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  1. I really did receive my mini-sample of Gretel's. The oil is a cloudy one, which we'd already been warned about, but I didn't notice sediment or anything like that. I shook as instructed, opened it up, and hooooboyCANDY! At first I was thinking this was too fruity to really fit with what I wanted, which was more of a candy-corn than a taffy scent, but as it dried that shrill taffy note settled down. What was left seemed very familiar, very autumn-candy . . . And then it hit me. After it aged a bit, this one reminded me of Autumn Equinox, the 2007 vintage. My Autumn Equinox 2007 is long gone, so I can't compare it directly. Gretel's is sweeter and brighter, without some of the dark "grounding" notes I remember from Equinox, but it still provided a very pleasant sense of recognition. Am I totally off-base here? Did anybody else notice a similarity?
  2. Oh, fantastic . . . I just put in an order for a trial pack yesterday, so, um . . . Mememememe! Y'all are fabulous. Thanks!
  3. Authentic smelling waxy candy corn and chewy taffy - my teeth hurt just thinking about it. Death by sweetness! Has anyone tried this yet? I love candy corn, and I'm always looking for candy-corn scents, but I'm wondering about the taffy. Any advice?
  4. I haven't updated my list in a LOOOOONG time . . . OK, so that was my first post. Now, however, my top five have changed a little . . . 1) Raven Moon 2) Santa Carla 3) Halloween Moon 4) Mummy Chunks 5) Sugared Magi Also vying for spots in there . . . Carpe Noctem, Love Potion: Black (as always), Nectar du Printemps, and Blood Martini. In other words, the last two updates have been VERY kind!
  5. I know--KNOW, I tell you--that Soiled Dove won't work for me. But the concept and art made me laugh so hard . . . It's just perfect. "Cigarettes, whiskey, and wild, wild women . . ."
  6. Wow . . . I can't wait to try this. I'm a big fan of the original, actually, and have a whole bottle. I think I mentioned in my review just how much I enjoy it, especially layered with dark berrylike scents to add a little touch of sweetness. And the boyfriend is crazy about it . . . I was all about trying the new one anyway--I put in my sample order the minute the scents went up--but cripes. This sounds fantastic. Oh vanilla, how I love thee . . . Another I'm just itching to get my hands on. Last year the September releases were my favorite package all year, so I've been stalking the site religiously for, oh, about two weeks. Now my order has been processed, and that package is somewhere on its very long trek across the country . . . I just had to come in here and share some of the excitement.
  7. I was just trying to describe the potion to someone and ended up writing a review! I picked out FLOH's Happily Ever After blend because the notes just called to me. I couldn't even imagine how some of them would combine, but I was still dying to try it. At first sniff this was pure "CHERRY!" on me. A bit of a candy note, like the sourballs I loved so much as a kid, but not at all syrupy or "cough drop." Strangely, I don't pick up a distinctive almond note, and sometimes I've swapped perfumes away because they turned into the "almonds of doom" on me. Then, as promised, the full fragrance blooms after about five minutes or so. The happy cherry softens into a lovely, complex scent. It's smooth, even a little creamy, and sweet without being foody or cloying; it strikes me as pleasant, upbeat, and balanced. I can see myself wearing this to work easily--or on a fun date! Thanks for letting us try this one!
  8. The intoxicating scent of a variety of sweetened Red Wines (Cabernet, Merlot, Sangria) and Grapes, and the secret Gypsy magic of smokey resins and lust inducing herbs, will seduce you and go right to your head! Only one review? This scent deserves more love! It's a sweet, "red" scent that's actually very light and pleasant. I received this one as part of the monthly May trial package; otherwise, the emphasis on red wine in the description would have sent me running for the hills. (Sometimes "red wine" has a tendency to go sour or sickly-sweet on me, although I should have had more faith after trying Cocoa Sauvignon.) One caveat--I'd apply this one and give it a moment to dry, not start huffing the bottle. Wet, this "wine" is very, very strong; like some of my favorite fragrances, this one might get overlooked if you don't wait to enjoy it dry. To borrow Dolly's wine-tasting metaphor, you really do need to slow down, let it breathe, then savor. Fans of "red," lightly fruity scents should like this one. Sweet, pleasant, refreshing . . . Like a cold pitcher of sangria on a hot summer day. I'd like a whole pitcher--errr, bottle, please!
