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I echo what cheesy said, and would add, you can get it by ordering a sample of Rose Dust, from the most recent New Releases... the scent is fabulously sophisticated and fun, very congruent with Pop Potion! And yes, welcome!

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Generally, yes that is true. I would say start out with trying Kingmaker or Leopold or Super 2 or Xavier, or if there's a particular scent you like or want to try you can get it boosted. Some guys prefer to use the unscented and then cover with their choice of fragrance, whether it be LPMP or some other brand. I forgot to mention MVP, that might also be one to try, you can get it in Touchdown!


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Thank s...

So now i want to know what is the best for cold country between oil or alchool base

I live up high in the Northeastern area. I have both. A lot depends on the phero blend. Sexy, cop heavy stuff is usually better in oil close to the skin. You don't want cops up by your face.

Oils last longer and my body heat gives it plenty of throw, yes even under my clothes (I used to worry about that). In winter when its much colder & dry the oils are my preference (in general) they just last longer in dry air. Sprays have more throw but burn off faster.

If you go with spray, I'd say go with the 60/40 ratio. IMO, I get the best of both worlds (longevity & throw) with that mix.

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Thank s.

So now i want to boost homme with charisma.

Do you think if I add cops for 5$ can improve the product . Could I get hits from lesbians also ??

Or I would tend to spoil the product ??

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Luna listed 3 great scents that are already boosted with either Charisma or SS4M which are great pheromone mixes. I love all three of them.


I am also one of those guys Luna referred to that likes to uses unscented pheromones under a variety of different fragrances.


Like PM said, don't add cops to the Charisma mix. Either get Pashazade or Heart Throb as a stand alone pheromone. I highly recommend Pashazade.


LIke Halo said, even with cops, you will not attract lesbians. They are attracted to other women. Pheromones are not mind control. They are more like subtle hints and it will be up to you to get people to act on those hints through your behavior. All the chemically based subtle hints in the world however will not make you a woman lol.

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