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  1. Hey thanks guys! I had found a post on a question site where someone suggested getting a finger full of someone's BO and pheros and rubbing it under your nose several days in a row! Holy sh*t! LOL! I'll pass!! I've done reflexology a little in my aesthetics training... That might work! I'll have to experiment.. Thanks for reminding me!
  2. As always, thanks for all the thoughtful advice, ladies~ I SO wish I could be on the pill, but they all give me frightening circulation problems..and I sure as hell don't wanna play with THAT! I've tried a few big Os on my own and that didn't work.. I haven't tried the emmenogogue route other than Queen Anne's Lace tincture..that's a birth control that works by stimulating the uterine sloughing process. Nope, didn't work! I'll get some Ginger tea tomorrow..and drink lots of water.
  3. An odd topic, I know.. My "monthly gift" is lagging behind yet again and this is driving crazy! My cycle always seems to shift around aimlessly, yet still manages to come at the worst times for my social life! I am toying with the idea of buying a plane ticket for this long Thanksgiving weekend and visiting a friend that I may have a more serious future with..It all depends on how the visit goes. I REALLY need secrets or tips on how to control or adjust it! Could there be a phero out there that would do that?
  4. Hmmm... I wonder if any of these smells like Sugared Bonfire?
  5. ... I just saw that there was only 1 bottle left..
  6. Yep~ ..and I think I have one on my trade thread~
  7. I often lament it's passing as well..*sniff* NOTHING has worked so shockingly strong and consistantly well for me..
  8. Dammit, I want that wood! ..but I've been on an awful spending binge lately. I have to wait to catch my breath again.. and hope there's still a bottle left.
  9. I love you guys! You're hilarious and REAL! We all learn so much more that way! ..besides, I don't see the point of censorship~
  10. Hey.. That reminds me.. I went into work wearing LP Original spray and some OCCO White. What's not to love, right? I get in the elevator with a very tall and well dressed man with a briefcase. No lie, he actually TURNED AND FACED THE WALL the entire way up like a spanked puppy! WTF? LOL!
  11. Oooh! Thanks, Darbla! I'm not a patch fan, but I'm cutting back to 500 calories tomorrow, so I'll need all the help I can get!
  12. Aww~ No you duzn't! Srsly, I'm happy to please when I get the opportunity~ (that made sense in my head, anyway..) LOL
  13. Start Me Up -Rolling Stones "You make a dead man cum." What do I win? LOL
  14. Hey Snoop~ I became obsessed with getting a bottle of Black a few months ago. My bottle seemed a lot heavier with Pachouli than I was expecting , giving it a more masculine feel to me. Sadly, I eventually sold mine on my trade list. Maybe you'll get a "darker" smelling bottle too! However, if it's too sweet for your tastes, please let me know and I'll buy it off ya!
  15. Hey Becca~ I usually can't resist covering a phero with something that reflects my mood at the time. I have to admit, I haven't kept a record of these inexplicable hits so far. I was pretty relaxed and not sending out any particular visual cues or flirtations.. Just oddly perky reactions from men well out of sniffing range.
  16. Thank you for the feedback, Miss Mara! With certainty, I've felt the presence of the angelic and demonic.. but I had no way of explaining it adequately..so I have seldom spoken of it. I don't really want science attempting to explain such things, either. There's limitless power in the unknown, and that's where it should stay.
  17. Funny you should mention that! There have been many times that I've gotten phero "hits" when I'm WAY out of range for anyone to smell me. No flirting or acting different... I've wondered if pheros change your aura and people subconciously pick up in that visually.. Maybe Mara or Dr. Stone would know?
  18. Me, Jane! Super pretty please? It took twenty years off my psyche~
  19. Thanks to the ladies, I got a little Shea Butter Cream freebie in Eanie Meanie recently and I LOVE it! It's reminiscent of YSL Opium~ It goes on wonderfully smooth and luxurious, but absorbs quickly!
  20. Can we haz Sex Bomb? I'm holding off on my order 'cuz I soooo want that added to my LP Black spray!! Now where's that tutorial for ordering betas..LOL
  21. Alas, sad but true.. I can't afford your Sweet Bottom right now. Seems your Sweet Bottom is just out of my grasp~
  22. Hey All~ I'd read about pheros ages ago and dabbled a bit.. like Athena Institute pheros(SO expensive!) and had a few good hits.. and of course, I had tried Realm perfumes(don't like the fragrances and they hardly did anything).. So I knew they worked. It was just cost prohibitive, so I was waiting till I had more money. I accidently stumbled across this site when I had heard how toxic commercial perfumes were. I googled natural perfumes and several hundred dollars later, here I am! Yet another LP addict!
  23. ...must have the preciousssss... Where IS that money fairy, dammit!!!
  24. Maybe this article will help? http://organizedwisdom.com/helpbar/index.h...brainboost.html
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