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  1. Late night on a Friday, itching for my order. Can't wait. Broke the bank. Ooooooh.....the anticipation!!! I have to smell these. Pretty pretty please.
  2. Awww, you are very lucky. My over exageratted point is, we're human's and we all long for those things. It might be from many, it might be from one. Depends on the person. But the longing and wants exist in all of us. Pheros bottom line is to get us what we want.
  3. Yah, unfortunately, we're dealing with men here. Everything is a mating signal. Brushing your hair, smiling, looking at them, saying hi. This is why they see pheros as a way to get laid. It all comes down to that. We're a little more complicated. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I see it: For men Respect = power = admiration = get laid Talking = openess = likes me = get laid Cuddling = fun = trust = get laid For women Beauty/Sexiness = tease = maybe get laid Cuddling = closeness = relationship = maybe get laid if in the mood Respect = confidence = power = tell men to shove it where the sun dont shine Talking = friendship = reaching out = get men to tell the truth
  4. Ok, I refreshed. Got it now. Oooooooh. Gulp! Next month is a doozy. When you're hot, you're hot.
  5. Nothing is certain in life other than death and taxes. Hehehe.
  6. What comes in the mothly pack? Everything including the samples of the pheroblends?
  7. Wow the Potion Masters are really creative. 10 + releases a month is insane. So, it's only two people making and shipping and updating web, forum and mail? Bah! Time to get more help! If I hadn't hit my limit. I'd go for the monthly pack to be sure. Til Death is an awesome concept, as well as the puppy for Taxed and the Venus one. Honeyed Seduction is going to fly off the shelf for sure. I wish I knew more about what's inside the potions.
  8. Ok testimony time... Not only do I like the smell, I think me landed me a good one. . I have to admit, I cheated and use a concotion of pheros I made up with this perfume. That evening in 15 minutes I got hit after hits, wearing a turtleneck in a club! When I left, this somewhat cute stranger walked next to me and I was being friendly and chatty. I asked if he had friends in the area and offered to be a friend. He left wanting my email. Ok, good sign, he knows how to write. He who knows how to write, likes communicating. YES! I didn't think much of it and had been on the ins and outs with this other. So I kind of forgot about this gentleman. Needless to say, that one dwindled again. So I decided to continue talking to this new one. Well I met up with him again, gee he was a hunk. What was I not thinking? He was so funny too. And get this he's a man in uniform. One he was a commanding officer for the army and second he was a programmer, a techie like me. I never thought I would meet a smart, alpha, gentleman! Wowza, just what I've been looking for. I always get 1 out of 3, but here it is three out of three. The reason I think i was the LP pink is because I was reading Mara's story how her friend wore one of the first LPs and met the guy she married. Er..... things are hinting.... Anyways, LP's and phero combos are really fun.
  9. I've discover pheros are basically human scent that triggers one's desire to mate. Where as perfume triggers emotions and if blend well, imagery and fantasy. The man already has the desire to mate, that's why he's your man. Pheros to just kick it up a notch. It's funny how some blends make him more aggressive, romantic or sensual though. I blended three different blends for the same guy and it's kinda of funny to see his reaction. My observation is with random strangers, attention comes from: #1 is your body, shape, size, the way you move (attitude I guess) #2 is your face, ooh she's his type, or so exotic/stunning, and expression #3 is your scent #4 is your personality (when they finally have the balls to talk to you) That means he was already somewhat attracted to you, before he smelled you. The smell just makes him pay attention more, to mentally and emotionally put the peices together. 1 and 2 is changeable. #3 scent affects how you move and your expression first, then it affects him. #4 is last, but that is what makes you worth pursuing long term or not.
  10. I think just cougar with grapefruit that has DPG. But they didn't list all the ingredients of Pharacom's blend. So it might have D5 as well.... but now I'm making stuff up.
  11. You and Dolly are right. I was thinking with the Grapefruit. So between cougar and SS which one has the most VAVOOM?
  12. Well, this is what it says on the webpage: Cougar Potion Ingredients: * LP Ingredients: Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol (DPG), Pharmacom Custom Pheromone Blend (Cougar) * Pharmacom Ingredients: Estratetraenol, alpha-androstenol, beta-androstadienol, androstanone, copulins, dehydroepiandrosterone, sodium sulfate. Unless that's a webpage error, I think only SS comes in D5. Maybe that's the workaround.... Oh, erm with these perfumes and pheromixes... I wonder if it's safe for our partners to put their mouth on the areas we dab it on. You know guys have a tendency to put a bit much in their mouths...
  13. GOOD IDEA. My test vial will last forever in a scent locket!!! I'm so tempted to try PG, but they don't have sample sizes on the web page.
  14. I want to, but they don't have a sample size. I don't know about commit all my moola into a full size bottle if the mini sister freaked me out. The base is DPG right? I've been wearing lots of LP's and nothing come close. Maybe a little drying, but not enough to cause worry. Dominance dries me up alittle more but nothing over the top. But you know you might be right. I hear it's better to blend in jojoba oil, cuz it's a wax and natural and won't make your perfume rancid. DPG is a tad too chemically to some. Then again, it could be anything. Cleo from lovescents makes my saliva taste sweet if I drop th drops in my arm pit. I've learned to not put any chemicals near my lyphe nodes passage ways.
  15. I like it too. If you drop a sample vial into 1/4 bottle of EW you don't smell a thing. It's a great fresher upper esp. when you're getting no action in the crowd of people at clubs. One of my friend's friends told her it was too strong on her. Smelled like incense. But my friend had to try some because she thought it smelled so good in the air. One swipe later and this guy couldn't get off of her. Which is weird I had like a whole dropperful and no one snuggled that hard on me. Well....ermmm...maybe I did. But he couldn't keep his eyes off her either. Man, I hate those evenings. Haha.
  16. I wore like one drop in my hair and it started raising that internal heat thing. Mouth started to dry up again. Like eating too much candy. I listen to my body well pretty well. If it say's "Me no like" I tend to just accept. Like my tounge HATES diet sodas. So I don't bother. I refuse to pretend fake sugar is better than real sugar. Anyways, different story for a different day. Maybe it's the concentration. Like yesterday I put 10 drops of pure rose otto directly on my skin before I got a tiny mouth sore in the morning. One drop of cougar gave me like LOTS. But the guys at pherotalk did say, if you use high concentrations of pheros make sure your super hydrated. 8 glasses of water later plus 8 hours of sleep I was fine. I do drink like 2 glasses of water a day by the way. That's my bad. But you ladies will love the smell. It feels soooooo energizing.
  17. I know, I liked the smell. Totally refreshing. I love how when you put it on your hair and run around it sprinkles musky sweetness. (BTW, some people's sweat smell like grapefruit. I just had a weird observation.) Unfortunately I'm a allergic to this. So now on my list of Essential Oil taboo is fake grapefruit and chamomile. I react the same way May reacts to orange. Such a sad moment. One because I thought I was immune and invincible. Apparently this is my kryptonite. Guess it's the universes way to say "No younger men for you" hehehe. Weird thing happened when I wore thing. My young play thing asked me if want to pay to have ahem with him. Man did I feel old. I'm only 30, he's only four years younger. So I had to dump him for someone else. Thank god for LP pink! My youth solution.
  18. Dang it Dolly. Now I got to whip out that Credit Card. . BTW, it probably helps your having mad sex with your honey and are adding your own pheros to the mix as well.
  19. Sugarspice

