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  1. I was thinking dominance and open windows for your circumstance or anything that makes you appear to be extra bold and in charge yet approachable and trustworthy. Cough. M not an phero expert, I'm a newbie, but that's my chime. Im actually looking for Dom and ow for the same similar purposes. Business meetings.
  2. samia

    Sugared Roses

    another favorite crisp scent that i lovarly. i cant imagine being without it because it makes all things beautiful, esp scents thst i am on the border with, it just amps them up. hmmm, i love this scent, its what i wear to bed
  3. samia

    Nectar De L'Amour

    this was very very nice, very sweet and deep- somehow i feel like it could use a toner for the sweetness or something to hold it togethet, thats where layering comes in for me. i used a few dropns of occo slf with this to give it some "depth" lol.... i am no scent expert, still very new at this, i would love to hear how others handle this very very happy scent and very sweet scent. delicious!
  4. samia

    Velvet & Steel

    this nas got to be the freshest cleanest purest smell i've ever smelled and its intesne such that when i wore it i needed just a little dab here and there and im good to go. this is my most favorite scent so far from lp, its hard to say from the gazzillion samples i got, but truly from what i recieved, velvet stel and cougar take the top spot and unbelievably all the scents i recieved smell soooo wonderful, its hard to pick the next best. if anyone can suggest another velevet and steel like scent.. the fresheness, airyness, wateryness, coolness, crispness, cleamness, smoothness then please by all means throw me some suggestions because i love love love velvet and steel
  5. Congrats on your first order, I wish I could decide so easily what my full bottles will be. I ordered 20+ samples and I love them all.... Except the one I'd predetermined was going to be my most favorite. So I feel you on that Lol... Humane society... Lol.. That's along the lines of wat my hubs said wen I got excited about trying pheros girl and occo slf, and forgot to shake the vial, went on and smeared myself generously, maybe too generously, didn't use a cover scent, forgot to open windows, wasn't dried up and in he walks a little early from work....lol... He said it smelled like pee in the zoo- I dodged him and got into the shower. Lol
  6. i am new to scents and i'm almost addicted, i am even planning a sniffing party for my female friends and their friends.... well just try stuff and use the odor removal soap to try as many in a span of a few hours. this stuff is amazing and if it any way reflects the heart of the creators, then theyre some beautiful real people behind these scents.
  7. Sigh! The last bottle was in my cart and I lost it. I ordered a sample and it is AMAZING. It was my first must have! Followed by LPMP red. Now I'm like agh, anyone want to trade? Lol. I will buy u whatever appropriately priced scent for a bottle of hot and sticky. Off to the trade forum I go!
  8. Does this mean all sample packs will be discontinued including monthly sample pack?? Does this mean we can hoard the sample packs now that they're being discontinued? Oh well fortunately, I just recieved my newbie sample packs and I'm loving loving my experience, I feel more feminine. Ive already got my full bottles list going. lp red,etc. I'm trying to go slow and use a few at a time but sheesh, it's not easy because I suddenly don't want to miss a good one! Let me know if we can order more sample packs, ill be on it to sample the whole store!
  9. Miss hazel, any feedback on your mans low testosterone fix.? Been having same issue with my hubby, he fed soy formula, obese until 6 yrs ago, gaining too much weight again, losing hair and he's only 26., I wanted to know what worked. I didn't want to try something on him that will send him outside the house looking for fresh women since m preggers and not very frisky , but I wanted to help myself out from being the one constantly riding and moving, you kno being the freak like we used to by wearing scents that would ramp up his manlyness and make me want to ravish him and him ravage me-
  10. I'm loving these reviews. I do think and agree that occo's and sexual phero's should be private use, no matter the agenda. d rather be safe than sorry. But I also love that they raise testestorone levels because ummm in my opinion they are a lot of soft men out there today who could use a boost at their manhood. Lol
  11. gasps* i will and i have to have ruby red. my cart has been sitting for weeks now because i cant seem to decide what to get, i keep modifying it, if only i could buy the whole stores samples.... ahhhh...
  12. hello Shehoss. i truly hope you get a chance to come back online and i will introduce you to dr l wilson. he deals with a lot of lyme patients and by following his very easy and simple protocol- mostly diet related and nothing crazy or extreme except that he encorages dropping wheat/gluten and processed milk. i swear you will be healed, because u want to be and you been ready to be well... i know i say that with a lot of confidence, but yes you will. please please contact him at Dr. Lawrence Wilson <larry@drlwilson.com>. he will definately advise you on which practitioner you could visit in your area. but the reason to contact him first is he has a grant that can get u supplements (vitamins n minerals)- if u cannot afford it. i am sorry for the pain you go through, i dont hav lyme but i had a similar condition. visit drlwilson dot com if u can. i am with you!!! i felt id be damned if i dint share this information with you, you are probably a lightworker needing healing.