  9. Oops! Thanks for the correction; I like giving credit where it's due. And both of you deserve a lot of credit! Glad it helped, Countesszero. Hope that you enjoy!
  10. I realized that I'm starting to get a collection of scents that smell, at first, like a dead ringer for something foody, then transform into something alluring after skin contact--still foody, sure, but also an alluring perfume. For example, take Mara Fox's Dead Man's Float: not just rootbeer, not just a rootbeer float, but a cold rootbeer float foamy with ice cream that smells, after a few minutes, somehow sexy. Well, Rocket Chick does it again. Oh, it's definitely Neapolitan ice cream . . . And after a few minutes, it changes a bit, somehow retaining the innocence of birthday-party ice cream while rich enough to be a fragrance, if that makes any sense. I had sworn off chocolate scents, as I have WAY too many of them, but the chocolate-strawberry goodness of Rocket Chick has completely done me in. This has become the new scent of the summer for me; I've worn it to cookouts, fourth of July fireworks, and, yes, birthday parties. It's just a "happy" fragrance, so much so that I feel perfectly comfortable wearing this to a party full of kids and grandparents, but it's also yummy enough to reel the boyfriend in. (And it does that just fine!)
  11. Raven Moon and Raven Moon 2009 Deep, dark, wickedly sensuous & deliciously rich. 33 bewitching ingredients in all, encompassing the magickal properties of Love, Lust, Fertility, Eternal Youth, Playfulness, Fascination, Riches, Luck, Healing, Protection & Hex-breaking. Includes 3 types of rich Amber resins, 3 kinds of aged and Indonesian Patchoulis, and 3 types of delicious Vanilla and Vanilla Bean, plus Apricot, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Honey, Maple, Musk, Myhrr, Peach, dark Sugars, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Violet, and more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When this exclusive was released at Magical Omaha, it seemed to sell out in record time. Personally, this was my first Love Potion ever; I added it to an order I was making of Arcana Oils on the MO site. At first, I was unimpressed: it was packaged in the old flip-top bottle, and a touch of oil had smeared the label. At first try, it smelled like straight maple sugar, too. So I just put it aside. About a month or so later I tried again . . . And it was just right. I noticed notes I had missed before, and the overall effect was sweet, dark, and comforting. One night I dabbed on a bit at bedtime, and I had the soundest sleep--and best dreams--I'd had in months. My boyfriend finds it even more appealing than Scandalous Intentions, and that wonderful, warm smell tends to lift my mood in some of the crappiest situations. The "Sold Out!" description for this one lists LP: Black as a substitute, and while they share a kind of similar "feel," they're very different scents. LP: Black is more of a dark honeycomb-vanilla for me, while Raven Moon has more of a maple, brown-sugar sweetness with other notes peeking out. I was heartbroken when I realized that MO had sold out of Raven Moon already, and I finished off my bottle about two months ago. So I was thrilled to hear that Love Potions is brewing up a new batch. It will be a bit different due to changes in suppliers for certain components, but it should be up on the site in a couple of weeks or so. When that happens, I shall be sending a nice chunk of money to Magical Omaha . . . Again! Amazing how that happens . . .
  12. You know, I totally forgot to post my comparison with Yule Snuggle . . . Oops! I remembered this morning after slathering up with some Unicorn Smile. They're really very different scents. Yule Snuggle, for me, is like soft gingerbread with lemon curd. The combination is perfectly accurate, but very quiet, neither too spicy nor lemony. Just a soft baking smell that, regrettably, tends to disappear very quickly on me. Unicorn Smile is a bit friskier! It's more sugar cookie than gingerbread, more oranges than lemons, and very sweet. It needs a moment to settle, and it has tremendous staying power for me, even more so than Yule Snuggle, which seems to vanish a bit more quickly. This longevity is even true of the citrus, usually one of the first notes to go in a fragrance (or, if it doesn't, it's got that kind of artificial Sweet-Tart shrillness). But I've been wearing Unicorn Smile for about four hours now, and I still smell like a bright citrus over warm and happy vanilla. I hope that helps. And good luck if you're looking for this on the secondary market!
