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It's sexy ENGLISH boy smell at it's best. English Ivy and dry tobacco leaf, a few drops of well worn leather aroma over a sexy Arabian Musk. purrrrrrr...


I haven't posted about this previously because I was wanting to see how it would age. I think it's melded into what it will be, so now's a good time. I suppose.


I had this made for Quince for our anniversary, and since Delicious Wood was a tribute, of sorts, to where he is now (geographically), I thought he should have a scent as a reminder of where he came from (although he grew up in a suburb of London rather than in the country). He likes leather-based scents (such as Ares) and I like them on him, and he likes green scents, so that's where I got the idea to combine leather and ivy and once I did that, the fox hunting motif seemed appropriate for the name and label. I picked out the images which Mara then combined to create it, and that field is indeed an English one.


At first he smelled the leather more than anything and he said, "I smell like a saddle, and I like it!" and it is that newish/sharpish kind of leather scent. Wet, it's a perfect melding of the leather and the ivy. After a time the leather backs off a bit and you can sense the musk on the bottom making those other notes deeper. I can't really smell the tobacco although I asked for blond tobacco specifically because I knew Q wouldn't want it to be too strong. I think it probably melds with the leather in this case. In the drydown it's got a fresh green aspect grounded by the other notes and thus it's nicely masculine.


Mara did a wonderful job in making this a "proper man scent" as Q would say. He likes it, he says it suits him down to the ground even though he's not that kind of Limey (and he claims he is my favorite fetish object, rabid Anglophile that I am), and that's good enough for me. :)

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So well thought out on your part and made specifically for him. I think it's such a lovely thing to do and the notes sounds gorgeous!!

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I might be willing to let one go, but Robert and quietguy have first dibs.


Now that I've smelled this on the Quince-beast, it is nicely sexy on him once it gets warmed up (just regular wear, you perverts :P), the musk is really smooth and deep and the green sticks around in the top.

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