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    Mother Ship

    ...so i must sadly tell you lovely ladies that mother ship is a no go for me. it does have a milky-cereal smell, which i would have liked all on it's own. the addition of lemon however, sends my nose into seizures. i like lemon alot in scents but this combo doesn't work for me. i wore it to bed and actually felt a bit ill everytime i got a sniff of it. so weird.
  2. i very much enjoyed your reviews. your personal nose and interpretations added so much to these perfumes. i love 12th night, and have a bottle coming via the fantabulous djac. but i also agree with your wicked impressions about it. i think it helps a tonm to rwead an honest, impression review like yours, other gals can sniff out what u prefer in notes and gage their opinion accordingly to a particular scent from LPMP. you've inspired me!
  3. :tantrummy: hi ladies, it has been hard to not buy stuff here for the last few months, but my finances simply demanded that i put my credit card away , until now. i HAD to buy a bottle of fayha, i'm so curious about how this lovely ode to arabia turned out. thanks to the FAB djac, i have a bottle of constant craving coming, and due to reading dolly's scent experience i splurged on a bottle of occo black. She used the both together and it sounds like she is now in love with the combo. so i'm copying her! got a sample of mother ship too.
  4. this is the month i've been waiting for! look out mastercard!
  5. aaawww, too bad about the lple w/bi. trading that one won't be a prob. so many ladies here love it. nope, no package yet. i must be a patient grasshopper.
  6. i agree with whiskers whispers: it DOES smell like palmers cocoa butter lotion when i first apply it, which is one of my old favorite body creams. as well, it is 'spot on' in reminding me of chocolate chip cookies, however once it settles into my body chemistry there is something in this that goes a bit off on my skin, just a tiny bit. maybe the cream.... i also find this scent to be quite light wish it smelled richer. it ends up being a 'watered down' c.c cookie scent on me.
  7. i have a sample of this, i'm quite thrilled i managed to nab a free bottle of rocket chick in the sale going on here. there are times when it is advantageous to smell like neapolitan ice-cream: with my son, around kiddies, when i feel cute and playful, at night with my guy...i notice that men often enjoy foody scents, this one is a great change from pure sugars, vanilla's, cupcakes and the like. it's a yummy comforting scent and does smell exactly like ice-cream! i just love this one, it is definitely one of my 'fun' scents!
  8. lol!! my bologna has a 12th night...
  9. i only have a sniffie of this....i Love this one. a new favorite of mine. geesh, i have too many 'favorites'!
  10. it's very nice.... i get a 'fuzzy' floral-berry impression first. i like the sweetness of it, sweetened floral. to my nose, there is a juicy quality to this perfume, with the fuzziness probably being the musk. actually, it is reminicent of sweet lorien b (strawberry, rose & vanilla). eta: i've had it on for awhile now; i see the berries fade way down and the musk softens the florals, it's really lovely and soft.
  11. Like cc, i bought the bubble bath and reg. body lotion in LP red. when i first got them i was worried as the scent was really light in the products, i basically left them alone for awhile (month plus), now i notice the scent seems to be deepening. getting more yummy and more LP red delicious. cc is right, the bubble bath isn't too bubbly but that's probably due to m & d being prudent about what bath bubble base they use. i still don't get much LP red scent on me from taking a bath though. The lotion is lovely and soaks right into my parched, alberta skin. again, a very light Lp red fragrance. it's pretty much gone after half an hour. i enjoy the lotion and bubble in red, but don't feel that this scent has much staying power on me. maybe i'll splurge on b & b in black!
  12. haha! great addicts think alike. i was worried in case it sold out so i bot two. curses! i hope it smells like the cream sample....
  13. just got my sample vial with my other goodies... why is this reminding me of a men's cologne? don't get me wrong, i like it, there's just something about it that evokes 'polo' ( i think) by ralph lauren. warm, woodsy, spicy and a veeeerrry faint breath of sweetness. there is something 'bracingly masculine' about this scent. is there pine or evergreen in this? that could be what's doing it to my nostrils. bosom bows is like a 2nd cousin twice removed, that grew up in an evergreen forest, to Native soil. it's snappy and warm simultaneously, i do like it quite a bit, even with it's masculine scent tendancies.
  14. just got a sample of the cream laced with couer de l'amour-I AM IN LOVE. immedieatly got on Lp's site and ordered 2 bottles and a pot of the scented cream. fabulous scent! looking forward to wearing and hoarding it!
  15. hi again..... hmmm. i've worn this quite alot, and it is playing chameleon with my nose....one minute i like it the next i don't. when first applied i actually like it.....after approx. 2 hours of wearing it i keep getting whiffs of bonfire-so weird. at first i wasn't sure it was me, thought someone was burning leaves. it's a smokey, outdoor fire smell with that burnt brown sugar (molasses) thing going on. i'm about ready to give up and put this one up on my trade post. i'll try it a few more times before i abandon it! geez, guess i had a good day with rocket fuel when i wrote the above review, as i now seem to smell like a baker who has gotten caught in a bushfire. so much for porn star.
  16. cyberianhussy

