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Sexology of BAM

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I am debating amping with Sexology or BAM - I know EST is the ingredient difference between these two, but I am looking for a big b-nol hit....


So what do you suppose? Is Sexology BAM with EST, or is it moreso EST and a little b-nol & cops?


I'm looking for a b-nol heavy hit, and thought maybe a little added EST would add a slight "awww" factor. But I don't want to diminish the b-nol bondy-bondy thing...

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I keep getting that mixed up too- keep going back to luna's note that:


- BAM has more of BOTH b-nol & est

- BAM - the 'lead' phero is b-nol

- sexology - the 'lead' phero is EST


sounds like you want BAM.

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She says it smells like feet. :w00t:

But I can see wanting to be cuddly for hanging out with friends.



Whoops, well if I said BAM! had EST that wasn't right, it's just cops and b-nol (hence the acronym, as it were).

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aw crap I knew something wasn't right in my paraphrase. Found the thread: here it is.



BAM has more of BOTH cops and bnol than sexology

-- BAM 'leads' with cops

-- Sexology 'leads' with EST.

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Calli: thought crossed my mind...


Yes b-nol reeks of stinky feet. Can't stand the odor. Cops I don't mind so much. But I am liking the groove from DFN, where the reek is perfumarily controlled. Course I want it ONE LOUDER...

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