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  1. But at the same time, I think you're also missing what's being said here. You can get the effects of smelling like vagina without actually smelling like vagina. That's what we love about EoW and why many of us feel like you don't need anything else. You don't have to smell like it for it to work! But if you do want to smell that way, as others have pointed out, LPMP offers several fragrances that smell like straight up sex, and there may be some vials of Jouir de floating around, which to me smells like cooch after sex. And people love it! And again, you have the opportunity to make your own private edition that smells exactly like you! So when you say things like, "gosh, it'd be nice if companies figured this out" or wish they made better working products or "why hasn't anyone done this?", from my perspective, it seems as if you are implying that LPMP hasn't, and that's precisely what people are trying to explain. This company has its ear to what its customers want more so than any other place I've done business with! I think that's what's raising folks' hackles.
  2. Definitely! Sometimes the intent of the ingredients just meld better with the intent of the phero. Like Luna said, Cougar Potion is a perfect example (for women). At first I thought it was just a strength thing, but even the other enhanced scents with Cougar don't hold a candle to the Cougar Potion, for me anyway. The intent of the ingredients are just on point!
  3. When I first smelled this, my eyes rolled back in my head. it is that good! Definitely atmospheric. On me, it's light and silky, vanilla with the barest hint of booze. (Thank goodness, because i tend to amp it something fierce!) The musk is clean, not too powdery, and very elegant. The sandalwood adds a touch of deepness to it. To me, this is more like wearing a white satiny negligee in a cabin where there's just a hint of smoke after the fire has gone out. I agree. Very sultry!! I'd bathe in this if it came in a gallon size. Beccah, I don't know. this wears very light on me. I can't imagine that it could cover the cops in Bang! But I will try it. you know, for the sake of science.
  4. My guy is alpha, too, and he doesn't get depressed around this in blends, so yeah...in agreement with y'all! It mellows him, but still nothing that I would call depressed. (And my guy has depression, so I know his signs.) But this was really interesting!
  5. BlueBear


    I put trying this one off for awhile because it smelled too green in the vial. And it was too green for the first couple of minutes. but then a sharper note comes out that really caught my attention. Like Katz said, I think it's got to be the lotus. Then it smoothed down into this delicious, softly green, softly floral scent. I had to double check to be sure this didn't have any oak moss in it, because I get a light powdery vibe somewhat similar to Karmiel's Silken Moonlight. Very lovely and a surprise like!!
  6. I would consider it a dominate pheromone. It's definitely more on the aggressive side. Bella, I'm a lightweight, so I'm usually fine just applying to my torso. But I tend to run warm, so that heat really diffuses it for me. Leather I will sometimes add to my wrists if I'm in a meeting setting and I need to get the the "I'm in charge" vibe out there since I talk with my hands.
  7. BlueBear

    A Wake

    I was thinking of my comments in Bella's thread and decided to revisit my saved vials, only to find I hadn't reviewed this beauty!! This is absolutely gorgeous. First on, it was a blast of coffee, very similar to Titillating Temptress. After a few minutes, it settles down to a sweet, cinnamony, cream. The pumpkin is very fresh, more like the pumpkin in Pumpkin Musk, a very true pumpkin, more like the can of pumpkin as compared to the can of pumpkin pie filling. There are pumpkin spices here, but they're very light. As it dries down, the pumpkin and cream blend together for one of those close to the skin scents. I can't keep my wrist away from my nose!!!
  8. This was also not what I expected. This is light, elegant fresh and floral scent that's made richer by the wood. The honeysuckle adds just a touch of sweetness. The rose is more of a suggestion on my skin, not as forward as some of the other rose scents. The wood notes are the most prominent for me. they almost sort of remind me of smoking pipes.
  9. I got a bottle of Moist and my reserved bottle of White Cobra.
  10. I can't say I'm surprised that Cougar +LAM is bringing you sexual attention. Both blends have cops in them. That's what's doing it. How are your reactions with Cougar alone? Is it still sexier than you're looking for? If your aim is conversation, why not try Open Windows alone? It's absolutely fabulous. Or like Stacy K said, Perfect Match. Or Popularity Potion? It's similar to Cougar. If you want just a hint of sexy, a dash of cops with those have good results. (Although PM with cops is kind of an intensely sexy bonding experience for me. I'd only wear it with my guy.)
  11. In the vial, it smells very similar to the previous two OCCO: Ambrosias. First on, I get a blast of chocolate cherry. After a few minutes, the thick richness lightens up as the mango comes out. The cherry is fresh and mildly sweet. In the previous versions, the cocoa absolute melded with the patchouli and made an excellent base to the bright fruits. In this one, the chocolate is much more present, more of a main character as opposed to the stage crew. Sadly, my skin amps chocolate, and I get more and more of that as this wears on. I guess the brightness of the maraschino cherries in the earlier brews were able to overcome this on me but not this cherry. It is a very lovely variant, though. Different enough (to my nose, anyway) to justify getting a new bottle!
  12. This is my second day wearing this, and I can't get enough of it!! I was reading through the reviews, and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the jasmine and delicious florals you ladies were. On me, this was a bright, sweet, and almost fruity scent. Like Katz said, there's almost a berry vibe going here. I can't imagine what it is. could it be the maile? I know it's some type of Hawaiian plant, but I can't say I've ever smelled it. It wasn't until hours and hours later that it drifted towards a light, musky floral. I can identify it as jasmine, but it's not as heady as it usually is on me. Very clean and fresh, even after wearing all day. I had to grab a bottle of this quick!! Also, I think I must be a hedione responder. Just like with H2OOO, I can't keep my nose away from the application points.
  13. BlueBear


