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Top 5 Sugared Layerables for Men

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All sexes allowed to chime in here. I am considering maybe picking up Sugared or two during the current Sale. I am curious if there are opinions out there of the best Sugared Layerables for Men. You know, not too feminine. I have Sugared Patchouli, Amber and Frakinsence & Myrrh. Actually wearing Sugared Amber right now and like it. The list is so damn long and many look good. That Sugared Campifire looks mighty intriguing.


YOUR thoughts:

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Not at all because I am on the label, but the Mara' s Sugared Oakmoss is a great layerable for men's fragrances. It actually is a very common and classical note long used in the fragrance industry for both men's and women's blends. It wears well on many men and some women, even on its own. Just one to consider out of the mind boggling many! :)

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I am not sure the sizes - you would have to ask Mara for that.


My recommendations:


Sugared Egyptian Musk: If you like Pashazade, then this is for you

This blends well with:

Sugared Black Pepper

Sugared Green Tea


Sugared Black Musk: If you like "sweeter" men's colognes (think Burberry Brit), then this could work for you.


If you like outdoorsy scents combine:

Sugared Green Musk

Sugared Woods


I think you might want to compare Sugared Smoke with Sugared Campfire. I like the Sugared Smoke.


If you want a clean linen type scent combine:

Sugared Clean Musk

Sugared Clean Linen

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I vote for Sugared Sandalwood. I'm a freak for Sandalwood, though.

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Hey, can these be bought as trial vials or do you have to get the 1/6th oz size as the smallest?

The latter; as Rose noted there is no trial vial size for the Sugared Layerables.

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Hey Happy I asked Thundr for you because I just happened to be talking to him earlier. He says Imprint is sandalwood and tonka. It's Mysore Sandalwood specifically. Mara typically uses a bunch of accords for each Sugared.

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