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  1. Can I please reserve a bottle of Inna's soft & summery?
  2. Can i pls reserve 1 Lina's Fluffy Bunny and 1 Tyvey's Pleasure Island if there's any left. Thanks
  3. This becomes my every day perfume now. Always spray my hair after shower and it lasts forever. Just love how it makes me feel so light, like flying
  4. I tried this because I am just so intrigue from everyone comments. Before I went to bed 1 night, I swiped on my wrist once then rubbed them together. I love the honey scent, and it lasted for more than a day! Even washing doesn't really get rid of the smell. I don't mind the honey scent though, pretty sweet on me.
  5. Its pretty sweet and I think nutty, but I don't get any coconut scent (which I love). Still nice though and lasts really long.
  6. LazyCat

    Pumpkin Souffle

    It's really sweet from the vial, also on me. I can also get spice out of it. It doesn't last long though.
  7. I sprayed it this morning around 9am b4 went out. I can smell the sweet marshmallow all day, until now 10pm, the scent is still strong. Seems like its getting better with time
  8. It is buttery and rose. Sweet and girly. Glad I got a bottle
  9. LazyCat

    Marsha Mellow

    Wow, it's so yummy. I totally get marshmallow, very sugary. Just love it!
  10. LazyCat


    From the vial, its very light. When I first put it on, it turned so plasticky on me for at least 30 minutes or so. Then it became light sweet scent, close to the body though but lasts really long. Pretty nice after the plastic scent went away, but I think it's too long on me...
  11. When I first put it on it was all floral, somewhat like hibiscus but not as strong. A while later, the vanilla started to show. 8 hrs later, the vanilla scent is still there, very yummy.
  12. I just received it today and had to try right away. I can pick up the sweet scent of marshmallow with ylang. It's light, fluffy, and bright. Love it.
  13. Can I please reserve a bottle of each: Buttercream Rose Lightness of Being Thanks
  14. Hi Mara, Do we have to reserve them here first or just order from the site? Also I have a newbie question, how do I order PEs? Is it from the Artfire site? Thanks so much
  15. LazyCat

    Jungle Colada

    It smells like the drink. Very yummy, just want to drink from the bottle lol.
  16. I can totally smell the oat and spice. After awhile, there is a light sweet scent. It's lovely. So far I really like the campfire series.
  17. The passion fruit scent lasts so long on me for this one. I love passion fruit (I even tried to grow it!) so this really nice. Can't stop smelling myself!
  18. I really love this one. Use almost every night before bed. I don't know what it is, but it is so comforting. I sleep so well through the night without dreams/nightmares since using it. Just awesome!
  19. You are welcome! I love the long lasting smoky scent. I was amazed how it's kinda becoming addictive to me now. It's one of the scent I use a lot lately.
  20. LazyCat


    It does smell soooooo goooood! At first it turned plastic on me. I was sad cuz i love the scent from the bottle. But after 30 mins or so, the scent came back and stayed for a good 8-9 hrs. I kept on smelling my wrist the whole time. Just heavenly!
  21. I love camping and this really resembles the camp at night around the fire pit toasting mashmallow making s'more... Wish I am at the camp site right now.
  22. I love peachy scent, its pretty light on me though but last long.
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