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  1. Can't say about oil but Aud is effective in spray form. i am running test with everyday wear for a weak. will share all the results here.
  2. another test run, applied in the morning. MLH - 2 sprays in elbows I felt strong, confident and stern. I am also feeling light and happy. I noticed I am talking and smiling, even laughing, which I generally don’t do on Monday mornings cos of weak start and work. I am in a mood to do something. What ? I don’t know but it’s kind of giving me an action oriented push, while being happy about it. I felt like action rush in my mind and body but something was still telling me to take it easy girl… To my surprise I wore heels to work after I applied it when I was getting ready for work. I don’t wear heels to work in routine. I am feeling its quite close to Audacious feeling. I need to do more testing to pin point the difference between the two. I am feeling similar to UN Aud, when I wear this Un MLH. I felt strange sleepiness after 2 hrs, also felt same with Aud Un.It was tough to break that sleeping desire, no tiredness but as I had sleeping pills. This is also unusual for me. I had this same feeling while previous testing. Anybody on this?
  3. Hi I did 2 test runs so far. tried searching for the thread if any, but i could not find. so starting it here. Mara you can move my posts if there is already a thread on this topic. MLH – 2 sprays in chest at 2 half of the day at work. I felt stern & strong that’s all the self effects I could feel. I had interactions with teams in my office.. Stayed with them for 1 hr had tea, met some collegues n all but not felt anything special. I just noticed a little different kind of attention. I respectful attention. I can’t say that was due to this blend or just like that cos no one got exposed to me for long time, just for few minutes but they all were good. I felt social and strong. i noticed that people were trying to be around me, thats all. No idea of effects on others. will be doing more testing.
  4. I have this Un dear. pls give me sometime. will be doing the testing soon. for now i am running tests of Un MLH and Aud. But the moment i got time or situation( whichever first) will do the test run and share with you.
  5. Aud – I applied 3 sprays, 2 in chest, 1 in left forearm, covered with my musk and geranium based perfume. Self effects - I wore denim, green t shirt and blue heels, I was feeling very strong and confident for sure. I was walking stern and tall, got a feeling close to very strong carefree( not exactly), but close to it. Have to try with more doses. I got comments like I am being very strict today at work. My team told me I should be carrying a hunter with me. ( AS my heels were making enough tap sound while walking , yes a point to note, I don’t wear heels At work but I wore today.)That’s not everyday feeling they had. So it is the effect of Aud for sure. They also repeated that I am angry today, when I said, I am not they believed it too and accepted me. I felt strong but at the same time i was well aware of my feminity. thats a beautiful feeling. for thee world you seems to be a tough to conquer person, but at heart you are still a female.... So far i loved this, will be doing more testing and reporting for ya all.... Any suggestions???
  6. Heya Frenz.... I got my box finally and have run my testing of new un. reporting at the right places....... i was so happy to get it before nov ends so i can still do some quick testing and pick some more 6mls if my test runs go as expected.... i have now almost all the female collection from Mara, and planning to get those are left......
  7. So, do we suffer so much just cos i am far off ..... whatever n u r also far off, we far off ladies should be given priority ...... we love LPs to and Mara too..... so can be childish sometimes, in our demands, its OK. from Nov 2 to nov 22 , do ya know what that wait is ? everyday this happens when u c ... no box... but end of it we females have immense patience....... which i am practicing right now..... u c...... u understand me girlz...... thanks luv you all
  8. Hi Mara, but both my last order i got exactly in 8 days after notification. I understand now you can't do anything. i was just saying that as we know it takes that long to reach here, is it possible to process the order from your end and give it to mailing services sooner. i mean i placed the order on 2 nov. you sent it for mailing on 8th and it got accepted on 10th. so can we do something about those 6-7 days which are in your controll..... i am just asking that darling Mara
  9. This is fruity and grape first on me. but not very strong. its definitely purple, creme y berries. i had to pop a candy on my tongue just after this application. reminds you of candies and ice creams. but this is a wearable feminine fragrance. not just a fruity scent. its is definitely wearable. gives a berry fruity but cremy rich and soft. later it turns into very soft feminine sweet fragrance which is barley there. tender soft hint of fragrance on skin.
