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  1. In my opinion no it's fine.. I've worn them to work and in public and have gotten NO hits so I think you'll be alright.
  2. Oh okay.. No the spray is no longer available... Just the sample vial or the full size with the glass dipper. Yeah spraying it would be better.. I wonder if I could ass perfumer's alcohol to this to make it spread more. I did try close to the hair and still no hits... oh well back to the drawing bored... I've been so discouraged that I haven't tried any of the new ones I brought. I was really hoping I got something.
  3. Try your forearms and crooks of elbows instead... The wrists don't usually hold smell for long and if you wash your hands often it will disappear quickly. Yeah I have the same kind as well and mixing it with cocoa butter made it rock hard even after I whipped it... I'm trying to see how I can thin my out a little for the winter... Especially when its super hot, it will diffuse even more!
  4. You may also want to try a lighter version of Shea butter... I have used Shea butter with LP scents and it would completely disappear on me... I had to literally pour the entire vial on myself and still nothing... No smell or 'hits'.... I would try mixing the shea butter with a lighter lotion. let the lotion soak in, apply the fragranced phero or fragrance (virgin) on area that heat up like Potion aster said and it should last all day. Also try a few drops on a cotton ball and stick it in your bra (cleavage area). I've tried that and it works so far.. Lasts all day!
  5. Honest I have no idea if I received hits or not while using the UN girl/girl because the people that I was around are usually very touchy with me. I did realize, women that would NEVER talk to me were chatty with me, wanted me to hang out with them and said I smelled really good ( which once again I don't usually get that response). So I assumed that's somewhat of a hit... I wore about three sprays before leaving the house and touched up with two more sprays later on in the night... Idk if that's too much... But I sprayed it on my clothes and hair.
  6. Oh Idk... I'm just curious to know if that specific ingredient is only added when Its a bigger bottle.
  7. Good morning everyone! So I checked the bottle again just to see and it has SD40B Alcohol in it. So now I'm curious to know does the trial vial have the same ingredient?
  8. Has anyone tried this with AJA mixed in? since it has a honey note already, would it cancel it out along with the effects aja supposedly creates?
  9. Mine is a glass bottle with a glass dipper.... Yes it is very thin and when I read the ingredients I really thought I read "something alcohol".. Is the trial vial the same consistency or a bit thicker? Yeah true that might be it.... I'll try it out again and see what happens.... I was so excited to try it out and I didn't receive the same affects everyone else did.
  10. Good to know... So is it better to get the trial vial instead of the full size (since it has some type of alcohol in it) ???? I want to know what the sweet honey smell everyone on this thread is talking about.... I didn't get any of that.... It smells rubbery when I sniff it from the glass applicator... Once on my skin there was nothing.
  11. I don't smell anything. I let my stepmom smell and she said it smells like burnt caramel and patchouli oil/similar to the muslim oils. I mixed it will a street oil called luscious pink vanilla and put on shea butter lotion. Hopefully it smells good because im not getting anything. Also I'm curious becuase someone mentioned a spray but I don't see that option on the website. I only see a sample and full size. Secondly I assumed the full size was all oil (like the phero enhanced trial ones) but when I recieved I realized it's mixed with some type of alcohol. Does that affect the smell in anyway?
  12. Did you make it into a spray???? If so did you use perfumer alcohol???? I only see the option for oil on the website.
  13. Anyone know how many sets are left???? I want to order this but money is tight right now and I have to wait two weeks. Will there still be any available then?
  14. I received my packaged on Monday, but I didn't pick it up till yesterday because my mailman was sorting and I didn't want to be rude.... OMG OMG OMG... I had to contain my joy until I got into my apartment... I can't wait to see every single one of them.... So many to use, only one body. LOL By the way, packaging is SUPERB as always (first time ever ordering full bottles though).... Wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrapped. Bottles secured in plastic wrap. Plus the organza bags are delightful!!!!! Thank you a MILLION TIMES OVER, for the consideration you make when sending out your products.... For me that speaks volumes.
  15. I'm ordering the entire set tomorrow when I get paid.... I love every single scent
  16. this will be all in caps... I'm screaming with excitement not anger: I NEED 20 MILLION BOTTLES OF THIS, ASAP!!!!!! What in the what is this amazing potion that I have on right now.... I layered with the following: body shop strawberry lotion, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker and lastly a few swipes (crook of elbows, cleavage and torso) of OCCO: Pineapple...... AMAZING COMBO!!! I want to bury my nose in shirt ALL day. On me, the pineapple is still going strong.... So freaking Yummy... I need to order this entire collection... So addicting.
  17. Can anyone tell me if they had any 'hits' from other women???? Either in a flirty way or they just want to be near you kind of way???? I want to try this but the purpose of its use will be in a setting that's mainly women (lesbian bar, club, party, etc).
  18. WOW! This is just OMG... I need this by the gallon. After my shower this morning, I did my usual lotion and layer of perfume (today its sunflower by Elizabeth Arden) then put three swipes on my bosom and two on my torso (dry down is instant for me so I put my clothes on after 5 mins).. I was in such a yucky mood but I smelled this, I instantly fell revived and sexy! When wet I smell the orchid and the vanilla right away with the cops (I love that smell. So intense). As I sit at my desk right now, i'm starting to get the tanginess of the tangerine which is DELICIOUS!!!!!!! I can't wait to smell myself later on in the afternoon... This is definitely going to be a full bottle purchase along with Cherry Tobac.
  19. Holy cow!!!!! This one is DELICIOUS.....I just put it on this morning after my shower. First I applied my favorite strawberry lotion from the body shop, a few drops of Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume oil and then top it off with a few swipes of OCCO: Cherry Tobac on my cleavage, stomach, inner arm and elbow crease. When wet it is LOUD and a bit STRONG for my nose; but l personally LOVE that. As it drys down (on me it's almost instant) it gets even more amazing.. FINALLY I found my scent.... I definitely need a FULL BOTTLE of this. I can't wait to try the other 7 potions from the limited edition set. ?? Haven't received any hits from strangers on my way to work but my lady said I smelled delicious this morning while I was getting dressed.?
  20. Maya

    Cotton Candy Peach

    @halo0073 Oh okay. Good to know, I am really excited to try it out regardless.
  21. I'm glad I found this thread.... I was wondering mixing Red Door by Elizabeth Arden would pair well with Phero girl?
  22. Maya

    Cotton Candy Peach

    The label says Cotton Candy Peach w/phero (part of the free gifts)... I was thinking the same thing that it might buttercream peach instead.
  23. Oh I didn't even check there. Makes sense then.... Thank you Oceanjewel... I will search there.
  24. Has this been discontinued? Can't find out when I search the name online.
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