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  1. Staaaalking in the rain, I'm staalking in the rain!
  2. I really love this one too, it's foody on me but not heavy or cloying. It's comforting to me & a turn-on for my man. He snarfs me up when I wear this & HE insisted I get a full bottle!
  3. This is so plasticy & chemically on me and I'm so sad about it! Ima try it one more time and it's to the trading post I go if no better. *sniff*
  4. A "pheromone enhanced" LP has 333mcg/bottle where a "pheromone boosted" LP or the UN pheromones have 1000mcg/bottle. I think this is right anyway. The OCCOs have 30gtts of EoW cops/bottle and cops boosted LPs amounts can vary according to what the fragrance can handle. I have used cops in every amount imaginable. During times of relationship stress, super heavy cops applied neat with fab cover. Last night I used a bottle I boosted with only 5gtts & had AWESOME self-effects. I have been surprised at the success I've had with smaller amounts.....Mara's encouragement was right on target. I think with experimentation, you'll learn your parameters with him & cops. and I'm 36, my man is mid-fourties. His voice is so deep I actually have a hard time hearing him sometimes! LOL he's got it going on in his pants but isn't "guyish" in the typical way. So that's interesting about the testosterone!
  5. So I had BF wear this the other night, I wore OCCO Black and Open Windows. We went out to dinner and just had the most fabulous time. People were all over us! I didn't think the Dirty Old Man was overly patchy or incensy at all, but maybe that's because I was TOTALLY prepared for it to be all hippied out. I really really like the scent but can't really put my finger on the notes other than what the others have mentioned. The phero is AWES!!! I can't even tell y'all what he did to me when we got home....LAWD!!! Ahahahhaa!!!
  6. I practically bathed in it during my last "dot" and it was quite lovely. My skin chemistry did change it a bit, but not grotesquely. It was still clean and fresh. It's a nice way to feel when one is on the bleeds!
  7. I think it would be lovely layered with either OCCO White, Gold, or maybe even Pink. This IS a really yummy LP! The raspberry is def on top but as it dries down I get a warm spiciness.... like spicy honey with berry sauce. It's juicy and playful but it has an edge. Super YUM!
  8. Welcome! What did you order???
  9. It's coming it's coming Woot Woot Woot!!! My biggest order evah!!
  10. Oh Yes! I lived on Oahu as a child and I have recently developed a VERY strong desire to return. I have family on big island and want to take my 6 year old ASAP! Mara is really something else.....I swear she is SO intuitive and magical. She just ...knows. You know, I don't know if anyone else would get the Hawaiian vibe or not. It's just how it feels to me and that part of it was quite surprising!
  11. I was wondering what might be another choice...I don't have any but I HAVE been eyeing it lately... Proud and that she's EARNED her misery. How in the world could she put it down when she's worked so hard for it?! It is the saddest type of selfishness and the most pitiful show of low self esteem. I choose to view her as having the power to change her circumstances, rather than pity her...I try anyway. It's juvenile, really....to give so much of one's power away. I AM THE BOSS OF ME!!! I'm gonna have a Tshirt made and give her one...I'll be standing on top of a mountain with a glass of wine in one hand and a clutch of LPs in the other!
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