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  1. I kept it simple & ordered Temperance, SS4W in spray, Srub of the month, and samples of Prince & Showgirl, Pirate & Maiden, & Special Delivery.
  2. Just got my monthly fix & bought my smellies......Ahhhhhh!
  3. The Pirate & The Maiden, The Prince & The Showgirl & Special Delivery...the Feb Coffee scrub & Temperance from last month.... I'm gonna spend some $$$$
  4. paganlady

    The Lovers

    Unfortunately, this is way too heavy & cloying on me. I had to struggle just to give it the required 20 mins to dry down. Still too heavy. Washed it off. Another for the trade pile.
  5. paganlady

    The Star

    This is a little heavy at first on me (Jasmine = Heavy), but it mellows out to a pretty floral. I'm still on the fence about this one...
  6. All I got out of this one was Laundry Detergent. Definitely going in the trade pile.
  7. paganlady

    The Magician

    Unfortunately, all I get with this one is Blackberry. Absolutely nothing else. It's a little too sweet for me. Oh Well!
  8. I just got me a bottle of Occo White ( I have Red & Purple already) specifically to layer with White Licorice, and Lady Frost. I figured that they'd layer well & WAS I RIGHT. Absolute heaven for those times I do not want to be a spice ho.
  9. Thank you so much for the Tiny Tarot Mara & John. I can now pull a card every morning at the office in total secrecy! I've been thinking of some practice with the cards lately & the Universal Waite is one of my preferred decks. Thanks Again!
  10. paganlady

    The World

    I don't get any Rum in this one at all (pout). I guess that's because I drink enough of it & the universe is afraid to give me any more I do get lots of Banana (I love Banana) and it dries down to the most lovely Banana smelling dessert on me. I get a lot of the cake-y quality, Vanilla & Benzoin play second fiddle, and every once in a while I get a hint of Maple. Sigh.....I'm going to spend a lot of money this month....
  11. paganlady


    Ooooooo this is pretty! I'm getting the powdery scent of the Myrrh, with the White Musk & a hint of Vanilla. Like Luna said, a very comforting scent, and pretty appropriate for places that smelling slutty would be a no no. Odd, I didn't think I was going to like this one. Usually Myrrh overpowers everything else on me. This plays well with the other notes though.
  12. paganlady

    The Empress

    Sigh, honey & I just don't get along unless there's a fixative involved (like Amber). This one goes fake & chemical on me. I don't get the sexy Oatmeal (POOH!). And I do so love Oatmeal....
  13. This one stayed clean & evergreen on me. I agree with Beccah, a definite aura of power surrounds this one. If your a woman that likes clean, woody scents, this one would be good to boost with SWS or Dominance.
  14. paganlady


    Very clean & fresh....usually Aquatics & I don't get along. They turn vicious on me. This one however, I could wear anywhere. Scented my self before I went to bed & slept wonderfully! A full bottle on this one too I think!
  15. paganlady

    The Sun

    This is wonderful! Like bottled sunshine or just soaking up the sun on a beautiful sunny day. I get citrus, but I can't for the life of me identify it Bergamot? Orange? Lemon? Grapefruit? On me, it smells like a salad of all of them with some fresh mint leaves as a garnish. At dry-down it's more floral, but still very Citrus. And you're absolutely right Luna, it's not warm, more cool & bright. Almost like the winter Sun. Full bottle worthy!
  16. Bought a full bottle of this & I'm So Glad I did! I also get the fosting & licorice in perfect equal proportion. Love it!
  17. I'm in for the monthly sampler....hoping Transition, The Sun & The World work on me.
  18. Used this for the first time on Christmas morning. Messy, but extremely fun! Leaves me soother than a sugar scrub, swear I got a caffeine lift & Oh, it smells good....
  19. I'm actually looking at "The Sun" & "The World"....
  20. I just bought one of these in Irish Cream & Caramel (has happy dance). It'll be like taking a shower with a bottle of Baileys!
  21. Me too Tyvey. No Peppermint to be found. Just like swimming in a vat of Hot Cocoa.
  22. paganlady

    Lady Frost

    This one definitely has the same feel as LP Silver. Sort of that crystalline fruit thing with icy sugar. But this on reminds me of lemon ice, or lemon squares. Full bottle worthy for the winter....
  23. And I don't smell bayberry on me in that one. Weird!
  24. Wait, you mean there's no Bayberry in this???? I smell Bayberry on me . Very strange.......I love Bayberry, so, even if it's not.....I still like it. let's just see if it stands the test of time. I really hope it doesn't turn on me....
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