    Native Soil

    dolly, it's ok. i can't have everything i want!! i've decided to haunt the trades and try and collect at least 5 samples of native soil. i don't blame u for holding onto that sucker. it's in my top 3 LP's. sigh.
  17. aaaand...we're off to see the wizard..... been waiting a long time to say that. howdy.
  18. i've been meaning to review this one for awhile, it's a real favorite of mine (egad, i am developing alot of 'faves' lately). the chamomile in this blend is fantastic, sweet and gentle. what a beautifully, calming potion. i could wear this everyday. my sample is running low, i've worn it so many times to bed, it does calm my mind and mellow me out at the end of the day. it isn't 'herbal' smelling to me, in fact it does become quite sugarey-chamomile like once it settles on my skin. i'll add more later, just want to say i have decided it's time for a bottle of this. just waiting for the april releases to get descriptions to see if i should try out some of them as well.
  19. cyberianhussy

    Native Soil

    i know j #'s, always lookin' for native soil. i see dolly has one up in her trading thread but i'm too broke to ask her if i can buy it. i super duper love native soil.
  20. sorry folks, shady lady ain't my cup o' tea. traded it off to a loving home!
  21. ....okay. this was a bottle i had coming and was uber excited to wear. initially i wasn't sure if i liked it....the scent hit my nose with a big smack of brown sugar, so much so that i smelled molasses. me jane did this to me as well, so i was understandably dismayed. me is learning-sometimes brown sugar can trick my nose, and make me turn away from a scent. i'm thinking there are times where brown sugar in some of these lovelies gets a bit of a bitter, burnt edge to it and that's what is reminding me of molasses. but i reeeealy wanted to like rocket fuel, so i have been sniffing the bottle, taking little swipes here and there....this morning i have decided that it can hang out at the rollercade with the rest of it's LP buddies. ....i just finished my period today, u gals say that your cycle can mess around with how the lp smells on u, perhaps that's wot' happened. rocket fuel; great SILLAGE (luna learned me a new word, hohoho), sweet, dark brown sugar, depth and a smidgen of gooeyness from honey with cinnamon dancing lightly throughout. i'm not good at discerning amber in scents but i know it's there. rather reminds me of warm, iced, cinnamon buns. this is sexy and comforting. i feel a bit like a baker while wearing it. a hot, porn-star baker, mind you!
  22. no, haven't had a chance to try this one cc. i just got lp pink 09 in my big order, wow i love this one too. ALOT! i read here that this newer version of pink isn't your cup of tea; i only can imagine wot' the older pink must have smelled like. pure fabulousness probably. i should look around fro a sample of emerald to try in the trades. thanks for the tip, hon!
  23. This is very nice. Buttery cinnamon. It wears pretty close to my skin, i don't get dramatic throw with red, thought there would be more 'waftability'. lp pink has way more throw on me. these perfumes will always surprise me; i had imagined red to be more KAPOW! instead it is softly spiced, creamed with butter and kissed with sweetened cinnamon. native soil has more cinnamon punch, Lp red reminds me of spiced-cake batter. i ordered bubble bath, lotion and a bottle of lp red to layer this long awaited scent, even layered it is subtle, albeit gorgeous. i think this and it's B & B products will be used with some unscented BI for those 'sexy times'. to appreciate red i think you have to get up close and physical.
  24. ajia, thank you for your beautiful creation. ...this tiny sample has topped all the bottles i received, big samples, etc. so true, it's the one fragrance you never even thought u wanted. castle walls is that surprise winner for me and a sure, 'next week' bottle purchase for me. wow ajia.
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