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    So far this seems very sweet and deliciously spicy, but woo doggie, this is making my skin a bit tender and burny. I shall use this one with care.
  2. Another rave for Teddy Man, this time on behalf of my brother, who was the lucky recipient of the remainder of my imp after I procured a full bottle. Within a week of his wearing it he reported a young lady becoming unusually interested in conversation with him (as he puts it, "I was rambling on about things she couldn't possibly care about, but she seemed very interested"), and he was asked out on a sort of date. He's not the most outgoing guy, but definitely sweet, so I'm glad he is finally getting the sort of attention he deserves. He's so funny with it too ; every time I see him and he isn't wearing it he says, "I'm scentless today. I forgot to put on my Wear Bear". Yep, I plan to make an addict out of him yet. He calls me his scent broker.
  3. I haven't smelled anything like smoke, but my first impressions of Torrid Sorcery were of cat urine and Hi-C fruit drink. It was that magical week in a woman's month where she celebrates her bodily festivities with a heating pad and copious amounts of chocolate and Midol. Every time I've worn it since then (and never again during) it has been flirty fruit punch, and the BI phero makes me feel like a badass hottie, which is so totally unlike me. I love it!
  4. Thank you for the link. I wasn't aware of CPS either. This may come in handy to retest a few scents I was ready to part with. As for Empathy and Harmony, I will have to give this a few more uses. I felt a bit out of sorts with my first application, but I often do when testing a new pheromone. My target audience wasn't ideal for the intent but I figured it would cause no harm to experiment. The scent was sort of sharp on me. It wasn't unpleasant; just not what I am used to.
  5. Ordered bottles of Torrid Sorcery and Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, with samples of Hungry Heart, Empathy and Harmony, Goddess of the Blue Moon, Heart's Ease, Compromising Positions, and Gitana for myself and samples of Weapon X, Ambuscade, and Lap of Luxury for my brother. Freebies from the sale are Luminessence and Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla.
  6. YAY! No worries, cinnamonmel; the package has arrived! Waiting for drydown, but so far I love Extracurriculars Proclivities, the mask is such a cool addition, and the Bpal imp smells like sexy man Very, very sweet of you; this just brightened up my day! Thank you very much And yes, ElizabethOSP, that's my Kitty, Sasuke. Hi to you, too!
  7. Still haven't received the sample, but fingers crossed it's just due to the slow mail service around here and not due to loss or damage (picturing a mailroom orgy beside a shattered vial :/). I have to buy stamps and mail a package sometime next week so I will inquire if they still have any mail held back for me.
  8. Both of my cats perk up when I apply any blend with cops and shoot me a surprised look as if to say, "You're leaving the house smelling like THAT?!" Sasuke seems to snuggle up and chill out more with Teddy BB, and I've caught him smooshing his nose into my wrists when I've worn Purple Puff and Carolyn's Man Nip, so I think he is a lavender fan. Niska seems to always snuggle against places I don't wear perfume and smell more like myself.
  9. It hasn't, but I did have my mail held most of last week because I was on vacation. I have a feeling not all of it has made its way to me yet. I will definitely let you know when it arrives
  10. I'm getting antsy pants! So excited for my first sale
  11. I ordered Purple Puff yesterday too. :/ I just couldn't take the chance of it selling out.
  12. This one puts a huge smile on my face every time. Darling Catalina smells like the most delicious orange frosted warm vanilla cake I could ever dream of and Popularity Potion makes me feel fun, energetic and outgoing. The orange tends to fade throughout the day so sometimes I refresh with Melted Dreams so that I feel like a walking party and smell like cake and ice cream. Darling Catalina will definitely be a full bottle purchase.
  13. Heh, that was actually my third buy, and a fourth is heading my way. (blushes) I always smile at the kitty in your avatar, katz. It looks very similar to my other cat, Niska, minus the super happy tail.
  14. Thanks again, everybody! And thank you very much cinnamonmel, I will email Mara right now. I'm glad Sasuke made you smile, he's such a goofball
  15. mcreepers

    Heart of Fire

    Decided to try this without reading scent notes. First impression- ginger ale, with the sort of effervescence that tickles your nose. As it dried down the notes I mistook for fizziness settled into to something softly peppery. Upon reading the reviews I definitely see the likeness of a lightly spiced tea scent, though my untrained nose is still convinced of more ginger than orange. A very unique and light scent on me, I could see this being a good summer into early autumn fragrance.
  16. Welcome sunnyme! Purple Puff is an excellent first choice
  17. Haha cinnamonmel, I'm almost tempted to send him to you. He is a troublemaker I have never tried Insolence and actually am not sure if the violet in Far, Far Away will agree with my chemistry but the addition of Audacious intrigued me. I'm taking a bit of a risk buying Rocket Fuel unsniffed but once I read about it I couldn't get the thought of it out of my head. I am interested in your sample of Extra Curricular Pro. If you can explain to me how I would be happy to purchase it from you.
  18. Thanks to all! Well, I pored through countless reviews, made several mock orders, and tried to sit on my hands waiting for the new releases but patience has never been my virtue. If all went as planned I have T.M.I. and Rocket Fuel III coming to me, with samples of Far, Far Away, Pouncing Potion, Cougar, and Kitten Nip. Very, very excited!
  19. Heh, all recommendations are welcome. I would have tried Extracurricular Proclivities if a sample size was available because reviews did seem favorable and not too alarming. I will definitely keep it in mind for the future if it is still around. I will include a sample of Cougar in my next order, and already have a bit of Garland and Lace to play around with. Thanks for the suggestions!
  20. Thanks, everybody! I have been very intrigued by Heart 2 Heart after reading the discussion that took place while people were testing without prior knowledge of its intent. Maybe I'm a bit silly in my hesitation but it sounds soooo powerful. I have mainly been focused in trying social and relaxing blends that are work friendly (I'm a hairdresser and natural nail technician), and some flirty attention grabbers that aren't overly sexual for the after-work hours. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them!
  21. Oh, this is sooo good. Rich, decadent brownie batter. Chocolate scents tend to smell sweaty on me and sometimes coffee goes bitter but this stays delicious and creamy the entire time. I haven't noticed any effects from the Cuddle Bunny yet other than generally feeling cozy and more comfortable in my own skin. I plan to test this more once the temperature outside cools down a bit.
  22. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! Yes, the kitty is my goofball catdog Sasuke. He plays fetch, eats my shoes, talks back to me, and loves hamming it up for anyone who will notice. I have another male cat, Niska, but he's more serious and cat-like. He's not so fond of cameras.
  23. Haha, thank you! I would take you up on the offer, but I am almost positive I would never recognize my own posts if I changed my name!
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