) Absolutely LOVE. One of my favorites
  • Love Potion: GREEN (hoarding) A slight green add to the regular LP. Nice and subtle
  • Love Potion: Original (bottle) A nice blend of spice and floral. A very balanced blend with a hint of fruit just barely peeking out every now and then.
  • Love Potion: Passion & Desire This is a super sexy combo! I love it! Red & Black. I totally get the cinnamon and deep resins. mmmmmmmmmm... there aren't enough m's for the mmmmmmm...
  • Love Potion: Pink After it dries down, I get a wonderful vanilla and amber with pink sugar. There is the faintest hint of apricot.
  • Love Potion: Pink 2009 There is something in here that my skin does not like. It is very sharp and almost acrid. I think it might be one of the berries. So sad. Some pink scents do this one me.
  • Love Potion: Red Wonderful and warm.
  • Love Potion: Silver This one is shiny! It is bright and cool at the same time. The perfect capture of a starlight's twinkle. Very nicely done.
  • Love Potion: Spring Equinox 2007 The lily was dominate on me, as it usually is. Once it died down some, the sweet pea started to come out. Nice and soft bouquet with a subtle hint of greenery in the back.
  • Love Potion: Spring Equinox 2009 This is quite pretty. The florals are nicely tempered by the vanilla and patchouli. I can smell the apricot and amber come out to play, but ever so slightly. The prominent floral on me is the sweet pea.
  • Love Potion: Summer Solstice 2008 When wet the melon is a little overwhelming on me. As it dries, the vanilla and amber come forward. It turns to a soft fruity scent with a warm background. Makes me think of a warm summers day at the farmers market.
    Fully dry, a little plastiky.
  • Love Potion: Summer Solstice 2009 OMG - this is purple! The color popped immediately into my head. It is not overwhelmingly grape, it is just purple. The berries and cream temper the grape and make it a smooth blend. This is probably one of the few fruity scents that I really like. It is not too foody or to fruity, but has a nice fruity undertone to it. Very nicely done!
  • Love Potion: Winter Solstice 2008 smells too plastiky on me
  • Love Potion: Winter Solstice 2009 (bottle) Wet: Cocoa, vanilla and woods. Drydown: There is the vanilla and amber. The wood has calmed down significantly. The peach and apricot start to peek out just slightly. The patchouli is barely noticable, just enough to add some depth…
  • Love Salad This is a wonderful fruity scent. I am not a big fan of smelling fruity, so this one is not for me. Fruity scents make me think of my mom's house when I was growing up. She always had a variety of fruit scented potpourri around the house. For me, this is relaxing and homey. This one is very nicely done. Not overwhelmingly sweet, not to foody. It is a very bright summer fruit based scent that makes me think of sunshine
  • Lover's Reunion 2008 Wet: daisy and daffodil with a hint of lemon verbena. I can also smell the ivy peeking through. As it dries, the spice of the carnation starts to come to the front . This one dries in "waves" with different notes coming forward at different stages. The fruits come in and out at different stages. The carnation stays with me through most of the stages. Complex and very pretty.
  • Lunantishee This is a fruity floral that has some staying power. I can't quite put my finger on the ingredients in this. I can smell some sort of fruit, but am unable to identify what it is. There is a little rose in the background that comes out after about 15 minutes or so. if you like florals, you will love this one.
  • Manifestation Potion + TAF (bottle) soft gardenia, very nice
  • Mapacho I loved this one. I do get slightly smokey. I get a hint of tobacco. It is yummy and slightly masculine, but not too much.
  • Marley's Ghost I can't quite put my finger on the notes in here. There is something that smells old. Like dust in the moonlight. I can't describe the notes, but I love it.
  • May Day (bottle) I was pleasantly surprised to have fallen in love with this one. I am so glad I ordered a full bottle. This is beautiful! Floral with just a hint of fruit (but not too strong) and a nice green undercurrant. Not green, but a green undercurrant. It also has a slightly deeper feel, which is probably from the wood and nuts. I was expecting the violet to really turn on me, luckily it is an extremely subtle note on me in this blend. The tranquility potion is fantastic. I wore this when I was having a really rough day and it totally turned my mood around. :) .
  • Me, Jane I feel like a day at the beach! Yummy.
  • Medium (bottle) This one is dark and deep with a light dusting of floral. Very nice. Dries down soft, but not too powdery.
  • Mercury Retro Naught 2009 I am sooooo excited that this one is finally back! It is surprisingly soft. A great subtle support for the craziness that surrounds us during Mercury Retrograde, reminding us to see the sweetness in our experiences. It is green, but not green. Soft, yet sharp. Edgy, yet well rounded. Perfectly balanced.
  • Mermaids of Atlantis I scored a swipe of this from Jo Anna when I was at her house tonight. Wet, the mango was strongest on me. although, it smelled more melony than like mango. I didn't really like it. However, after i got home and started sniffing (about 2 hours after application), I get a beautiful soft magnolia and a slight waft of gardenia. The coconut is very faint, barely there. It was surprisingly soft and feminine. No hint of the fruit left. I enjoyed it.
  • Miasma Beautiful floral.
  • Midnight Garden (Ivory Pixie's) (bottle) This is far more beautiful than I expected. Wet, it is a sweet syrupy floral. As it dries down, it lightens up. I expected the lily to be overpowering, which is easy to do with this one. It is beautifully melded with the other florals and not dominating at all. I am getting a bottle. I can't even describe the complex beauty after this dries down.
