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  1. i probably shouldnt be writing this when i have an exam tomorrow morning.. (so in about.. 6 hrs) but ive been wearing these two combos for about 2 days now and i must say, the effects are simply amazing. couple of days ago, i injured my back at a club when a random girl came up behind me, grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards (and i fell flat on my bum ) it turned out that her bf was looking at me all night and she got mad at me i was wearing blatant invitation covered with DKNY be delicious. my friend's bf's friend was extrememly interested in me, followed me around the whole night and when the thing happened.. a fight broke out with all those guys defending me. i thought that was nice my friend told me the next day that he's never been like that with any girl and he kept telling her bf that he thought i was really special. it was rather flattering so the next day, i hung out with my friend... my ex bf friend. kinda TG. a long story... i wore blatant invitation layered with some betrothal potion. he gave me a backrub and treated me like i was so fragile and.. i happened to look over at that direction, and he was very very excited about giving me a back massage. then we just hung around in my room. he was exceptionally nice and kept giving me cute little touches and tried really hard to cheer me up. he danced around and sang for me so i'd laugh. hahaha anywaysss so yes. very very happy that i got blatant invitation. its def. a winner, u should try it and layer it with betrothal, its very very pretty! <3 remmy ps. just ordered nekai nectar. mm i love that smell so much and i didnt even get to wear it.. my sister actually came over and took my sample bottle. hmph. hope the package gets here soon!!!!
  2. hehehe what an addict speaking of being addicted.. i need to order a bottle of nakai nectar asap along with some cuddle bunny. i really really liked them hehehe also, i think i wanna go get myself like 10 bottles of betrothal potion, despite the smell not agreeing with me
  3. hahahahaha yaaaaaa :) also i tried out the betrothal potion today.. the smell didnt go with me but.. i had some cute effects from it
  4. my order finally came. and omg. it reeeeaked of nakai nectar and ti was SO good. wow. im def gna get another bottle. i couldnt even smell the eow which was always a plus. i havent had the time to take it out for a road test yet, but will report back ASAP! <3
  5. hi i sent u an email, did u get it? and i paid $30 to Paige@WiddershinOnline.com is that okay? thanx <3 remmy
  6. hi! hoping i could join in on the fun can i try a dram of treasured hearts and dominance? ill send u an email at Paige@WiddershinOnline.com so u'd have my email also <3 remmy
  7. aww i feel you.. my friend said, "do you smell incense?" and i was just like. um.. its prob just me.. and my TG, that i was obsessed with at that point, said "ugh.. why dont u wear normal perfume?" and then i was really sad he loves cuddle bunny tho..
  8. oops.. didnt know u wanted to keep it private and i was annoying u in this other post about how i wanted reviews sry sry sry.. ignore the other post hun but i wouldve loooved to hear about it <3
  9. hey when u guys apply both, do u just put one on and then put the other on top of it to apply?... or would u apply them at different spots? confuzzled <3
  10. o esmeralda, hahaha its so funny that we get the same things all the time
  11. woow im so happy to know that this mix is working so wonderfully with you guys! i cant wait until mine gets here so i can try it out. hehehehe btw curiouschic, i know what you mean by TAL tho.. im really alpha usually so i was worried that TAL would make me bitchy.. (and well it did) but sadly it fits me better and i think people prefer me bitchier(...?) becuz i always get into fights with guys i like if i wear TAH but yes, so so happy for you! i love PDA.. hehe
  12. hahaha wellll wear cuddle bunny when u talk to ur dad and he'll probably tell u to buy another one o btw, u know what works really well for me tho, is to amp up cuddle bunny with 100mcg of EST if you have it basically, my old tg has been really strange the last couple of days. calling in to make sure if im okay if i missed class etc etc. but heavens no, we cant get back together cuz of his horrible parents. well whatever, he shoudl've been nicer when i was really into him im gna wear my blatant invitation when it gets here and sit next to him and exact my revenge. mwahahaha.. ugh i cant wait to hear how it works on you esmeralda! <3
  13. another hit with cuddle bunny: skipped class today (sick remmy) but i had to show up for my meeting. i got there, all those guys surround me, like BAM. "aww ru okay?" "how ru feeling today? i heard u were sick this weekend" "do you want me to get you something to drink?" "wait, lemme open that for you" i mean, they are all my friends but usually they.. really arent THIS accomodating. also ive gotten "what ARE you wearing? it smells really really good" from this one guy that im kind of friends with. along with numerous guys trying to carry my incredibly feminine bookbag for me. so yes. i think cuddle bunny is working fiine for me ps. esmeralda, ive caved and bought blatant invitation. hehehehe we are soo bad
  14. o dolly dolly dolly, uve convinced me to make an impulse purchase of blatant invitation and CFM as one of my free sample btw, how much of it did you wear? i just realized that its not like a spray so it is harder to describe haha im such an addict
  15. kiinda late to the party, but welcome!! i recognize from androtics <3 remmy
  16. hehehehe well u made me want blatant invitation! tell me how it gooooes!! hurry hurry hurry!!! <3
  17. wow. this one and i get along fabulously well. i wore it today to class. i was sitting next to this guy and he kept bumping his arms with mine, flirtier than general, and kept cracking jokes! he didnt say anything about how i smelt good or anything like that, but i think at one point he like.. sniffed me. afterwards, i sat next one of my friends and she was like.. you smell really pretty. what is that? went to my research work thing later, one of the coworkers, who btw NEVER talks to me, strikes up a conversation about how she feels bad that i have to work a lot. kept hovering around to ask if i wanted water (kind of strange) and asked what perfume i was wearing because it smells really pretty. i actually layered cuddle bunny with TAL from androtics. and i think it worked with my signature really well.. i know it did anyways because everytime i layered EST with TAL i always got good results soo far so good im hoping to try that.. blatant invitation at one point also <3
  18. hehe is the diffusion as better as the alcohol-based version tho? juuust curious :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  19. hehehe i just noticed that ur status is now disgruntled house elf and i was laughing to myself btw, do u have eow in oil form? im out of my original and im debating whether or not to get regular or try the oilllll <3 ps. btw i saw ur pic on "classic seduction" and recognized u! and i was like there's missy!
  20. so ive just tried phero girl.. and so far, its not a bad mix. ive gotten some negative comments on the smell tho, idno why.. my friends have asked me if i put on incense before i came out (i actually gotten that comment more than twice from different people ) i wore it on my neck, wrist and right between my cleavage. i noticed that i got a lot of attention from a lot guys. cute little teases, and i found myself to be in the center of the attention a lot. i think i can def. play around with this a little bit more and see if there would be any way to cover up the smell a little bit because i think i smell better fruity.. other than that, i love it! <3 remmy
  21. remmy

    hi im new here!

    thanx for the sweet welcomes!! i already noticed some ppl from androtics <3
  22. do they only have those unscented? also do u have any other suggestions?
  23. hehehe i think im gna add that onto the list also! o my so many things to try here!! <3
  24. hi, i just joined the forum so im a bit late, but thanx for posting about this
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