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    Ghost hunting, reading primarily. I am open to trying mosts things at lease once. <br />Spirituality is a growing intrest with me. Developing my psychic side further. I think this board will help to develop my interest in scents!
  1. This one is in my top three of your pe creations! LOVED IT!
  2. Awe....cute puppy~ LOL This sounds really awesome! I may have to check it out!
  3. What fun! I look forward to watching them all change!!
  4. I have been on a crazy peach fetish lately...not sure why. Lovers in Clover has become a staple in my wardrobe this spring to the point I have had to order a second bottle.... Anyway I decided to pull this one out this week and test out the peach of it, LOL. I liked it when I first got it, that has turned to love! Yesterday I wore this, and it was a light floral on me, today the peach was a little more prominent. It pretty much stays at a light peachy floral for me and does not graduate or evolve like some do. This one is close to the skin but seems to effect people around me.. Everyo
  5. I am really digging this one..gonna have some choices to make.... I typically order one bottle and the sampler...it is gonna be a fight this month to decide because this is actually going very sensual on me. I am loving it. It has a hint of coconut at first on my skin then blasts off in a darker much closer to the skin woodiness --definitely a move in close type of scent. Oh dear...tough choices this month!
  6. This one smells like a beautiful designer french hand soap. One of those sweet little shaped soaps. I really like this! It is very femme and lite, it smells pink! LOL
  7. Yes Mara, Please make some more...I got the chance to wear a bit of this today. OMG!!! I Love it for me. I think I would wear it a lot. It starts out very peppermint on me (love it) then the ambergris amps up and morphs into the sandalwood. After a bit on my skin it seems to be the ambergris and lime lighting it up. It really is a morphing cologne. The entire time there is a lightness to it. Never really gets deep, but the sandalwood seems to hold this one from becoming too airy. Kind of reminds me of fresh sheets sprayed with a spritz of a really lovely sandalwood based spray.
  8. ladybegood1

    Lady Frost

    I wore this one again today....This is so much what I was shooting for when I created my PE 3 months ago...That lemon licorice is so much more with the addition of the mint note. I love the iceyness of the lemon. One of my all time favorites! The scent seems to last forever--I put it on at 6:30 this morning, while it is not STRONG it is still kicking. I love this because my skin tends to eat up scent. I have not had to reapply this one!
  9. LOL Yah just never know where these things will lead! LOL Thanks for the compliment bud--coming from a professional, that means a lot! I can see the scent smelling fall like particularly in the context...Something about tobacco does that for a lot of people.
  10. Those of you worrying about the peach...please don't let this one fall to the wayside. I just put this on about 2o minutes ago....I am loving it. It is more floral then peach, though the peach it there....and as a person who normally hates florals the is fantastic! This feels very warm body fresh from the shower after using a wonderful body wash....floral, peachy (more like sniffing a fresh peach skin), and downright sexy....Gah! I am turning myself on. This is one of those scent to me that is a show stopper, the kind that you wear when you want your men practically kneeling before you
  11. I decided to wear this today for the first time. Before I had applied lets just say I had had a very stressful morning dealing with Comcast while trying to get a new modem. Afterward I had to shop and go to the hairdresser. I did not notice a lot of self effect and mostly dealt with women during the transactions out and about, but they were all extra ordinarily kind and helpful. I will try this tomorrow at work and see how it goes!
  12. I cannot wait to try this one on! I think I may try it tomorrow. It smells like a delicious grind shop wet. One of my all time favorite smells--based on what Tyvey was describing, I am gonna love this one on dry down! Though I hate the taste coffee, the smell is luscious--coffee lovers will like this one I think!
  13. I got to sniff this one on someone -- This is a tasty smelling sent, truely delicious and I think ultimately suited to cuddling. Nice Creation Luna!
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