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Sugared Honeycomb

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My take on Sugared Honeycomb, short version: GORGEOUS, GET EEEEET!!!


Longer version: This started off as straight up dark honey on me (it reminded me of the buckwheat honey we use as a natural cough syrup, actually) but it softened within an hour or so into a sweet, more floral honey scent. It's lovely and warm, not cloying at any stage, and did wonderful things as my body temp fluctuated throughout the day (I'm cold blooded by nature, but had to go out into the 90+ degree heat a couple of times). Inside the air conditioning, it was a "my skin, but sweeter and richer" scent. I actually don't think it would have come across as "you smell like honey" to anyone else at that phase, it was a bit more ambiguous. Outside in the heat, it bloomed into sweet honeycomb, dripping honey, with mouthwatering whiffs floating up every time I moved my arms (I applied to my inner wrists only). It's definitely got lasting power, I could still detect it, no nose smooshing against wrist required, at the 9 hour mark when I finally showered and washed it off.


Bottom line, this is an absolutely beautiful honey scent, coming across as neither corn syrup nor cat pee. I can see why it's got the sexy reputation, but at least on me, it doesn't scream sex, more like coyly implies it. ;) This is one I'm never going to want to be without! I can imagine it layering nicely with other scents but I don't think I could actually bring myself to cover it up with anything else.

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How similar is this fragrance to Pherogirl? I loooove the scent of Pherogirl on me (a pleasant surprise--in the vial it smelled kinda...vile. So glad I decided to give it a chance, because it makes me smell deeelicious ;) ), but it would be nice to have a version without cops for added versatility.

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Er, never mind. I just found the answer to my question--UNE for Women. This place is awesome.


I am still interested in the comparison of the fragrances, though. From reading the reviews of this, it might be going on my Wish List, but if the two are really similar, I might just stick to Pherogirl/UNE for now.

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I am such a fan of this perfume. It smells warm and golden, tasty and sweet without being cloying, and of course delightfully of honey. It is such an exact replica of the true honey scent that when I apply it people sniff and exclaim "oh, I smell honey". There's never any equivocation. It wears true for hours and is a natural foil for lots of LP scents, since so many of them are sexy, gourmand, or even have honey notes.


I really hope the rebooted Sugared Honeycomb in the Sugared Layerables collections will be just like this older version.

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