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  1. I think bnol really stinks. Which notes are good for covering up the smell?
  2. I wore this today and when me and my bf were standing in line at Costco, this older guy started talking to him about dating and about this one time when he hit on a much younger girl....I wonder if it was because of the Cougar.
  3. This smells really good. To me it's like an orange version of Fallen Angel. Smells delicious!
  4. After trying this again, I've changed my mind! It is strongly banana at first, but I really like it after dry down. It is like a soft fruity musk. This may be a full bottle for me!
  5. I would like to see a fragrance like Tabby but without the pheromones.
  6. This smells green, but it is not too sharp. I guess the other notes temper the greenery. After drydown, the grassy smell fades and it is more like a woody floral. I like!
  7. It is different, even on my skin. Maybe when it's in a small bottle it ages faster or something? I tried shaking it and it still smells the same on my skin. I'll try it again later!
  8. It's weird, but sometimes when I smell pink scents like this one in the sample vial and in the bottle they smell different. They smell better in the smaller size for some reason, even with other companies' products. They don't smell bad in the larger bottle, just different and not as good to me.
  9. I never heard of this one but it sounds lovely!
  10. I'm gonna order a bottle of Blood on Snow, probably the cotton candy scrub and some samples...I dunno which yet.
  11. This is like chocolate and roses on me. It smells a little like bathwater on drydown but I still like it. It's a very romantic scent.
  12. I didn't think this had a lot of cops in it but when I tried it out today it didn't do anything. I felt invisible...so I thought maybe too much cops? I like the scent though so maybe I'll wear it when I am by myself.
  13. I didn't expect to see the new releases so soon. Can't wait for descriptions.
  14. I had the same problem. It's like my bf didn't want sex anymore when I wore this. Same with Mara's Rocket Fuel. I still need to test them again to make sure though.
  15. I like this too, it starts off masculine but after drydown it is not really masculine I feel I can wear it. I agree it is powdery and also green and spicy. I'm glad I can wear it because now I can test out true confessions.
  16. I finished my sample up and found the container on the other side of the room from where I left it and the lid was off. I think my cat thinks this is nommy too.
  17. This was pineapple and strawberry tropical goodness but it disappeared on my skin really quickly.
  18. Seeing the title of this thread makes me think of the Simpsons.
  19. What is the difference in effects of B/B and tranquility potion? This is supposed to make people calm and relaxed too. Do both mixes have similar effects?
  20. This is not powdery on me. It is a very subtle white scent. It smells more like clean skin than a perfume. Too subtle for me.
  21. This really is like butter. It glides on my skin and makes it so smooth and soft. The smell doesn't agree with me though. It smells like coffee mixed with a waxy candle or crayon. It makes me feel kinda sick. I do really like how it feels though, and I like the cute little container that it came in.
  22. are the 1x beta sprays full strength pheromones (unlike the oil based perfumes, which are 1/3 strength)? Or do you need to get 3x strength to get the full strength pheromones?
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