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Adrienne's Honeyed Sin


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Ingredients: Honey, Cinnamon, Vanilla


Dry: A rich and sweet honey with a sprinkling of cinnamon. The cinnamon is not in your face but light, just enough to remind you it's there, spicing up the honey. The cinnamon does seem to get a bit stronger after it's dried and some time passes. It evolves to a nice balance between honey and cinnamon with a faint aroma of vanilla.


This one is really nice!

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Most often honey and vanilla don't mesh well on me. For example, I cannot wear Possets' The Girls Love Vanilla because it ends up as severe funkiness on my skin. On the other hand, Cremoso's B is wonderful. But this is one of those where the former is true, although it's not horrible, but there's just something...off, sadly. But I love the thick and rich honey note I get from the vial, so...scent locket, I guess.

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This is the wooziest, sexiest, smuttiest honey ever with some equally smutty musk. It must be dark honey for sure and had me swooning at first sniff. Really dark, naughty and downright delicious; think the even more sinful sister of Naughty Sweet & Dirty. It's really heady and potent; I could smell it on me even when the smell of baking cookies was filling the house! DAY-um! :J005:

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