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Scent and phero pairings

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 I love this comment from @Eve in the Stalk Talk thread:



I think it would be cool if @Potion Master presented a collection as an entrees menu, but instead of wine pairings, she’d offer phero suggestions for each. 


So I thought it would be fun to list some favorite phero and scent pairings! 


I feel like LP O and LP Red would go with almost anything.  LP Pink is pretty versatile too, but I probably wouldn't wear with something like a calming phero (it's so bright and energetic with the pinkness for me), while I could see how the deeper and smoother LP O or even LP Red could be comforting and grounding.  


My favorite, LFM: anything elegant. LP White is a go to for me, Sally's Daytime Elegance is great as well. A lot of white florals and the LPs from the 2019 French Collection. 

Levitation: I like pairing Levitation with scents that are "happy-in-a-bottle." You know that bright fruity scent that makes you smile as soon as you smell it? That one! I'm thinking Pink Pearl, Rubylicious, Keyani, LP Pink. For some reason I always think of summer scents with Levitation, even though it works beautifully in fall/winter scents like Flying Potion. I think it's just what my nose associates with the vibe of the phero. 


Curious to hear your favorite phero and scent pairings!

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I'm going to do this from the perspective of boosting bottles because that's generally how I wear pheros, rather than layering.

- Anything I perceive as "stimulating" I would usually want to pair with a-nol or Levitation.  I boosted a bottle of Elan Vitale (red currant and grapefruit) with a-nol, as example.

-But grapefruit (because of the glamour effect) is also perfect for Cougar Potion; I boosted a bottle of Adrienne's Tangy Ylang with Cougar.

-One of my favorite boosts was Embody The Tarot: The Sun with Focus Potion because all of the ingredients were for mental clarity/acuity, creativity, etc. - all sort of "mindfulness" type of qualities.  So I'd do the same with Mega Watt, either that or a coffee/tea scent.

-Honey scents tend to ask for something more sexual.  Pharmacom did a variant of Cuddle Bunny that was rather more sexually aggressive, so that had go into a bottle of Sugared Honeycomb.

-I like something like TMI with a scent which provokes proximity.  We had the Drop Your Guard phero before and I put that in a bottle of Nasty Habits because it's one of those which turns into a skin scent the longer you wear it.

-I have a spray with Intellectual Woman combined with NoCo Sandalwood & Resins (which has a nice warm neutrality) and I think that's also great for SWS or True Confessions as something you don't want to be too obvious but will eventually make itself known.  And it's good for layering something else on top as well.


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Okaaaaay 😎. Here we are with a new bunch of goodies to try out, and most of the fall/winter releases do not have added pheromones.  

What do we think will go with each?  

@luna65 I’m hoping for your take on as many as you’re willing to comment on. I found it interesting that you don’t layer your scents with pheros, but have Mara boost them.  And not just Luna,  I want the phero savvy amongst us  to offer their take too.  

Instead of going in a nice orderly alphabetical fashion, I’m going to ask about the ones I  *think*  I’ll be most interested in, and please, I want others  to contribute with the new NRs they want to add to the list. 


First one for me is Beewitched.  I like that it can be a sexy fragrance all on its own.  If I like it a lot, and decide to buy four bottles, how should I pair it, or have it boosted?  In my imaginary future collection of Beewitched bottle, I would keep one as a virgin and  have one boosted with an OCCO level of cops, but what should I do with the remaining two?  Seeing as this is my own little (imaginary)  stash I’ll give a bit more information about phero blends I like or don’t like. Good ones for me are BI LFN.  There are  others I like, such as Lumina, Charisma 4W, LFM, Gotcha and Sexology, but it  sounds like these  might not have a heavy hitting enough sexual edge to be a match for Beewitched.   But what do I know?  I’ve not even sniffed it yet. 

Sexpionage is great, but I have an almost full bottle of another scent that has Sexpionage, and am not feeling the love for adding it to something else right now. Cuddle bunny is good too.  I’m iffy at best for Leather, and just no to Dominance.  I don’t know if I’ve tried Lace on it’s own, just the scented version. 

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BeeWitched is an SLF so I'm going to say it should be either OCCO-level cops or whatever sexual-social or sexual blend you most want to use.



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Found this quote from Luna in this thread and thought it was helpful! But what makes a floral "sparkling"?


On 7/21/2015 at 7:21 PM, luna65 said:

M: as per your request for scent types:



Alpha-Androstenol - clean green or masculine citrus

Phero B2.2 - musk or unisex
Charisma - musk or green chypre
Dirty Old Man - I think you should stick with the same scent for this one.

Hunter Trapper - deep resin blend
Open Windows - subtle musk
MVP for Men - clean green or aquatic
Perfect Match - unisex

Swimming With Sharks - clean green or sheer musk

Topper - clean green or aquatic

True Confessions - musk or masculine gourmand



Alpha-Androstenol - fruity (i.e citrus)

Balm Bomb - gourmand lavender

BANG! - SLF or fuckable gourmand

Blatant Invitation - flowery musk

Dominance - deep resin blend

Empathy Potion - fuzzy herbal or comforting resins

G2 - musk or unisex

Girl/Girl - unisex floral

Gotcha! - "man magnet" gourmand type

Heart & Soul - gourmand
Lace - fruity floral
La Femme Mystere - sparkling floral
La Femme Noire - deep resin blend
Leather - unisex or deep resin blend

Levitation - fruity

Lumina - airy floral

Mega Watt - caffeinated!
Mother's Little Helper - comfort gourmand
Open Windows - comfort gourmand or subtle musk
Perfect Match - unisex
Popularity Potion - sparkling floral or glamour citrus

Swimming With Sharks - subtle resin/musk

Topper - fruity

Treasured Hearts - sugary floral or subtle musk

True Confessions - musk or unisex


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4 hours ago, Eve said:

Bumping this thread up:


I think if I were going to add a phero to Sweet Leaf, it would be a calming social type. 

Speaking as a guy, if I would phero boost Sweet Leaf, I'd add either 3M or TLG to it because both are attractive yet snuggly blends.  

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