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Far, Far Away with Audacious

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This was among my first samples from LP and I really liked the scent and the phero. I kept thinking that I'd come back for a FB as soon as I tried out a couple of other ones first. HA!! I know better now that the FB list just grows with each month's NRs.


DD, your AVI always makes me do a double take because I swear those could be my boobs under that robe. I feel like zooming in to see if I can recognize anything else. LOL

I love DD's avi. I love your new one too, GG! Is that you belly dancing around the fire??? :w00t:


Oh and just so I'm not totally threadjacking...I do enjoy Far Far Away! I just have a sample vial, with probably not that much left in it. What I wear much more, though, is the UN Audacious phero. Love eeeet! :) Looks like it's being discontinued, but my bottle is going to last a nice long time.

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Just tried this for the first time, no comments on the phero or effects since I'm just at home by myself... but the fragrance is perfume-y fruity to me right away and after some dry time. Alright, but I don't see myself using this kind of scent too often, it's a bit too heavy handed perfume-y for me. I can see some people really enjoying this sort of scent though.

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Wearing this today because I love the scent & I wanted to try out the phero at work. I smell great! Really, really great. But I'm feeling... not *grumpy* per se, but I'm feeling rather short-tempered and like I might say something I know I really shouldn't say if one of my customers ticks me off. I love how beautiful this one smells though... such a soft-wearing, sheer scent, just a hint of a mauvy- feeling gauzy thing. I love it. :D

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Would you (or could you) re-brew this?!?? :Love09751::Emoticons04235: Gawd, I hope so!!! It sounds so fabulous, but it sold out before I knew what an impact LPMP would have on my life. It has all my favorite notes!!!! (I made my first order at the end of Aug. 2012) Violet-Raspberry fruity floral?? This sounds SOOO right up my alley!!! :fingers-crossed::beggingpleasesmiley::begging::yes::chimp85::draggy::018A1D~14::woohoonaner2gy::020105~21:

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I've been wearing this to work on and off for the past few weeks, and it really seems to be a great, confidence-inducing blend for that application. Being a rather nervous, jittery person - I'm easily spooked - it's pretty nice having something like this in my arsenal. I've never worn Audacious to work before, (that I can remember), so it's a bit of a surprise to find that the hip-swingy quality that I feel while wearing it out and about, also translates well to my feeling more confident and "in-charge" or "in control" at work. And in fun-lovin' way, too, which is important in this particular restaurant/bar environment. I feel more relaxed and in-control, and my customers seem to pick up on this. So do my co-workers. I've noticed a little bit of an elevated mood in my co-workers especially. And in myself, I've noticed a subtle shift in how I approach work while I'm wearing this. I don't feel as pressured to move so quickly. I feel a lot more relaxed about what I have to accomplish in a certain time-frame, and seem to accomplish all of it, even though I feel like I'm strolling, instead of striding quickly through the place. For a "nervous" chickee like me, it's a pretty sweet change of pace! Diggin'! 


Plus, this is STILL the same bottle I got when I first joined LP back in 2012, and it smells ah-maz-ing! I know Audacious already has cops in it, but Far, Far Away smells pretty great with OCCO: Purple, so I've been pairing them up. Really, really diggin'! :D 

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