    LOL, yep! And I hadn't read any of the descriptions before smelling so this was a WONDERFUL surprise! The Marine thought it was "too floral." *roll eyes* I think I will stop asking for his opinion and buy them anyway. Plausible deniability.
  14. This one is really interesting. I'm not getting the intensely beachy feel that everyone else is. There's coconut, but it's just a hint. The smoked sugar cane isn't exactly smoky, but there's something natural smelling about it. I can definitely relate to the warmed skin vibe. There's a light hint of something peppery when I first put this on. I can't decide if it's the amber or the sugar cane. Whatever it was, it was awesome, a great grounding note to an otherwise light scent. I definitely have to test this with a proper slather.
  15. Welcome! From what you've said, it doesn't sound like your relationship has any issues, but you've said that you have an issue with his prior one. So I'd suggest that in addition to the bonding pheros the others mentioned above, maybe you could try one to give yourself a boost. Try La Femme Mystere. You will feel so smoking hot and awesome that you won't even care about his ex!!!
  16. BlueBear

    Kissed by the Sun

    Black currant and coconut? Who would have thunk it? The currant adds a sweet dark edge to this and keeps it balanced. Sometimes patch can run amok on me, and really the reason I didn't look at this as Tyvey's PE, but it's truly the grounding note in this. It's very nice. It's bright and fruity without being beachy and got two this up from both of us here at the cave!
  17. BlueBear


    this is so, so beautiful!! If you love cherry blossoms, you will love this. It's a light floral scent without a lot of sweetness. The musk is of a soapy variety. The lemon grass and ginger are not prominent, but they do add a much needed edge to keep this from going off the floral deep end. The tea is understated but awesome! It's cool and refreshing and anchors the scent. A bottle for sure!!
  18. I would have never guessed watermelon when I first smelled this. It was a pink vanilla buttercream frosting, with a warm, deep richness from the amber. After it dried down a bit, a started to detect the watermelon, but like others said, it's of the candied variety, like a less tart Jolly Rancher. It's sweet, but on me, the creamy notes dominate. It actually smells like a candied watermelon version of Purple Puff. It wears very close to the skin. I do lose a bit of the pink and candy from it, but a small bit of the along with the cream and Amber last well into the day, and it's quite nice.
  19. I totally get the Gamboge comparison. In the vial and first on, the two were very similar, but within five minutes, I started to get that familiar Love Potion base. The pineapple is less intense and more of an accent than a dominant note. It adds that sweet summery touch to it. The sleeper note is the freesia. It hovers there right between the patchouli amber base and the fruity top notes. It's what turns this into a summer day. I don't find it to be patch heavy, so don't be afraid!! It's absolutely beautiful.
  20. Once again, I smelled these "blind." In the vial, this was creamy coconut with a dash of something fresh and watery. I immediately decided that not only must the Marine try this on, but I should as well! Everything in this is well balanced. The cucumber adds a hint of sharpness that keeps the coconut tamed. The peppermint, along with the water accords and the coconut, lends to a cool vibe as well as offers a tiny bit of sweetness to the blend. There's something almost plumeria like in the floral notes. I think that might be the birds of paradise. I don't really detect the juniper. The sandalwood is a great base note that stays in the background but becomes a bit more prominent in the long drydown, a warm and more masculine scent. Like warm man skin. The jury's still out on the hedione. I don't smell anything that could be it, and i haven't yet seen any effects. I The Marine thought it smelled too watery (which is the point!!! Hello, H2OOO!) but i think it's perfect for me!
  21. I smelled this without looking at the notes. In the vial, it smelled wonderfully fresh and almost like sand and/or salt. On my skin it was the same. Gradually, I started getting more floral and a little more honey. It's a nice, middle of the road, not too smutty honey. The cocoa butter is warm and creamy. I wasn't getting the Pherodise vibe others were, but I was really digging this beachy scent...until Aja showed up. I really want to love the stuff, and I can definitely see its effects, but my skin just amps it to high heaven. It's all that's left of that wonderful scent.
  22. I missed this thread yesterday! I'm still on for the White Cobra!! I also missed the 80s discussion, but I gotta share these gems with y'all! I was a kid, but my mom liked us to be totally trendy, so I had little shoulder pads in my clothes and she crimped my hair and used a metric ton of Aquanet to hold it in the Texas heat. I also had these overalls that was made of acid washed denim and the pants portion was baggy, almost to the point of parachute pants!!!!!!
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