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I received & tried this today and I love it! It's light fruity with a light floral undertone (rose stems). A perfect carrier for the Magnet phero blend. Though it is light and soft, I still cannot detect the cops when I sniff my wrists after application. :love:

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I need to get a bottle! keep forgetting about this potion but when I sample it,Its such a nice spring /summer type scent.I bet this would be perfect for those hot summer days..mmm

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I would bathe in this stuff if it wouldnt give me a head ache lol


It was HOT (hellaciously, i might add) and this stuff floated around me, i was pretty happy :D


First on, it smelled like crisp green apples being peeled. Was like that for about three hours then it smelled like i was in the garden pruning flower bushes which made me feel pretty drowsy(??) now that its near bedtime, i notice the two smells combined and it was like i was in the garden peeling apples and tending to the bushes all day.


Its definitely "green"-- if it had a smell, this would be it


I got some pretty okay hits, i didnt (really) notice until i had my TG get all up in my personal bubble, ill tell my story in a reg. LAM thread heh

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I pulled this out for the soon to be short spring :nice09715:

Summer is going to obliterate everything, i just know it lol


I still love this if not a lot more now, The hits are so crazy! Everyone perks up a bit n talks forever. I love how this can go either way and omg it aged nicely, it turned into a very nice mellow green scent with that 'apple' adding a fresh zing to it


Still boggles my mind that i havent even gotten a fb after all this time :eek:

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I'm starting off with a L/H vibe on this one... I snatched it up because it was on ArtFire and I'd read so many good comments on it! BUT... I've tried it twice now and both times I get a real dull headache going and the scent is very synthetic & plasticky (is that a word?) on me. I started out the same with Sex & Violins (love/hate) but since learned that less = more (and while I don't L O V E it every time, I won't part with it either!) So... what might I be doing wrong here?

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I wouldnt say that anythings wrong. When i first wore this it gave me a headache, too.

Perhaps it needs to age a bit..? I would come back to it later, these usually morph a ton---or your 'taste' becomes more developed to where you can appreciate it.


Some of the scents in the phero-blends dont always agree with skin chemistry....If that so happens to be the case, if the scent is really really bothering you, you can go to the trade threads & LP store to look for different variations of LAM.


But if its the phero thats giving you a headache (That silly Alpha-Nol :rolleyes: )

try applying it away from your face and chest. I used to do one swipe with my sample to my inner forearm and smoosh it, that helped a lot when i was starting out with it. I can slather to my hearts content now as long as im well hydrated (inside and out) and fed haha!


Im incredibly noobish and sort of parroting stuff that i read around the threads...so, sorry if the advice isnt exactly smooth :blush:

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