  • Mielihyva Wet: fresh blueberries and grapefruit. Crisp and juicy at the same time. Drydown: This smells exactly like a scented eraser without the waxy note. It makes me feel like a kid. It is nice and light and would be a perfect "first perfume" for a tween.
  • Mistress Christmas I smell spiced baked pears. delicious.
  • Money Honey This is bright. The grapefruit is the strongest note on me when wet. The patchouli then comes in and deepens the scent. As it dries, much of that "twang" that is typical of a bright grapefruit note goes away. I think it is the patchouli tempering it. The honey sweetens it up nicely. Those that like Cougar Scented will probably like this one.
  • Moon Goddes: Isis (bottle) All I can say is YUM. If you like amber, you will like this one.
  • Morning of Glory Sunny and floral. Those that like Sun Catcher will really like this one. The daffodil was the strongest note on me throughout the different phases. Bright, floral and slightly green. The Frank & Myrrh add a nice depth to the scent, helping with the staying power. The bamboo gives it a gentle green watery note that helps to temper the strong florals. Give this one a minute to die down. The florals were a touch strong when I first applied, but it takes a minute for the bamboo, frank and myrrh to pop in and pull the the florals back down a notch.
  • Morrocan Nights Wet, this was sweet, syrupy and fruity, yet distinctively exotic. There is some sweet spice in here (cardamom?). I can smell the pear and fig coming in and out and get the feel of spiced apple. The violet is peppery, yet soft. As it dries, the violets start to come out nicely. When completely dry, it is an almost intoxicating floral. Like being surrounded by violets on a hot, humid summer night. The scent clings to you and the hint of exotic fruit and spiced liquor from a shared dessert clings to your lover's breath. The two mingle as you close in for the kiss. Very sexy, in a subtle way.
  • Mother ShipOn me, this smells slightly like lemon cookies. scrumptious.
  • Mummy Chunks smells just like a warm chocolate chip cookie
  • Mummy Stuffing When I first put this on, I got a heavy linen smell that I did not like. After about 5 minutes, that dies down to a warm spice. I love it. The linen is still there at the back, but not as sharp as it was initially. Cinnamon always does well on me, and this one is no exception.
  • Music of the Spheres (bottle) This one is wonderfully complex. I can smell some sort of mint underneath it all. I love the spikenard! It starts out dark and woodsy with some thick green, and then it dries down to a beautifully sweet silken gold (if I could describe it as a color, it would be a deep golden amber). It is soft with a hint of powder, but even that is very subtle. It makes me think of a day in a forest. The morning starts out dark, cool and crisp with a light fog brushing the ground. As the sun rises and warms the air, the sweet smells of the forest start to come alive and intermingle. By mid-day, the shadows are gone and the sweet smells tease the senses. As the day winds down and the sun sets into the distance, the sky turns a deep golden color and the sweet smells start to dissipate as the fog starts to settle in for the night.
  • Musk in the (Pixie) Dust (Seamonkey) (hoarding) I love this one! I captured two bottles before it was sold out. It is a beautiful cotton candy with a soft sweet musk. It makes me think of the state fair. The cotton candy is not an in-your-face sickly sweet. It is more like the smell of soft pink fluffy cotton candy wafting through the air as you walk by the kiosk/stand at the fair. The musk is beautiful and soft. This is perfectly blended and balanced. It is a wonderful layering scent. My favorite combo is this and Aura Armor. It makes me feel safe, happy and warm inside. Like snuggling inside a cozy blanket in front of a raging fire.
  • Musky Dusky Lavendar This turned on my skin to a horrible, horrible thing... Bad chemistry
  • Musky Dusky Jasmine This is just what it says. A soft, musky jasmine scent. It is a little strong on it's own for my taste, but would be a great way to add a touch of floral to a dark, resinous scent (which is what I got it for). Both this one and Musky Dusky Roses are fantastic for just that. The musk in the scent tones down the florals just enough that when I add it to a darker scent, it melds perfectly – giving me the perfect feminine edge when I need to soften up the "image" just a touch.
  • Musky Dusky Roses (bottle) soft and powdery roses
  • Musky Dusky Pure (bottle) This is a great layering scent. It is a soft musk that dries to a nice sweet and slightly powdery finish. This is a nice blend of musks (it is like a sugared musk) and there is a faint green note hidden in there somewhere.

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Your reviews have been very useful to me, as a newbie, when looking for scents that would work for my skin or understanding how notes actually blend together. If I wanted more in depth reviews, I went to the individual review threads, but this was great to have them all in one place! Thank you!

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This is beyond awesome. It's like a stranger letting you into their house and showing their sanctum sanctorium...each bottle carefully removed from its designated spot, then the owner describes it to me in hushed tones, while I scribble notes and just bask in all that she has experienced, treasured.


For a newbie like myself, this is also a bit of a time capsule, as most of these are so far gone that they aren't even on the Artfire/Etsy webpages anymore. Many of these I will never have access to except in the occasional trade. That's both sad and yet...it gives me shivers. These are scents that many many people have loved and worn and shared with others. There's something beautiful and sacred about that.


I thank you for this. It looks like you haven't been on since summer 2014. I do hope you come back to review the current scents !!

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