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Lina's Caramelized Mango Bean


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Everything in this PE is blended together so well, it feels like I can actually smell the picture of mango ice cream on the label! The mango and vanilla are the stars if this scent. The fruit is bright and sunny with a sweetness that doesn't go tart. It mingles beautifully with vanilla bean. The praline and caramel add an even more delicious vibe to it- but does not take over. It's like butter pecan ice cream. Maybe it's the pecan and caramel that give a faint scent memory to another LP. Maybe Mangoish? Or Kittenish? I start thinking I'm smelling brown sugar too but that drfts off and it's back to mango and vanilla beans.

Overall, this would be amazing to wear on warm spring and summer days. It's a happy scent, very playful and bright. It gives me hope of funfilled warm summer days and sunshine.

Thank you Mara! I love this very much... So much I'm getting another backup bottle. Maybe two if I can afford it!

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This is definitely bright, sunny, and happy! At first, I can pretty much pick out the notes. There's a very brief few moments of morphing where I get squished green plants around the edges. WHAT?!?? Oh. My SKIN. HA! Then it goes fruity again and everyone jumps into the ice cream bowl and BLENDS! I end up with a beautiful, fruity, sweet, uncomplicated, perfumy-in-a-wonderful-way kind of scent. It's not as foody as I'd thought it might be. It's fresh like a fruit smoothy with some vanilla bean thrown in. LOVE Lina's Caramelized Mango Bean!!!



P.S. I could really see this working well with pheros like Popularity Potion and Heart and Soul! Even Mother's Little Helper...etc. Heh.

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Everything in this PE is blended together so well

Yes exactly; it smells like an incredibly delicious dessert! Usually mango is pretty loud on me but this blends so well with the praline and caramel and the vanilla bean is a lovely dark undertone to it all.

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I got this because I like Mango-ish so much, though this is quite different.


I am not getting very much fruit from this; it is all cakey vanilla wet, very nice, but as it dries down my skin seems to be eating it up.

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