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  1. Staaaalking in the rain, I'm staalking in the rain!
  2. I practically bathed in it during my last "dot" and it was quite lovely. My skin chemistry did change it a bit, but not grotesquely. It was still clean and fresh. It's a nice way to feel when one is on the bleeds!
  3. It's coming it's coming Woot Woot Woot!!! My biggest order evah!!
  4. I was wondering what might be another choice...I don't have any but I HAVE been eyeing it lately... Proud and that she's EARNED her misery. How in the world could she put it down when she's worked so hard for it?! It is the saddest type of selfishness and the most pitiful show of low self esteem. I choose to view her as having the power to change her circumstances, rather than pity her...I try anyway. It's juvenile, really....to give so much of one's power away. I AM THE BOSS OF ME!!! I'm gonna have a Tshirt made and give her one...I'll be standing on top of a mountain with a gla
  5. You are absolutely right, it IS a form of manipulation which I don't tolerate in my personal life. Now, over the years with this lady I've given her all sorts of wisdom and tools (being a Massage Therapist & a nurse does require quite a bit of councilling abilities! Hahaha!!!) but she just WANTS to be miserable. You know, one of those types who identifies themselves by their pain. So, I try my best to have my overwhelming feeling in the situation to be gratitude for the business.... MORE MONEY FOR LP'S !!!! Wheeeeee!!! Yay Topper!
  6. I'm SOOO glad I had the forthought to snag one of these unsniffed. It is just LOVELY!!! The intent is perfectly executed! I feel like a goddess who has been bathed by the cousins of Legolas....
  7. So I've had this massage client for a very long time...she's ALWAYS been a complainer. Like spent the entire 90 minutes complaining every single time (weekly). For the past 4 or 5 years it has been more of a complaining/crying combo. Still every single week for the entire 90 minutes. Where it's true that she has gone through a painful divorce, yes and was betrayed terribly...yes. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but it has become VERY difficult for me to continue listening. She's one of those martyr, everything-is-everyone-else's-fault types. The past few weeks I've had to cut her
  8. Wonder if it's bigger than a baby's arm! Bwahaha...shameless movie reference. Soooooo if more hints are forthcoming, I'll certainly participate in the showing of the racks. Cmon NJ!!!
  9. A SALE?!?! It never even occurred to me that that might happen..... oh excited!!! Kinda skeered ... but excited!! A little freaked out.... but mostly excited!!!
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