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  1. I have the popularity potion but it doesn't seem to work for me for some reason. The reactions I've received are pretty weak...I've worn it around groups of women, men and mixed...and suprisingly it just doesn't do much. But one time I was on the train and I sneezed and this girl said bless you but I didn't fully hear her cause I had my ipod playing; so like a couple of minutes later I happened to glance down in her direction and she made sure she said bless you again.she had to repeat it like 3 times cause like I said I had my ipod and was in another world. That was about the only reaction
  2. I have used it - and it does exactly what it is supposed to in my case. Men were very attentive and eager to do stuff for me, looks from many others passing by, I went out for drinks with friends and I was wearing it. The guy I was meeting "noticed" when I first walked up to him - (like he had a bit of an animalistic, noticing you type of look) but he then hid it very well the rest of the time (he is in a relationship and we are just friends although there is chemistry). The woman accompanying us (who is a lesbian) was a little combative. Some of the bartenders (both female) I caught loo
  3. how is sugared bonfire? - i tired to find a review but didn't see any - i just saw LP autumn too I cannot wait for it!
  4. GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the info Scourger!!!!! :dancingfruits0nm:
  5. YAYYY! I placed an order this morning!!!!! here's what I got - Phero Girl Super Girl LP - Autumn Allegro Honey Seductions Dark Seductions Dominance Intellectual Woman I just missed Betrothal, but i'm still happy...although we are out of season I can wait to smell LP Autumn & Phero Girl...
  6. yes! I'm such an addict already! i am constantly on this site reading and rereading the descriptions while I await my package.. This month all the new phero blends are so fantastic! I will let you all know how it works out as soon as I receive it... I'm curious to see the reviews of honeyed seductions against dark seductions..let me know!
  7. well liz sounds like we have similar tastes..although I am technically still a LP "virgin" I have not received my first order yet so I have some catching up to do...my first order consists of BFF, Sugared Honeycomb, Cougar, Cuddle Bunny, LP Red and LP Winter Solstice..so excited about March offerings!
  8. I'm totally with you katz - i have the same strategy. i'm also looking to get honeyed seductions, the new brewed PG, and Supergirl sounds scrumptious! I love foody scents, cake batter?!!! yum yum yummy! i cannot wait to pounce on the intellectual female - my dream phero combo! by the way the artwork for 'til death is really cool! i may buy it just for that!
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