  10. when i tried it it was tangy fruity first. but settled down to light creamy scent. i got peach but not overtly outstanding from the other notes. ginger was very slight and creamy delectable fragrance of peach came. after staying longer i could not pin point which note is most prominent. the milk or creme are too good to wear for me. i never did before..... peach and creme, beautifully balanced. oveall it felt like some fruit, dry fruit is pured, into creme. i am dead sure anyone would like to lick it. i wanted to lick my own arm Mara does some magic in balancing the notes. though i did not feel the intent much. only thing i noticed different was my chic was after my life to bake her a cake.( why this is unusual is cos she doesn't eat cakes not even her own b day cake or any other , nor do i frequently bake.) but wearing this we together baked a chocolate cake which she enjoyed eating so much, after her lunch.. i don't know if this has anything to do with fragrance, but it does't happen with me normally) to be honest before LP i could not stand any fruity or flowery fragrance. all i could use was spicy musky uni fragrances. but my taste is changing ot my surprise and i am liking different experiences and LP blends. i loved this blend and would get with any soft phero blend. this scent is good for work also.delicate, mild and rich all at the same time. I am planning to wear lots of it with a peach coloured dress ( just to see what the colour & fragrance combo does, i feel it will make a difference) i have for a party soon. will share how it goes......
  11. no box till date..... where do i go and do now Mara??? where are you? i got notice on 10 th and today is you know what..... pls Mara can you do something in process my order on priority now onwards. is it possible. its whole month of wait. i am wondering when i would be able to place my next order. i thought once i test the phero samples, i can order the next bunch to try in nov. only, but it seems difficult now. i would not be able to get benefit? oh its disheartening.... i wanted to try all the pheros those are left from my collection. i have more then half of yours now and just wanted to complete the Mara's collection..... but i am lost now
  12. oh pls some body pls do something, i can tlive in this wait. no box today also.. mmmmammmaaaaaaa ...... you know i was at work but in anticipation i was calling my society apartment office to check if they have recieved my box today. but answer was no. i was going nuts, so i talked to myself -where are you my box pls come to me and pls return to me , i got an idea to apply return to me. i did it immidiatly, thinking it is a sign...... and just forgot it in my work. And you know what??????? i came home checked again in office personally, and came in home disappointed. after freshening up and evening ritual, i opened up the notebook and logged in here. but as it is reminding me of my box i started surfing net and purchased something for my daughter from a know vendor online. this is course material online. i picked 6 different books to down load worth $61. i mailed to her that i made a payment and send me the links. in the meantime she was also writing me the mail for upcoming thanksgiving sales. our mails just crossed. i saw sale intimation and wrote to her that i just made a purchase. after doing this i came her at LP again & typedthat above first line that no box today...... without pressing post button i went to my mailbox to check her links.......and you know what...... she refunded all the money!!!! Sceam scream scream....aaaaaaa and told me to still download all the books for my chick.she said ahe will inform me with sale date so that i can pick further stuff for the daughter...... OMG OMG return to me is magic.....this happened in last 30 mins and i am sitting here writing it just now. now i remember, i was saying when i was applying the spell return to me oil, that dear oil you know i purchased that stuff(my LP box) with my hard earned money, pls dont let it go anywhere and" i wish that all my money i spent come back to me today in any form" i meant in heart that in LP products form.... oh but it resulted in something else..... whatever i wanna dance, and Mara pls save 2 bottles for my next order. i mean it. Mara, i am so happy, and just writing it here. if you wanna you can pls move this post to its right place. i mean in the correct review thread. Congratulations for your briiliant spell work. i have become a fan for sure. you know !!!! muah ,muah muah...
  13. bbbbbaaaawwwwhhhhhhhhh awwwwaahhhhh , i died in the wait and became bye all i dont know where i will wander now. hope they deliver faster in the universe......till i get it i dont know what to do... bbbbhhhhwwaaaa
  14. oh me dying here, logged in all the time on net to see my shipping notice. not yet any wooooohhhoooo . this alien dance spell may speed up things for me. doing it all the time now onwards. wwwwhhhhaaaaaa aaaaa. mammmaaa!!!!
