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Kimberley's Pink and Orange Dragons


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Very nice! Sweet, with citrus and pink sugar. I think it smells a little like Nerds candy. (Yum!) The orange blossom also reminds me of rice pudding. And underneath it is a nice smoky resin. A really great combination-- I keep going back for another sniff!

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I just got a sniffie of this and WOOOO I love it. It is indeed pink and orange. It smells like pinkly candied neroli. I love neroli. It's a like a sweet that would be not crunchy but not totally soft either, pink sugary shell (not crispy like a Cadburys Mini Egg though)on the outside with a syrupy orange-coloured, neroli-scented interior.


I'd love this to be available and put in a really rich body cream so that I could smother it on after a bath and roll around naked on clean sheets :D

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I'm sorry to start another review thread but I really couldn't find the thread for this one at all - please move it if need be! I can't even find it on the LP Page? Perhaps it has been renamed? I have only a little sniffee of it, which is a shame because it's beautiful! It's like a lovely sparkling pink scent, like sherbet. The orange lends a really bright note to it, but doesn't go yucky like some citrus can. It's a subtle orange, just enough to bring an edge to the pink. I don't know what else is in it, as it dries down I can smell something a bit deeper like amber maybe. Nice!

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