  13. mountainwitch

    Native Soil

    I fell in love with my sample, so I snatched a bottle before it sold out. Native Soil was like nothing else I'd tried from Love Potions . . . Or pretty much anywhere else. Here are the notes I cut-and-pasted from the site: This is a Protection Potion, with a very sexual context. Just as a Vampire must sleep with a bit of his native soil for protection, this Spell Potion too is designed to keep unwelcome elements out of your circle and away from where you lay your head at night. It contains many ingredients designed to keep nasties away, but this Cinnamon and Sandalwood based scent will keep the ones you invite into your world coming back for more! May be worn by both Women and Men. The description might leave you thinking super-cinnamon, but that was definitely not the case--and the cinnamon never turned into "Big Red gum," either, which is always a plus! Instead I got a melange of lovely warm spices over frankincense. I like it very much on its own, and as such I can see its potential as a blend for women or men; it's very warm and comforting. But I really like it layered under something sweet, like another old favorite of mine. This particular old favorite has a very definite blackberry note . . . And the combination of all that warmth with a little fresh, sweet blackberry . . . Wow! After my boyfriend smelled that particular combination on me, he drove me crazy to wear it again. I wouldn't be surprised if it worked well with several different layering notes, so if anyone finds another fun combination, please let me know!
  14. Perfect, perfect review above. This really does smell like cookies . . . And my boyfriend loves it!
  15. I admit it: clove scents scare me. I like the scent of clove--in theory--but I put it on and all I get is CLOVE, CLOVE, CLOVEY CLOVE! Seriously, I smell like a pomander ball, and not in the good way. In the ten-years-later-oh-my-God-what-is-this-shrivelled-black-thing-in-the-closet kind of way. So imagine my relief when Christmas Clove Cookies is so much lighter and more balanced. I too get wonderful and warm butter cookies, with just a hint of spice. It's edible, but not so "loud" that you'll overpower a room with it; you can give this one a good slather without knocking over the Christmas tree. Of all the November releases--and this is a hard choice!--I think this one is my favorite. Thank you, Santa!
  16. Eggnog fragrances usually fall into one of two categories for me: 1) all spice, no cream, or 2) gone in sixty seconds. Eggnog Riot is the first to break that pattern. First of all, it's not too spicy; it's sweet and creamy, and the spices have been added with a lighter hand. I get a lovely light nutmeg, not a hot confusion of cinnamon-clove-whatever. If there's a riot going on, it's from people who can't get enough, not in the scent itself! The best part is the lasting power. Seriously, my former-favorite eggnog lasted inside of 45 minutes, and even then mostly by putting nose to wrist and inhaling hard. Eggnog Riot lasted, literally, more than ten hours. Yes, I slept in this fragrance . . . And when I woke up, I could still smell that light sweetness, dusted with a hint of nutmeg. Perfect!
  17. I was unwrapping my sample pack while my boyfriend was in the room. "You've got to see this one--it's called 'Gothic Xmas'!" "What's that smell like? Dead carolers and mildewed poinsettias?" (I probably do not need to explain that my boyfriend is a smartass.) "No, it's . . . I don't remember offhand. Eggnog and pudding or something. Here, just smell it." I waved the wand under his nose. He blinked, then leaned forward. "Hey, that smells good." I dabbed some on. But it just wasn't working--you know that moment when a smell just doesn't "click" with your chemistry? Yeah, that's it. Meanwhile the boyfriend is slathering it up with the Gothic Xmas, and it smells . . . Good. Really, really good. Spicy, but not too spicy; not too creamy or sweet or rich, but somehow a touch of all of those things. On me, the scent has dried down into a pleasant but unremarkable sweetness, but on him it smells . . . Well, for lack of a better word, edible. So my boyfriend walks out of the house later with my brand-new sample in his front pocket, and this is why I will NOT be celebrating a "Gothic Xmas" this year . . . Then again, maybe I will.
