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  1. Too bad I missed this one, but it seems to be GGG.
  2. In the description for the Masked Man, the word "gentile" should be "gentle". A gentile is a religious term meaning a non-Jew.
  3. Interesting. I do like the smell of pine trees. Probably shouldn't wear Teddy Man/Teddy Man 2 because I'm like Snoopyace, people tend to push me around or see me as "soft".
  4. Does Super Sexy For Men (SS4M) contain androstenone? I prefer to avoid androstenone because I seem to have a negative reaction to it.
  5. What about the Magician? Wanna know what that bad boy can do...
  6. Are the Rider-Waite tarot deck images still covered by copyright? If not, I think a men's T-shirt with the Magician (or Transition, for you Goths) would be kewl.
  7. Cheese whiz on toast Mara, I like what I am reading there... the Magician , Emperor, Wheel of Fortune and Temperance all look good The woods in Magician and Emperor particularly seem appealing. I used to own an item made of redwood... loved the smell of it...
  8. This made me check TvTropes.com. A great name for a men's woobie type scent would be "Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds". http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main...stroyerOfWorlds
  9. So will these be for men, women, or unisex? I am REALLY hoping that the Magician works for guys as a scent, it's a potion for what I need right now!!
  10. Oh and I forgot to ask: will these be available separately, or only as a set? You know, a "The Moon" scent with the smell of lobster and wet dogs would be perfect for this set.
  11. I think you should have called the Transition one by its traditional name.... DEATH! Death, who wears dark robes! Death, who rides a pale horse: Death, whose scythe cuts down the great and the humble, the wealthy and the poor, good and evil, each in their appointed time! Death, who destroys that which is no longer needed so that something new can take its place... P.S. This board really needs a "skeletal banana in dark robes carrying a scythe" smiley.
  12. This made me think of Luna as the Fat Controller. Then I thought about what that implied. So what does the Fat Controller and the engines get up to in the engine shed at night... Oh God, that sounds like the name of a club doesn't it... "The Engine Shed". I'll never watch Thomas the Tank Engine with my kid again in the same way. Maaaraaaa, Luna hurt my brain! Make her stop!
  13. I'll have to get some of this, that sounds like this potion would fit me.
  14. JOC: I think it depends on the individual to a great extent. Speaking for myself, I'm very shy so it's actually a bit of a relief when the woman makes the first move. I don't think it makes her any less desirable, although I'm sure some guys might think that way.
  15. This general question, "How do I get my TG to take the initiative?" seems to come up a lot with women... women often want us guys to man up and take the lead. I don't think there is any pheromone blend that will make a guy do that. A lot of us blokes are often intimidated by beautiful women... we are often made to feel that our natural desire for you is an imposition on you, that it is dirty or wrong, and women have the power to make men feel humiliated or ashamed. And men fear shame far more than they fear physical harm. So that's probably why he is not taking the initiative here. Long story short: if you wait passively for this guy to make the first move, nothing will happen
  16. The more I smell cops the more I like the smell. Could be higher T levels caused by the cops themselves, or just some kind of Pavlovian conditioning response, associating the smell with getting the positive effect.
  17. I haven't heard of coffee butter before, and Googling doesn't come up with much information, can you tell me more about it?
  18. Bumbob, might have been "loading buzz" from the pheromones that triggered that.
  19. North Pole for Men seems interesting. It's a gingerbread, foody type scent from the description. You women seem to like your men to smell nommable... will North Pole make her want my pole to go north?
  20. Anyone tried the new Excalibur Limited Edition with Super Sexy For Men in it? Results?
  21. It's hard to describe. Before drydown, it's like music being played too loudly: even if I like the song, past a certain point the sound is too loud and it becomes painful. After drydown, it's doesn't smell good exactly, it... grabs my attention. And I have to go back and keep sniffing it again, even though the smell isn't a "good" smell.
  22. Interesting, I have an unscented phero blend which includes copulins and at first the smell is really strong... like too strong... but I can't stop myself from sniffing it. It seems to be like indole, which smells awful if its too strong but is intriguing at just the right intensity.
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