    Dirty Sexy

    Know what liz? I love you to peices. Yah you mean Scru-ella Deville? You know, that's latin for screw da village... Girlfriend gets around.....
  20. Sugarspice

    Dirty Sexy

    I'm giving this a second waft. I love the uniqueness, so much that I will have to keep it as my stash o'gold. My little vial of liquid gold. I wonder how long this lasts.... When I decide to go to an upscale loungey bar I will test this out. Maybe I can seduce a mayor or two with it. My only fear in wearing it is that cats will run from me, and dogs wil chase.
  21. I felt the same way. New Age shop for sure. I did however like the way it made me appear. Like when I looked in the mirror I felt I transformed into an ethereal sexy being. Bizarre. Definately for the Goth Angelia Jolie types. I would describe the scent as butterscotch vanilla with heavy dark incense. I was told this scent didn't fit my age bracket or personality. It's slightly more seasoned than me. This is a tad heavy on the patchouli though very well blended. And still sexy to some nevertheless.
  22. Ok I decided to give white another try. Before I swear I smelled a hint of moldy bread with a hint of Tabu perfume. Today, not a trace. The weird thing was that I was smelling that smell everywhere I went too. I was thinking "Everyone in town could not have gotten LP white." But today, by itself, I smell a baby's bottom...(not upclose ). Kind of a mama, milk lathered baby skin with some flowers in the background. Not as creamy sweet as Scandalous Intention. It has a tad of something minty like eucalyptus that makes it cool. I think it's because I dabbed one of everything on my arm. LP white plus other stuff turns crazy. Tis true with real life, elegance is beautiful on it's own. But throw it in a crowd of sugar sweet, bubble gum chewing, cotton candy liking, sexy cinnamon sprinkling divas and it can get lost. Not a BAM SHAZAM knock you over with my 5 inch heal smell. More like being loved and nutured by mom. Comforting.
  23. Sugarspice

    Bubblegum Robot

    It's got a Asian influence. Smells like Carefree gum. As if I were chewing and blowing this gum in an animae poster shop. This smell is great for the twenty year olds who still collect Hello Kitty toys. Pretty fun and youthful smell.
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