  18. Yay for mini-samples! You know what that means . . . Super-portable scandalousness!
  19. I haven't tried Yule Snuggle yet, but I have a sample coming in the mail as we speak. I'll try a side-by-side comparison and let you know!
  20. Make a Unicorn smile and it will grant you a wish! This delightfully sunny scent is the perfect lure for the magickal Unicorn ~ Notes of Citrus, Sugar, Vanilla and happy Florals improve the disposition, draw positive magickal energies around you, and would make anyone smile! I hate to open a new topic for something that's already sold out . . . But I really do love this one. The moment I first put it on I immediately thought, "sugar cookies!" This one is definitely "happy"--it smells like citrus over warm, rich sugar cookies. It's bright enough for summer, but its vanilla and sugar--its "cookie" qualities--remind me of Christmas, too. It's Seasonal Affective Disorder therapy in a bottle . . . And there's a unicorn on it. What's not to love?
  21. She’s just so innocent...or is she? Lolita’s Kiss™ is a fruity floral designed for women, based around the most feminine of flowers - the Orchid. This fragrance is both sweet and sassy - a complex blend of summertime ingredients including East Indian Papaya, and Peach infused Honey for a grown up *kiss* of nectar. Passion flowers and a touch of pure Sugar Cane leave men wanting more than just that first touch. Put on your Catholic school girl outfit, don your pigtails, and apply your best red lipstick - the fun is just beginning! Maybe it's just my chemistry, but this one wasn't nearly as fruity as it sounded like it would be. There's something about the honey and sugar cane--I think "brown sugar" with this one, with a definite fruit-floral kick. It wears for hours, making it one of the most enduring and consistent perfumes I've tried, although I would give one warning--it does need a little time to dry. When I first put it on, Lolita's Kiss is HOO-BOY sweet and strong, and it needs a little time to "settle." After that, it's fabulous--and not so deadly sweet that I can't wear it to work, either.
  22. Set the scene for seduction with this potent and slightly wicked blend! Red Roses and tantalizing Tiger Lillies layered over Oatmeal and Cream. A delicious drizzle of Honey, a sprinkling of Sugar, a precious drop of Honeysuckle, with sexy nether-notes of White Amber and China Musk. This has so many different elements that I wouldn't be surprised if every reviewer read it a little differently. For me, I get a definite note of red roses, but this is NOT a floral blend. The honey and sugar give it that very distinctive, almost edible "Love Potion" quality, and the end result is something dark, very sweet, with the flickering brightness of roses. I tend to wear it frequently, even though it's not my favorite potion, especially given the reaction of my boyfriend. Seriously, this is one he really, really likes . . . A LOT.
  23. Y'know that creamy white filling in the middle of those horribly-bad-for-you and insanely tasty little snack cakes you get from the convenience store? The ones with the names like yo-yos and hoo-hahs and stuff? Mmmmm. Save yourself the empty calories and have a whiff of this instead! YUM! Wow, this really does smell exactly as promised. That sugary white stuff--seriously, it reminds me of the cream in a little sandwich cookie. How does a fragrance manage to convey something like texture? Seriously, this is not a "gooey creamy" or a "liquid creamy" fragrance, if that makes any sense. It's sweet and sugary, a fun combo for things like Sugared Berries and dark chocolate/coffee-type fragrances too.
  24. A fresh, green, slightly spicy fragrance for men. Notes of crushed green grass, electrically charged ozone, sweet musk, German tea and spice make for an eye opening and summertime fresh scent. This one is listed for men, but I can see women enjoying it too. It's a very light fragrance, as "fresh" and "green" as promised. Crisp and quiet . . . This would be a good one to try on a guy who is suspicious of "all that smelly stuff" that some of us love so well.
  25. This really IS a dead ringer for popcorn balls! Just an amazing scent. Popcorn balls followed by chocolate . . . On me the chocolate tends to turn bitter, sadly, but there's no way I'm giving up my sample vial. I've tried it in an oil burner, and it's just too good as a room scent. Except it keeps making me hungry . . .
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