  13. dear joc, thank you for the welcome, so, please tell me, if u have kids but dont use pheros around them, then how do u use them if at all you do? i guess this phero biziness is more complicated than i thought.lol funnily that was going to be my next inquiry after my first post, because i thought about it then figured thered be nothing to it since they are "naturally" secreted by any healthy body. *chuckling* how far wrong and off base i was. lol. so i guess i'll be waiting a looooooong time to play with phero's. sigh. well i'm sure i'll find a way around it. if not the scents are awesome
  14. oh my gosh beccah, youre awesome. yes you read my avatar very correctly in connection with me. lol.. you kill me with laugh, i would love to try being kind, but sheesh, my patience wore thin. lol.. i will have to dig sooo deep inside of me to find a spark of kindness, all i feel is sympathy. i do have a lot of interest in the astrological aspect of things and everything is so magically connected and i do know i have some important lessons to learn, i just hope they come to pass asap.
  15. howdy mr quite guy, i agree with you 10000% we are different and i think thats something special. total opposites in everyway, and i have mentioned it to him, that its actually nice that we are so different and if only we can find a middle ground or each of us compromise our kids will have the best of both worlds. tried to talk to him about his mother even before our first was born because i saw this coming- wen she exclaimed that she was going to adopt my child upon us breaking news of our pregnancy. lol... i was sooo upset, the tiger in me just sprang to life because she meant it, i had seen the chaos she wrecked in her daughters household and kids. anyway,i save the rant for some place else, the bottom line is it got so bad that she literally had him talking to me about letting her raise the kids. i didnt fight, i just began to try even harder to make him feel like a man man man and try to get him to break free from her out of his own will. so far it worked, not wonders but enough to keep the peace and calm and have us both try and talk it out. question, if he wears the phero'd scents maybe we could still bond and atleast establish ourselves as a team could that be an option for men without them feeling out of balance with their manhood? let me know your ideas, i'll check the store for the scents that encourage closeness and attachment for men, that way he can maybe establish and realise where his allegiance lies. oh boy,
  16. thznk you becca, this is why i joined the forums. going through the threads had me thinking what awesome people are here and all the good meanigful advice. i did not do any research on using the pheros while preggers, i just assumed they were a natural part of life. i gottas to look into it coz darn, i cant imagine waiting. but hold on, what if, i put the smells on him or on the bed etc.. ??? let me look into this. urgh, its disappointing if i have run into a brick wall, i'll probably have to wait and just use scents and oils and other creative things. lol. i appreciate your heads up though ladies and gentleman.
  17. oh thank you. i have been through the reading rooms and the message boards and i'm still in awe of all the different scents, bases, phero's etc... i guess i have to take it slow. i will definately try the ones you mentioned. i figgured asking was goign to be the quickest way to go!!! thanks a bunch! xo
  18. i am new to the forum, new to pheromones and new to scents- the only perfume bottle i've owned in the past 7 yrs was "Halle" my then boyfie, now hubby bought it for me because he loved the scent. i just ran out of it and really wish i could decribe it but i cant. i'd love to order the whole perfumerie to find out what i like and what works for me. but because i cant i'd love some suggestions i want to play with pheros n scents because 1) mr man works really hard for me to be a stay at home mom and i want to up how he feels around me coz m all so motherly right now - 2kids under 3, and one on the way. i dont do much to make him feel attended to, you know like feel manly and wanted and sexy and grrrr- youre hot-iwantyou etc. i want to want him and make him feel wanted. 2) mr man works in film and commercial production industry as an editor and etc, so he's surrounded by glam women 10hrs/day 6days/week, i would like to stimulate his other senses at home around me and not appear drab/grey. i want him to look forward to coming to a relaxing, peaceful, smells good and makes-me-want-to-have-sex kind of home 3)i want to get my sparkle n vibe back- i want to feel sexy n like i'm it and give off that vibe. i love my body and etc, but i'm not great at seduction and trying to be appealing and yes i'm heavily feeding my body with minerals, seaweeds,greens, herbal infusions etc to feel alert, but i want the added help of oils, scents, crystals n other 4) lastly his mom has been wrecking havoc around here because she doesnt agree with my child raising methods- my oldest is in the autism spectrum n needs special hands on care n diet n i am african so my methods highly differ from hers. oh boy we CLASH... i want to quieten (if the word exists) her spirit and get along because its added stress for my man, everytime she comes around me she has something to talk to him about wat m doing wrong- its splits him from me because he trusts her every word. that being said if anyone wants to share what crystals geodes i should use, how and where to get them that would be wonderful.
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