  15. This one turns out soapy on me just after application. I can smell only soap, slight sweetness and little later dirt or earth. Though the intent is good . itried it wearing 2 times N both the times i feel more secure with myself. As if there something protecting me from all directions. May be good for us ladies when we want security, and no ones around to make you feel that way. This scent can come in handy. Though i cant take it for the way it smells, i can still think of geting it for protection purpose. To burn the oil in the house.
  16. it is metallic, cool scent on me. not just right for me but yes a very good summer scent for any men. i can smell stone also. but as i am not going to put it on me i moved on to test rest of my collection.
  17. oh its cinnamony... in the vial i smell cardamom kind of smell. i know there is not any in this but when i bring it closer , i can make out its cinnamon. its spice, most of it. its a masculin scent. kind dominant male after shave. somewhat like old spice my father & bro's used to use years n years back. I love spicy scents but to me it is more musculin to be worn. so better get for my man, when i have him good for men to wear with SWS.
  18. I too tried it in sample . it is very sparkly plum & sugar when wet and some soft floral in backdrop. after application within 5 mins it becomes sweet and rose starts coming out. initially it is somewhat strong close to nose and mellow down to softer and softer as it drying down in my skin. oh it smells so good then & becomes so gracefully elegant feminine designer perfume kind of fragrance.. it is just sooo good. after 15 mins or so it gives me a lovey dovey feeling, like est does. oh so good. to me it is like .... me baby!! can you feel my BABY? baby... it makes you say mmmmmm! with a smile. every female on LP earth should try this for sure. they will not be disappointed. it is truly delicate feminine fragrance, not at all too flowery or fruity, just right female and delicate. i am writing most of reviews after 2-3 testings. these 2-3 testings i am doing in days gap. so i might be late in writing but i want to be sure of what i am writing. it should be tried with Lace for sure. Mara me gonna do that in my next order for sure to get lace with this one. or i can boost up est in it. what you suggest? ladies, who have tried this, wot u say ?
  19. Magnanimity


    oh, i hope people don't think you sniffing some drug for addiction. lol.. he he he he well its also an addiction but of different kind..... we all know thanks for the info. i recently ordered tranquility in wax melts and phero both. lets see how it works out for me. does transition magikcal intent worked for you. have you seen any kind of change in your life? that's what i wanted to know...
  20. Magnanimity


    oh thats a good idea. i too can try this combo. as i am loving this scent and have just ordered tranquility sample. ok i am thinking of getting tranquility with it once i know how tranquility turns out on you.. how long does this lasts on you kblazin? pls share .
  21. how and where to order Mara. i am dying to get Audacious...... just what i wanted. hope it does what its meant for. kisses on your hands Darling... sweets.
  22. wow , its just out......... yeye just as we thought .. all the great phero blenda. Pat my back for guessing all the phero blends almost correctly..... i want alll yey go girls grab them all.
  23. oh Raq, i am refreshing my browser like mad. its a killing wait... and here its already nov 1 morning. so i am dying. want to skip work today. but i can't . huh. whatever. i 'll keep this thread open on my mobile at least. (can't do on my notebook at work). pls do post here when its up. i am depending on ya .
  24. oh, nothing out as yet? or is there any problem with my browser. i cant see any description or place to order.
  25. i too had treasured hearts experience to share. i have a friend of mine who came home with her little chic. she is disturbed off late with her husband who is a total crap. we work together but she came home first time. spent the day with me, when i had a generous layer of couer de lamour on my chest.( apprx 4-5 , 4 inch rolls/drags). i used it for first time specially for her. she said it was so relaxing to be with me. its 8 hours after application, & i could still smell the spices. long lasting one. she told me while leaving that she has found another home for herself. i know what she meant. she was so relaxed & felt the bond, that made her to say so. i loved that i could help an aching heart N told her she is welcome anytime. it is a great bonding & relaxing phero blend. love it soo much now.
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